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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Good game . Shame about the result.

Every picture tells a  story
Good performance, shame about the result. That's the winner of the 'Write a gravestone inscription' competition for the Spurs post-mortem at the end of the season. Not that we'll be dead but we might not be living the high life as much as we all hoped. What more could we have done? Well, scored is the obvious answer against Villa,and on one or two other occasions, but you can only play well and see what happens. Visiting keepers are clearly on a banker's bonus when they come to WHL.

Harry got some stick for not changing it around with stalemate looming but I agree with him, which I don't always do. We could have scored at any time in the last 25mins and changing Crouch for Gudjohnsen might not have produced any more chances for us to miss than it did in any case. He has come unstuck more than once lately with substitutions and, as he did at Leeds, he left things alone. Another 12 corners without a goal says something about our training ground methods though.

We need to continue to play well and create chances and forget about where we might finish. It's largely out of our hands in any case. No forward misses chances on purpose, or runs offside deliberately. Villa defended well, which is what Villa do. Their quick counter attacks didn't really materialise and the only time they did Gomes made his usual early saves to keep us in the game.

Bale played well but Corluka was excellent. He not only proved that our decision to keep Bentley and not splurge another £15 million on the innocuous Downing was far-sighted. If he and Bentley ever reach some sort of understanding they will be a formidable combination. Lennon may well be back before then though. It's far too late for regrets for all those teams that declined to take our wayward winger off our hands. You had your chance.

We played well, always my first requirement; attractive attacking football against a team admittedly that didn't take us on. Ledley, playing his third game in 11 days, smoothly marshaled his back line,nearly scored twice and guarded the old homestead while young gad-fly Gareth set off on his escapades.

Now in the light of all this what will happen at Wolves? We will almost certainly out-class them and make several chances. We will probably, on the law of averages, score two or three and improve our clean sheet record. Arsenal will beat Liverpool; Manchester Utd will beat Villa and we will go back into the top four. Cue jubilation and regrets that we didn't beat Hull, Villa and all those other teams that we dominated.

If it all goes wrong we will be back in 7th. Cue even more regrets over lost points. Harry will be crucified for his substitutions or for his lack of substitutions. Not literally crucified of course: well probably not literally. My patented wrist slashing kits will sell like hot bagels again and revive the Stock Market almost single handedly. If we lose, and Birmingham beat W.Ham, which is not totally impossible, we will start to worry whether we will even make Europe.

OK,OK!: I'm just painting a worst case scenario and honestly don't care if I never sell another wrist kit again (available in three distinctive packs to match our home,away, and third kit colours at very reasonable prices). Defoe, like most strikers, scores in fits and starts and could probably do with a strike partner who fills in the gaps when he is in a lean spell. But at the moment we haven't got one unless Gudjohnsen proves to be a better buy than I think he is, so we can only sit back and enjoy the ride.

This is not complacency; like the graceful swan I am all elegant geniality on the surface and ferocious turmoil underneath. But it won't help the team convert chances into goals and its creating chances that matters. Even the places in the top four are a lottery and in the chasing pack with their inconsistencies even more so. Injuries, poor refereeing decisions, a missed chance, a brilliant save can all effect the final positions. We are in with a good chance and doing things the right way. I'm lovin it.

Talk of next levels and managers or players who may or may not get us there is an itch that is just out of reach. Like the toothache that disappears the moment you get an appointment, and like your teeth, it's all in your head. Take your mind off it, crack open a tinnie, and I'm talking lager here, not substances, and enjoy the game.


KayBee said...

Hey Jimmy - brilliant write-up as usual. :)

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

That copywrite really got you going, huh? :)

I worry that Wolves will also park the bus in front of their goal tomorrow and we will not get the slightest opening to score. Well... their keeper isn't Friedel.


alwyn said...

caught only the few minutes of highlights - we looked good. but was luke young (who is the heck is he?) right is saying we were long-balling often?

again, always glad to see the rejects shine (e.g. Bentley).

JimmyG2 said...

Luke Young started his career with us(60Games) then played for Charlton, before going to Villa via Middlesborough where he has played left and right back.He has several caps for England.
Decent player, now 30, from a footballing family.
Wenger said that they were a 'long ball' team when they played against the Arsenal, which is unfair and he was passing on the jibe to us.
He has half a point with our service to Crouch but we can play both ways and I wish we played more of the shorter ball.

I dont think that Wolves have any oprion or they will get slaughterd. 2-0 Spurs.

JJ said...

Nice article Jim.
I can't help but agree that the only real outcome of tomorrow's game will be the standard onslaught of regrets regarding either the dropped points on the night or the dropped points from previous games which we have dominated.

And I for one am likely to one of those such people. I predict an inevitably disappointing 1-1 draw, and I look forward to your review of it.

JJ -

alwyn said...

Thanks for the brief bio of Young, Jim.

Wenger's comment was by the frustrated manager of a team which - if I'm not wrong - was attacking for more than Villa (at the Park) i.e. Arsenal and Spurs mirrored each other against Villa, who seemed like parking half a bus for both matches.

Hence, I find it strange that Young would 'complain' about our strategy, as if the Villans WEREN'T lucky to escape WHL with a point.

Still, from the highlights I quite enjoyed the quick passing and fast-running of our entire frontline. Can't wait to Lennon to come back, though. COYS.

Anonymous said...

Good article. Tinnie in the fridge. As long as we are positive in play and management tonight, I, for one, won't have any regrets. COYS

TMWNN said...

One question JimmyG2: does suicide come in three colours?

If so, I'll take the yellow kit to match the colour of our 'lads' bellies.

A promising league season down the swanny.

'We can still make 4th'.

Yeah, yeah.

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