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Monday, 22 March 2010

Kaboul in a china shop

Look into my eyes and repeat after me: 'I am Wilson Palacios'

Well Harry got it completely wrong against Stoke. He prioritised the wrong competition and in order to ensure that we still had Wilson available for Wednesday's replay against Fulham he kept him on the bench and sent on Kaboul in his place. How wrong can you be.

As a result of these errors we won the game and Wilson is still available. Not only that but Gudjohnsen, once described in this very column as a 'once great player but now sadly past his best' scored a fine goal with a clever assist by Crouch, once described in this very column as a 'very poor footballer'.

However I did get the score correct, even though that prediction was made before Defoe was ruled out and Harry made all those tactical errors. So once again we are all thankful that Harry is our leader and that he got it right but clearly for all the wrong reasons. Is it better to be wrong for the right reasons as I often am? Or do you prefer Harry's system which seems to work against all the odds? Harry's mistake was the worst since Sir Alf dropped Jimmy Greaves for Hurst in the World Cup Final nearly 50 yrs ago. We not only won the World Cup but Sir Geoff scored a hat trick. Managers: what do they know.

The game itself lacked interest as a footballing spectacle and was more engaging for the side shows, most of which occurred in the 20 minutes after half time. Ekotto had a spat with Corluka; Ekotto still surrounded by the Red Mist conceded a pointless penalty which enabled them to equalise; Gudjohnsen replaced the injured Pavlyuchenko before half time, which gave us all that sinking feeling; but Eidur then proved us all wrong, well me anyway, by playing with some craft and skill, scoring a first class goal and later providing a clever step-over for Kranjcar's winner. We threatened to overwhelm them but then came the penalty. Before that Whitehead had earned a second yellow card for another crude foul on Modric who had been targeted as had Bale in the first half.

Kaboul is no Wilson but proved more than adequate for the occasion especially in the air. He even emulated Wilson's shooting skills: high wide and averagely good looking. The defence was largely untroubled because Stoke played more like the away side and anything resembling actual football was provided by ourselves which prevented Stoke FC being charged under the False Descriptions Act.

The much vaunted 'afternoon of the long throws ' was largely a damp squib thanks in part to Crouch and to Gomes' enthusiasm. We got into more trouble trying to avoid giving away throw-ins than from the throws themselves. Bale flickered gamely in the first half but then donned the cloak of invisibility for the second. Modric kept the ball well without creating a great deal and they had a couple of late chances, the best from a poor back pass header by Bassong which Sidibe found so comical that he fell over laughing and Gomes was able to clear. Kranjcar was lively and effective but Gudjohnsen stole the show.

So now we have proved that we can play without Lennon, King, Woodgate, Modric, Defoe, Jenas, Huddlestone, our Friend in the Far North and Wilson Palacios. We have got to within spitting distance of the end of the season and are still fourth having been in the top four for most of the time and not once below 7th. place. Of our challengers only Man.City have a theoretical advantage on us and we have to play them in what could be the Champions' League place decider.

On Wednesday it's Fulham for a place in the semi finals against Portsmouth and on Saturday its Portsmouth again in the league. These are two 'winnable' games, a term which is starting to have more meaning than previously'. Konchesky has attempted to raise the stakes by huffing and puffing after their victory against Juventus but by Sunday Man. City had reduced their claims to their proper level.

At home we should be able to progress . We have played Fulham three times this season and they have yet to score, home or away. Assuming that we have a dozen or so players available who can be put in some sort of team formation I predict a win by the odd goal, probably 1-0. Anyone attempting to make a career out of placing wagers on my predictions are warned that past performance is no indication of future return.

Some fans are worried that we might make the Champions' League places only to go out in the qualifying or fall be the wayside next season. Enjoy it while you can friends; nothing is guaranteed, anything can happen, 'better to fail aiming high than succeed aiming low', 'to dare is to do'. I'm still lovin' it and so too should all of you.

This reminds me of an old Spurs fan's reaction to an apocryphal Jenas hat-trick.
'Ah yes', he said, 'but can he do it every week?'
Lets get there first and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

mate what a load of bollock...dont give up your day job...

alwyn said...

am so glad there was no repeat of the Wolves here.

but what the heck were BAE and Corluka fighting about? i seriously cannot recall Spurs people messing w each other - that's for hotheads like Terry and any of the 11 gunners on the field (remember that bust-up when we thrashed them 5-1 at WHL 2 yrs back?)

And who's the Our Friend in the North? You don't mean Keane, do you? (But i guess he's coming back, not to throw a spanner into the team selections, I hope!)

COYS. We should do well against Fulham and P'mouth. I can't recall having won 4 league games in a row since....since...???

whatever happens from here, something inside me CANNOT believe this is the same team that was marooned at the bottom w 2 points last season.

Harry we owe you big time - whatever yr mistakes.

KayBee said...

Don't you just love constructive criticism?

I'll tell you what was a "load of bollock", the comment above mine.

As for you, Jimmy, another fine piece!

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks pal. Actually I'm retired so I have plenty of time to concentrate on this bollocks.
Do you have a day job yourself?

Anonymous said...

You used an aweful lot of words to say nothing!

Nunchucks said...

I rather liked it. Nice delivery, nice execution, nice dismount. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I think the earlier anon was either American or was at home from school with a slight sicky the day they discussed irony.

Good post. There's few people clinging desperately to the 'Redknapp is ruining Spurs raft' and seeing their reluctant praise on forums is strangely akin to Harry's own initial response to Pav's return. This was a nice way of saying 'hat's off' to the jowly one.

Let's hope the Russian isn't sidelined for too long but bankers bonuses all round to the genius at WHL that signed the Ice Man... what a finish & a 'complete' centre-forward performance that was.

Just wait 'till we get our first team back!


Anonymous said...

"something inside me CANNOT believe this is the same team that was marooned at the bottom w 2 points last season."

Hardly the same team, just look at who got the goals !!

Alan said...

Great article, thanks! Is Harry the best manager we've had since Bill Nick? Another season of this, and he may very well have a stand named after him. 'The Rednapp Stand', does have a ring to it!

Anonymous said...

Start of the season Alwyn,Liverpool,Hull,West Ham,Birmingham,

I think you could be right about that game against Man City Jimmy,although how about ourselves third,Man City fourth,and Chelsea fifth.


Anonymous said...

Benching Wilson and playing Kaboul was a smart move, if Wilson missed the Fulham game and we went onto lose it due to no General clearing up the midfield it would be such a waste.

In years to come people will remember who won the FA Cup and not who finished 4th

Anonymous said...

Nice article Jimmy, illustrating the essence of any true Spurs fan. We all go through phases of criticising players and manager's decisions but very few of us admit it when we are wrong so full marks for that.

However, as far as Jenas is concerned.....

Anonymous said...

Entertaining, insightful, direct and pleasing on the eye. and that's just JimmyG2's eloquent rantings. Was a tricky tie which we have managed to come away from with 3 valuable points albeit at a cost injury wise. Mind you at least no one broke a leg or something. Hopefully we carry on showing this tenacious spirit and keep on picking up points whilst getting some of our players out of the treatment room.

Anyway nice piece, it's good to admit when you've got it wrong

Anonymous said...

Stop me if I'm wrong,but shouldn't Kaboul have all the qualities to be a good tigerish midfield enforcer anyway,I mean he's quick,strong,tigerish in the tackle,he can head the ball and his reading of the game is pretty good to isn't it.

This experience gainment in theory should also help him when he moves back into centre of defence so it's good news all round.


Anonymous said...

or maybe resting wilson so he can play against fulham and also pick up hes yellow card. which would then mean he would miss the home game v portsmouth! which would mean are hard april schedule wilson would be free. dont be surprised if wilson gets a needless yellow against fulham so he can put himself out of the portsmouth home game

Anonymous said...

"Well Harry got it completely wrong against Stoke".....with a 2-1 win?? knobhead!

Anonymous said...

Kaboul's more likely to get a game in centre mid for Spurs than at centre back as it is the least covered position. I'm glad he's at the club though. Sometimes you need a big lumberjack to scare the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Good article - regarding another post - lets hope Wilson doesn't get a silly yellow as that would leave him walking the tightrope. Another rash challenge in the game gives him a red - not too sure what his ban would be then.
Lets look up and not behind, a game in hand on the Arse and we have to play them, lets look to cut the gap on them to 6 - another little slip up on their part and we're on their case.
Who would've thought that a couple of seasons back?

Spursmartio said...

I thought the article was very good, and amusing.

Whats wrong with these anonymous people who cannot see irony or sarcasm, however it is meant.

I also think Sgt Wilsons booking is 'on the cards' for Wednesday.

What I don't understand with teams playing Stoke is why doesn't everyone use a towel to dry the ball when taking a throw in? If the refs let them do it they must let everyone do it.

Harry Hotspur said...

The only thing the idiots posting hate comments have done is shown how much your blog is loved by us all. In fact this is probably the second best Spurs blog on the web after Spooky's.
Peace and Love to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Most amusing
Looking forward to next one, Jimmy
Shame the boys don't understand humour
The towel is cheating when only available to one team - but the less able need all the help they can get!

jamie said...

read first line,

"harry got it completely wrong against stoke"

i didnt read any more after that.

he didnt get it wrong. we won. we have 3 points and have wilson fit for wednesday.


LemonadeMoney said...

Is it possible to incorporate a compulsory IQ test when posting a comment?

Anonymous said...

mate what a load of excellents...give up your day job


TMWNN said...

It's looking like a bloggers' love fest on here today.

'read first line,

"harry got it completely wrong against stoke"

i didnt read any more after that.'

Me too, but I completely agree with Jimmy. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Haha, at least you're honest and know deep down you'll never be a manager :-)

I love it (in a Keeganesque way) when humour completely bypasses people & goes straight over their heads - guess I'd never be a comedian.

Anonymous said...

If Palacios gets a booking against fulham then he gets a 2 match ban cos he's on 9 bookings. That would rule him out of the pompey and sunderland games. So, categorically, he is not gonna try to get himself booked. Plonker

essex said...

There's pretty much no way Wilson won't get booked again this season so expect to see an 89 minute yellow for some stupid (kicking the ball away/ obstruction etc).

I'm hoping it's a yellow for over celebrating after cracking in a 30 yard winner ;)

Anonymous said...

'Categorically' it's extremely likely that Sarge would be expected to collect no.10 during the course of the next few games - it comes with the territory.

Wouldn't you expect 'Arry to ensure he contrives to get his 2-match suspension out the way in readiness for The Ar*e, Chavs and ManUre?

Um, er let me think....

tony said...

A big reason Kaboul was chosen ahead of Palacios was for his heading ability. As far as I am concerned Harry has done a sensational job at Spurs, in our last visit to Stoke last season Spurs were pitifull and Bale was a joke. Harry is the manager and picks the team he thinks will get a result, people who slag him off have short memories.

LemonadeMoney said...

How about Wilson taking his shirt off to celebrate someone else's goal!

Anonymous said...

Good blog, amusing and well written, though I worry about some of the people who have posted responses. Let me clarify that: I don't actually worry about them at all, but some of their postings suggest they are a bit dim!

h8bosnich said...

I once disagreed with Harry's selection and was proved right - because he did eventually bring Crouch on against Birmingham at the lane and he caused all sorts of problems.
I don't think Harry could hear me screaming from the Paxton to bring on Crouchie though, so I guess I'm going to have to concede the credit to him on that decision too.

Anyway, with the injuries we have, it looks like most of the decisions are going to be made for him for the rest of the season.

Great blog by the way

Adam said...

When is the cutoff after which you can't get any more suspensions for yellow cards?

Anonymous said...

Great article, very amusing.
Chelsea and West Ham United have been useless.

Anonymous said...

harry for prison you to be bankrupt he is taking your money just like the rest of his clubs

'My 10 Minutes of madness' By BAE said...

I read on another forum that the Yellow card situation disappears after April if he can keep his nose clean next 2 games Wilson will be in the clear. Anyone conmfirm that?

A humerous and well written article BTW!

Anonymous said...

Wilson will be very lucky because Atkinson is the ref and he has seen more Yellows and Reds that Ronnie Osulivan has . Harry got is spot on because without Big Tom we have a short fall in defence and Wilsons yellow and Kabouls is cup tide it was the right pick and this would be my Team for the Cup GOMES CORLUKA BASSONG DAWSON BALE KRANJCAR PALACIOS MODERIC TOWNSEND or BOSTOCK GUDJOHNSON CROUCH Well written JG2 From Davspurs

Anonymous said...

Great article, really well written... cannot believe the amount of idiot replies though!! Will be following this site now, such classy musings... nicely done Jimmy!

Kin ell.

JimmyG2 said...

Where to start?
My whelmed is quite overed-

Thankyou for all the supportive comments and apologies to all those who only manage first lines or don´t understand that this in praise of His Redknappship and is poking fun at my own failings..
That´s why I am a blogger and Harry is a football manager.

Wilsons 10th yellow card.

If the April 1st deadline is correct, though it could be a joke, then perhaps he can survive.(thanks to 10mins of madness)
But I like the idea of him taking his shirt off to celebrate a goal. (thanks to LemonadeMoney)

the last time we won four games in a row was at the start of the season-

More later.

TMWNN said...

The deadline is the second Sunday of April which means Palacios could still miss 2 from: Portsmouth(H); Sunderland(A); Scum(H) or the semi-final against Portsmouth; Chelsea(H) and if we don't beat Fulham, Manure(A).

JimmyG2 said...


Sorry you had already made the point about our four wins.

Thanks .I think we are going to see the shirt waving routine any time now.

The blogger would have to take the IQ test to be fair and that rules it out on this site.

Anonymous said...

You used an aweful lot of words to say nothing!
22 March 2010 13:53

Its called blogging mate

Anonymous said...

Stoke are hardly known for their quality football in open play.....wilson breaks down the attacking flair of quality footballing teams....kaboul is actually alot better than wilson in the air and so provided more protection against their set plays and specifically Delaps long was quite an obvious choice given palacios's card in actual fact 'arry got it spot on, as is shown in the result.....not many come away from stoke with all 3 points so give it a rest and give credit where credit's due....

LemonadeMoney said...

Sack Redknapp!

Er, sorry my mistake, that was last month.

JimmyG2 said...

Lemonade Money

And possibly next month if it all goes rugby ball shaped or whatever the phrase is.

LemonadeMoney said...

Jimmy, you're not suggesting for one minute that some of our fans may be fickle?
PS, I may be being a bit thick, but why G2? I'm guessing by the pics it's a Greaves reference? Are you his namesake, or is it you!

Anonymous said...

stupid blog, stupid points and stupid in general.

Anonymous said...

jesus what a pile of s h i t.... you a spurs fan or what??? your heads up your hole mate.

Anonymous said...

Funny how some people don't see the funny side of things...
Good blog. Just to think that just over a month
ago, after a few dodgy results, there were some preparing to have Harry for desert ( after devouring Jenas for the main course ) & we were hearing comments like ' only any good in a relegation scrap' etc.
I reckon another 13 points will get us top 4 but even if we don't make it Harry's doing a great job!! COYS!!

TMWNN said...

Anon 14:09

Let's not give Redknapp the keys to Haringey just yet (not that anyone would want them).

I think for the sake of unity, even the most "avid 'arry 'ater" has put that particular debate on the back burner for this vital final stretch. It's gently simmering, but, rest assured, it will back on the boil in the event of failure to secure fourth and/or win The Cup.

I think with Redknapp, a lot of it's personal.

George said...

This is arrogant nonsense.

I'm assuming this must be Sir. Alex Ferguson's personal musings.

Adding a smug, whimsical tone doesn't validate any of this.

who framed ruel fox? said...

On the button, as ever, Jimbob.

But you appear to have put a picture of The Rock above your main post. Was this intentional?

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

"You used an aweful lot of words to say nothing!"

That's the beauty of blogging - Anon - my friend. Great work JimmyG2!

JimmyG2 said...

JimmyG2 is in honour of top man Jimmy Greaves (JimmyG1 if you will) who I just happen to share a birthday with.I wouldn't have the nerve to call myself JimmyG1 now would I??

Re Harry Redknapp.

I have acknowledged many times our debt of gratitude to Harry. Not the best tactician in the world but he has handled a decent squad well,and like all successful managers,has been a bit lucky at times .
He spouts nonsense to the press most of the time but you can't help but love the man.
I hope he stays for some time but doesn't overdo the buying of new personnel whatever happens at the end of the season, just as stability is beginning to pay dividends.

OK everyone? This column was taking the piss out of myself, not Harry. I like the man.
Thank you all for your responses, and I mean 'all'

You are the latest in a long line of people who missed the point. But keep reading the column, please

You can't please all of the people all of the time.

Anonymous said...

How about trying to please some people some of the time?

JimmyG2 said...

Its not in my job description amigo.
This is a blog not a therapy session.

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