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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Against all odds

Tottenham to beat Man.Utd. 3-1. Gomes to score first. Tottenham to be awarded a penalty and pigs to crash land in the centre circle at half time. Tottenham to beat the top three in consecutive games and Bale to score in all three games. Which of these bets is the fantasy one?

You've all seen them in betting shop windows. £10 pays £680. Nice odds and sometimes you get tempted. The odds against us beating United are not that outrageous and the chance of Bale scoring again not that unlikely. Now the time to place the three in a row bet was before the Arsenal game but I don't know of any bookmaker who even thought of such a wager. On current form of club and player it's not such a silly idea.

We are away from home and that makes a difference but Lennon, Palacios Corluka and King might make an appearance so we are stronger in theory than for the Chelsea game. Mr.Ferguson or his henchmen in the press have floated the 'Bale for Man.Utd' spoiler just before the game but we expected that. Modric will be next and we shouldn't be surprised or put off. It's a sign that they are as nervous as we are about the game. Normally they just ignore us so we are beginning to make our mark. It's like the Tory Press muckraking amongst that nice Mr. Clegg's dustbins. Welcome to the big-time.

Villa and City are still breathing down our necks so a point would be handy. That would be 7/9 from these difficult games and should secure Europe if we perform in the last three games. We made the Chelsea game look easy and played well against Arsenal. A win would mean that we have beaten all of the old top four this season and laid a number of myths to rest. The mental strength theory would hopefully take a fatal beating.

Man.Utd need to win this too so it might be a cautious and cagey affair. But only if we let it. Lets take it to them and give it a go. Recent history is against us, the bookies are against us, the ref will probably be against us, the pitch, the weather, Old Moore's Almanac and probably some of our own fans despite the recent successes.

The 'what's the point of qualifying for the Champions League? We'll only do an Everton and get knocked out in the qualifying.' brigade for a start. Well let's call the whole game off in that case and take the wife down to Tesco's. I think the doubters are finally coming round and I firmly believe that we can beat United and make fourth. I've been under this delusion the whole season but dreams can sometimes come true if, like Peter Pan, you have faith, trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust. If that's not Luka Modric I'll stab meself with this hook!

As Danny Blanchflower might have said, ' 2-0 to Spurs and Pavlyuchenko to get a hat-trick' Now Ladbroke's or William Hill? Who shall I favour with my pension?

Elsewhere we seem to be owed £1 million by Portsmouth for a player who never actually signed. Now I understand that nothing illegal is involved just a double deal, apt phrase, for two players, Kaboul and Bercovic, one of whom didn't sign and we want some money back as we paid up front. In fact apparently we were doing them a favour as they needed the cash. The Kranjcar deal was another 'steal'. The presence of Harry lurking in the background and the faintly fishy smell that surrounds all our dealings on the South Coast makes me inclined to write this money off.

Shareholders may object but they are hardly going to vote out the Board at the moment are they. In any case Daniel Levy could probably sell them out of date bagels by the lorry load. Write it off and pitch camp on the moral high ground. We've picked over the corpse of Portsmouth enough without boiling up the bones to make soup. While we're at it why not divert one of those bagel lorries to the supporters' club. Why? Because we're Tottenham that's why. What are the odds on this happening? I'll check while I'm down at the bookies.


Anonymous said...

The so called Tory media (in reality most of them are left wing, like the Mirror, Guardian, Independent, BBC and Channel 4) do not need to muckrake about Clegg

All they need to do is point out his broken promise to support a referendum on the EU Constitution

Anonymous said...

Gary neville to be sent off is the bet to make...
Bale is gonna run him ragged.

Anonymous said...

Great piece, made me laugh and that's something as I've nearly bitten my nails to the elbow and it's only Thursday... God, I wish this game could have been played 24 hours after the last one!

Good to see that the Govan grump is getting a little unsettled, glad that those Bale stories are being treated with the pinch of salt they deserve. God today has just shown how easily the press in this country are bought & sold.

F the lot of 'em. 2-0 sounds about right, although we're supposed to concede one in the second minute of injury time, just to keep the TV ratings going.


JimmyG2 said...

First poster
I think the 'Independent's title is a bit of a givaway.
You seem to have overlooked the Mail,Telegraph,Express,Sun,Times, Financial Times,and Sky News who all incline to the right.
Not very objective are you?

dave said...

well said jimmyG2
the first poster is obviously a moron, and a conservative
neither of which have any place in football

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, we have nothing to lose and all to win! If there indeed is a soccer fairy and not only modric with a pink skirt and a willow wooden wand, all three points goes to Spurs. Why, because the football fairy knows too well we have been cheated out of our portoguese boots before. Let's give this fairytale a happy ending. Mordor is weak, Mordor will fall, like autumn leaves falling in the realm of Lothlorien. The King is dead, long live the king!

Anonymous said...

>"The 'what's the point of qualifying for the
>Champions League? We'll only do an Everton and
>get knocked out in the qualifying.'"

They always make me laugh. Rather not be in Europe thanks. The Thursday Night Cup is the one for Spurs. Tugging our forelock at the big boys. Knowing our place. Lovely.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Write off the 1 million and Manchester United's hopes for the title!

How's that!

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Give a little; take a little.

JimmyG2 said...

That'll do it.

I'm afraid that there's plenty of both morons and Tories in football.
Harry is only a Tory fortunately.

Anon 19:04
You're even more cryptic than me.

LemonadeMoney said...

Spot on, apart from suggesting Levy wont be 'boiling up the bones to make soup'.

ALWYN said...

I didn't catch a single second of the Arsenal and Chelsea games. Guess I'll stick to the formula and just check the results at 3pm London time. We went 2-0 up at half-time last year when Man U had Ronaldo; we can certainly do it again. Only this time let's hope the referee has a conscience stronger than a need to please the Old Trafford crowd.

Also, please let's not miss those chances we created against Chelsea. Who's Clegg? I guess he's not a Spurs fan.

JimmyG2 said...

Mr Clegg is the leader of the minority third party the Liberal Democrats.
He has risen in the polls due to a good performance in the first televised debate and it is likely that there will be a hung parliament in the election next week.

It is not known which football team he supports.

Still 4th with three games to go. Keep the faith.

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