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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A well run club

Burke & Hare

Harry is not the first to be to be falsely accused of grave robbing. Burke and Hare (above) the notorious 19th murderers who sold body parts to hospitals were similarly accused. But they wanted their cadavers as fresh as possible and took to murdering their own. Harry can't be charged yet because Portsmouth might be in terminal agonies but they are not quite deceased.

Grave robbing was a messy business and after all they were only filling a gap in the market by supplying bodies for medical research. No-one is accusing Harry of supplying cadavers. That would be silly if he expects them to turn out in the Premiership regularly, although Keane has certainly been a ghost of his former self if not an actual corpse and Crouch looks and plays like something out of the Adams family at times.

We used to be mocked for our performances not matching our pretensions but that has been put on temporary hold. Our transfer dealings over the past two or three years have opened up a new line of attack. It can probably be shown that we have made a profit on all our dealings but the bottom line line is not everything.

Harry has a dodgy reputation at best and this kind of activity does nothing to dispel it. Who is holding the moral compass of the club? Clearly not Daniel Levy whose definition of a well run club extends only to financial matters. Harry's claim that he was only doing his close friend Avram a favour by bringing back Kaboul is laughable. Why did we sell him in the first place if he was capable of such improvement?

Chimbonda is a more curious case. Bought and sold, then bought and sold again within three years, his handling raises even more questions about somebody's judgement. The Keane saga is equally strange: sold; bought back, made captain and now loaned out in the space of 18mths. There are other exhibits in this displaced persons' catalogue. Defoe, bought by Harry at Portsmouth and then re- bought to join him at Spurs.

Now to lose one parent as Oscar Wilde said 'may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose both smacks of carelessness' He may have gone on to add that to sell and re-purchase four players and then to re-sell or loan two of them again sounds like mismanagement. Each of these transactions may make some sort of sense on its own but taken together they raise serious issues of judgement and policy. The regular supply stream to Sunderland also seems odd.

Our failure to make something of a number of players especially youngsters who showed promise raises issues of mishandling. Certainly in the case of Pavlyuchenko. Buying a once fine player, Gudjohnsen, who has not yet played this season and who scored only ten goals in 70 appearance in three years at Barcelona strikes me as eccentric, Although we tried for Van Nistelrooy who has a similar. record over the past two years at Real Madrid.

We still have no cover for Palacios unless Kaboul can do it; or cover at centre half unless he can step in there too; or cover at right back now that we have loaned out everyone we had except Corluka. Once again Kaboul might be the man. So he's gone from surplus to requirements to all purpose indispensable in 18mths. I don't know what he's like in goal but we don't have genuine cover there either. Allowing O'Hara to return to Portsmouth when he could do a job at Spurs is another question mark on the loan front. Perhaps Harry thinks it wont be long before Pompey collapse and he will be on his way back. I fully expect Boateng to re-appear shortly. The charge of 'grave robbing' might stick then.

With Pavlyuchenko and Gudjohnsen unavailable at Leeds we now have only Defoe and Crouch available up front. Perhaps they would have played anyway. My real question is do we have a plan or a policy in all this or is it just financial opportunism without real regard to the needs of the club? Don't we have a coaching staff whose job it is to try to make at least something out of the talent that we accumulate.

It's not so much that we bought these players back but why we sold them in the first place that puzzles me.


Anonymous said...

I just get very uncomfortable about all this.Obviously when a tranfer goes through alot of people make money. It just seems that this continuing merry-go-round of players is not perhaps for the clubs benefit but for others pockets (brown paper bags?)

Anonymous said...

Why does Harry keep buying players from Portsmouth, nothing to do with any clauses in his Portsmouth contract which gives him a cut of any monies generated by Portsmouth for players he signed whilst manager.

Marianne said...

"This is a story about two clubs, Tottenham Hotspur and Portsmouth FC. These are the Hotspur, And these are the Pompey, and this is Spurs". Confused? You will be.

Old Benson had it bloody easier.

Good article JimmyG2, if anything mate, it`s not boring being a yid.


Anonymous said...

The reason we bought Kaboul is simple maths they owed us three Million and if the administrator came in we would get nothing .The loan deals are the Baffling one Dosantos the concaf player of the tournament .He played at Preston and in the time it took a brute of a tackle to get him of he showed real class and Harry was left singing is praises a few injury weeks later we are one down at Liverpool and like pavlyuchenko he sat on his bum till it was 2-0 same against Hull and then he is shipped off to Turkey to the manager he scored a hatrick for before he got sacked is mind boggling.The only good thing is Walker comming to Spurs he has a wicked long throw for Crouch to head home the only problem is late goals have come back on the menu has Harry got any defensive coaches i dont think he has We should have bought Sammy Hypia he is scoring and playing great and is the real reason Liverpool are Struggling .davspus

TMWNN said...

Is there no end to the utter incompetence of our club when it comes to transfers?


Ronnie Ronronhausen said...

It's a game of percentages, Harry takes his, then everyone else takes theres, then we start all over again. Triangles and Percentages.

Kevin Bond is your defensive coach davspus, good luck with that.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

I'm a little freaked out Jimmy! Can Kaboul cover for Charlie or Palacios? Can Bale and/or BAE slot in on the right if needed?

Anonymous said...

Excellent article - when its put like that, our dealings seem farcical. I'm not seriously defending Comolli but you could look at some of his signings and say that they have done well eventually (but not necessarily at Spurs). KPB and Kaboul have looked good at Portsmouth, Bent has scored plenty at Sunderland, BAE and Gomes have been OK eventually, Gio looks great for Mexico, get the idea. Does it really indicate that we have had poor coaches/managers and that our transfer policy is shit because Levy insists on buying for resale value rather than readiness for the prem.

Anonymous said...

It's all very well you talking about 'Arry being a grave-robber. Many Pompey fans, like me, would consider him as being the grave-digger in the first place!

Pompey Rat said...

Good article mate.
Although Twitchy is legendary for his good purchases and ability to flog a dying horse back to life, he also has many turkeys to his name and swapping players in and out is as Redknapp as making a comment about his Mrs in an interview is.
You'll soon have to extend WHL to fit his ego into it though.
Kaboul did a really good job as a right back for Pompey by the way last season. He's surprisingly quick and is good going forward.

JimmyG2 said...

Portsmouth anon.
Nice one; Harry as the grave digger. You may say that I couldn't possibly comment. F.A.Cup?

Theoretically Kaboul could cover all these positions,they are on his CV. Not all at once obviously.

Anon 11.53.
I have written a nunber of times defending Comolli's record against some of the more ridiculous attacks
Kaboul should never have been sold, or Boateng until we had explored and developed their abilities a little more.

Boring and Spurs don't often appear in the same sentance except when we are lumping it up to Crouch.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Jimmy G2 invesitgates.

A very good article.

I think time will tell whether this has been a good window or not. As you mention, a Palacios injury would put us firmly in the cack. King certainly couldn't do a job there anymore and we've yet to see what Kaboul's made of. O'Hara would've been- if not perfect- decent cover. Strange we didn't recall him, really.

Anyway, what happened to Sandro?

Marianne said...

Jimmy i have a great position for Crouch, a flipping RSJ for the new stadium. Just don`t play the Spurs way when he is on the pitch.

JimmyG2 said...

Pompey Rat
Welcome aboard Sir and thanks for the steer on Kaboul. Pompey fans don't deserve any of this. Where has all that money gone?

Have you heard something? She's still married to Harry last I heard.

JimmyG2 said...

Building regulations won't allow it,stress factors and stuff.

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