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Friday, 12 March 2010

Mind the gap

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Look up all the statistics; home and away form; goals scored or whatever and there is clearly a yawning gap between Blackburn and ourselves. Let´s hope that the game doesn´t produce a yawning opportunity for the spectators. See what I did there? Although at this stage even I start to concede that good results start to edge out the requirement for good performances. But never entirely for me because I believe that good performances over a season produce the goods even if in a single game it doesn´t quite work out. Fill in your own examples. I´ll give you a clue: Wolves at home.

We have been very good defensively: more clean sheets than a Chinese laundry. We are at least two goals better than Blackburn so I make that 2 or 3-0. They have little to play for in terms of league position and we need the points to maintain our push for the you know what. However teams with no worries or prospects can sometimes surprise teams that are starting to come under pressure but Blackburn have shown little other than determination this season and I anticipate little to concern us. Even the prospect of Paul Robinson playing a blinder should not be enough.

We have our excuses ready made in terms of injuries but we overcame them away to Fulham, a better team than Blackburn, so we surely will again. Kaboul is available and perhaps Bentley but we could well see the same starting line up as last week: Ekotto in defence and Bale at left midfield. Harry is not one for changing things round without good reason.

Unless Wilson has departed for Real Madrid, Kaboul will be kept in reserve and Modric will start in the middle. Let´s hope he gets into the game more quickly this week as without Huddlestone we are a little short of creativity. I would play Bale at full back and Modric down the left as he seems to create space when he moves inside for the boy Gareth but it worked out last week with Ekotto and Harry will probably stick with it.

With Defoe available I hope we go with him and Pavlyuchenko. Last week revealed no spark between Crouch and Pavlyuchenko so let´s hope that Harry´s sentimental affection for his Portsmouth´connections doesn´t see him reverting to Crouch and Defoe. I don´t think that Crouch will stand up any better to the physicality of the Blackburn defence. We need to keep the ball moving from the midfield at pace and both Kranjcar and Modric have the ability to do this while Wilson minds the store.

If we win we can enjoy yet another week in the you know what and with winnable games to come, before we meet Arsenal and test Harry´s gap closing predictions, then the last few games begin to look very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Form can go out of the window when the going gets tough in the final phase of the season. It could all be settled one way or the other by then, either by our own collapse or that of some or all of our rivals.

Somehow I don´t think so and it looks like going down to the wire with upsets all over the place. Lets hope that tomorrow lunchtime isn´t the first upset of many. Only joking.


Day of the Triffics pt.2 said...

'it looks like going down to the wire' prohetic or expectant, so true those words. I face the end of the season with the ambivilance of trepidation and excitment. DFS have delivered my new sofa, I have set up base behind and will be camped there for our run in. It's a great end to the season..isn't it!?!

Day of the Triffics pt.2 said...

'prophetic', there is no light back here

JimmyG2 said...

Day of the Triffics
Love the name!
As they say down at DFS ´Sofa so good´

alwyn said...

thrilled that the Blackburn game had a happier ending than the Everton one (am sure everyone was concerned).

reckon Stoke is gonna be tough - let's hope no legs broken.

wow this is shaping up to be the best Spurs has done for a while, even better than the Jol years (though let's not speak too fast). the Pav/Defoe/Modric network seems to be doing (slightly) more wonders than the Berba/Keane one (but damn I miss those two - who were our midfielers during Jol's time?? Chimbonda? The Zok?)

whilst a malaysian world no.1 badminton-er won the all-england, i really don't care as long we won the 3 points haha


JimmyG2 said...

Well Stoke did us a favour against Villa and we could do ourselves one by beating them, which I think we will. (Preview later)
We did beat Everton you know.
Just read that Sandro has signed. Hope he's as good as they say and that he settles in quickly.

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