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Monday, 19 April 2010

Don't look down

I knew I should have held something back after the Arsenal game. I've nowhere to go now with the superlatives. I got too far ahead of my team. I was so delighted with the way we faced down Arsenal for thefirst  time in a decade, that I didn't think ahead to the Chelsea game. It never occurred to me that we might win that one too. But as I rested hidden in the clouds of glory that swirl around the approaches to the peak the team climbed past me. After Wednesday I was just enjoying the moment, the bragging rights, the deep satisfaction of at least putting this bit of our shame to bed. I thought that we had reached the peak of our ambitions, but as the mists cleared I could see that there were greater heights to scale.

Against Chelsea we played even better. We defended equally well but now Modric ran the midfield and we should have won it with ease.. Bale, Pavlyuchenko, and Defoe all had good chances to administer a spanking. We weren't as dependent on Gomes who only made a couple of world class saves on this occasion. New horizons swam into view.

Chelsea, Champions in waiting will have to wait a little longer. In mid-week we hammered our crampons into Arsenal, now we've done the same to Chelsea and at the weekend we set out to scale Mount United. We couldn't could we? So much for our difficult run in. Suffice to say that that was our best performance of the season, a concerted team effort in which everybody gets 9 and Bale, Modric and Dawson get 10. Nothing over the top there then.

In any case its not cool to get too excited. Anyone would think that beating Arsenal and Chelsea in the same week was something out of the ordinary. We might just have to get used to this level of performance. All this within days of Portsmouth and Sunderland. That surely wasn't us: that was some inferior Spurs Tribute team; imposters on the Premiership circuit, cowboys using our branding iron. Trading Standards should investigate. Well the real Tottenham roped themselves together and left those charlatans sleeping in their tents at base camp

Chelsea are our favourite whipping boys at The Lane, that's three wins in four games, not to mention the Carling Cup. 'Can we play you every week?'. We matched and beat them all over the pitch. Dawson had Drogba for breakfast and Bale lunched and dined on whoever was put in front of him: Ferriera then Ivanovic and finally Terry who was sent off for yet another ugly challenge after being outpaced while Bale was still in third gear. Modric showed once again that he can play effectively wherever he is put. Huddlestone was immense in every sense of the word.

There were some curious similarities with the Arsenal game: same score line; Bale scored the second goal; and a late goal conceded from a cross along the ground from the right to make it interesting. We should have been out of sight by then but decided to do it the Tottenham way with our hearts in our mouths. Climbing without oxygen.

Who amongst you didn't cringe when Defoe stepped up after missing 6 of his last 10 penalties? What gave him the idea that he could score this one? Who told him he could take it? He cracked it high into the net having sent Cech the wrong way. All questions answered. That boy's confidence borders on the edge of insanely dangerous. Ice to be tested? Crevasse to be examined? Send for Jermaine.

We concentrated on Bale's speed and strength down the left but even Kaboul after a dodgy start found the space and time to support Bentley on the right. Bentley himself almost caught Cech out with a delicate chip. The movement of Defoe and Pavlyuchenko exposed the Chelsea back line which looked cumbersome. Dawson even without Ledley was as solid as the rock we are scaling. Capello, given the chance to compare the two centre halfs, must surely come to the same conclusion which we all reached weeks ago. That boy and his minder Mr. King deserve tickets to S.Africa

The referee, Phil Dowd, was more than fair and had sent Terry off before today. The penalty was not clear but Bale had gone down heavily in the area minutes before so justice was done. Mr. Dowd was firm and followed through, booking Alex for dissent. My theory is that referee's are increasingly unhappy with the abuse they receive, 'Respect' agenda or not. A team like Tottenham who on the whole behave well, and Harry too, will eventually reap the rewards of good behavior. It certainly seemed to work on Saturday. Perhaps next week's game at Manchester will test my theory to destruction.

I targeted 3 points from these three allegedly tricky ties and so far with one to play we have six. Utd. beat City and we are back in front for the 4th spot, two points and a goal ahead. Arsenal lost at Wigan which perhaps puts our achievement into perspective. It's certainly still on. There is no reason to suppose that we won't maintain this standard of performance or this level of concentration for the last 4 games. We have Palacios and Lennon to return and Ledley waiting in the wings. Will Palacios get back into the team straight away? Probably; at the expense of Ekotto; Bale will return to fullback and he and Modric will be left free climbing on the flank.

Only Tottenham can turn football into an extreme sport with the variety of their performances. We abseil, one handed, down the sheerest rock face with nonchalant ease and trip over a tent peg at the bottom. We have been a staging post for aspiring climbers for too long; a bivouac on a windswept ledge half way up the mountain. Time to push on up.

. As all mountaineers will testify the golden rule as you approach the top is, 'Don't look down'. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on the summit ahead. Look out Arsenal: Spurs are coming.


Julian H said...

"Look out Arsenal: Spurs are coming."

Would you care to place some money on this?

Anonymous said...

what a joke...we should worry about fending off City and Villa.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard anymore news regarding Lennon? IE,is he still training,or has that reported soreness resurfaced?

Mind you if he does return soon I hope Harry doesn't disregard Bentley as I feel he is a much improved player.


Anonymous said...

Your a cock mate. You beat an under strength arsenal team with six first team regulars out, chelsea on a major off day and all of a sudden your shitty team are in your dumb mind Barcelona. Get a fucking grip you tosser and stop spouting complete shit!

Anonymous said...

Spurs are like the nouveau riche. The nouveau riche, unacustomed to having wealth, don't know what to do with it once they get it. So they flaunt it in a manner that is vulgar and ostentacious. Likewise Spurs and success.

I say success...

Anonymous said...

It's "you're" a cock mate...nice grammar. Yeah, yeah, Arsenal never deserve to lose a game as they are playing kids or under strength...well we were without or best defensive player, Palacios, our best offensive threat, Lennon, one of our best defenders, Woodgate, our right back, Corluka, etc....and Chelsea had everything to play for and we stuffed them, without even King. The author was merely celebrating how excited he is over the two wins and how enthusiastic he is about reaching higher. There's plenty of humility laced throughout the article so stop being a nob

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 18:04
You can only beat what's in front of you. If its rubbish, its rubbish.
Missing players: I think you said six: Palacios,Woodgate,Lennon,Jenas,Corluka, Kranjcar,

Barcelona are the best team in the world but we're getting there.

I say success
Nice historical perspective there friend.
We are one of the true aristocratics of football but certainly don't intend to lose our heads.
Au revoir Citizen.

Anonymous said...

Nice spelling shithead nob is spelt knob! Give out English lessons when you can spell! Knob lol

Anonymous said...

Not one of them yids missing against arsenal were world class. How can you compare jenas with fabregas? It's like comparing a robin reliant to a bugatti veyron lol. You spuds are a misguided lot. Arsenal players missing were 3 world class , fabregas, arshavin and van persie for 70 minutes! What one of your sorry six out are in that bracket? NONE mate FACT. And I ain't even an arsenal fan!

Corluka said...

It wasn't really any loss that Corluka was missing. Lets face it, he's shit.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see football fans using grammar and spelling to hurt each other - so much more refined than the old Stanley knife.

Anonymous said...

I think what's important is that we are still in an era when we continue to await the first London European Champions.

How does it go? It's lucky for Spurs...

YidoTilliDie said...

Wow Jimmy where do you pull in all these morons from? Its almost impressive. To the above 'characters' I am sorry society failed you, I'm sorry your Daddys left when you were young and I'm sorry for what Uncle Fred made you do.

Now onto serious business. The climbing metaphor ('tripping over a tent peg') was scarily appropriate and gave me a good LOL. I realise I am rather younger than yourself (no offence intended) but is it right that I am this excited?? Please don't bring me back down to earth...

Keep it up JG2.


Anonymous said...

Arsenal fans, does coming on here give you a break from worrying about your own troubles.

It's truly amazing how excuses you guys come up with. If you lose one game, it's injuries, referee, bad challenges, etc. If it's anything long-term, then we are paying for a stadium.

Just give everyone a rest will you. Everything's relative. Tottenham are currently at Arsenal's level. So we are not allowed to enjoy our successes in the meantime?

Why be so pathetically bitter. Go off to your own sites and work out how you managed to lose from being 2-0 up with just 10 minutes to play against a team spurs spanked 9-1. I'll help you out, use the excuses I have laid out for you above. Go on, get that safety blanket on.

Anonymous said...

I'd hardly class Arshavin as World class. He's capable of world class moments but until he starts working hard and stops moaning about life in England (he's from Russia for fcuks sake) than no he's not world class. If you call him one then the term becomes far over used. Van Persie I wouldn't call one just yet either. He started the season very well and took advantage of a knackered tottenham side but again, he needs a few years of consistency. If you call him one then Lennon is definitely one too. Where does it end.

Anonymous said...

Some quality mong jobs in this comments section. Arsenal were under strength? So what exactly were Spurs, fielding Danny Rose (debut) in a NLD? Love how it gets twisted to make out that the gooners were depleted and Spurs were some how at full strength.

We nullified you. Harry outsmarted Wenger. That's all. Dry em and deal with it. As for the gloating, what do you expect exactly? For us to leave the bragging rights under the bed?

We slapped Chelsea about, but no, alas, the only reason for that is because they had an off-day.


Whatever keeps you warm at night.


JimmyG2 said...

Arsenal supporters
You are all very welcome but you don't have much of a sense of humour or your own ridiculousness do you?

At least Spurs supporters can laugh at themselves and don't take themselves too seriously.
The club yes but not themselves.

Spurs fans.
Thankyou for your support.I nearly had to get the Stanley knife out there.(YiddoTilliDie)(Anon18:45) (Spooky) aqnd others
There is no new information about Lennon that I know of(Foggy)

Chelsea fans.
Interesting that no Chelsea fans posted. I suppose they have lives, or they are still busy slitting their wrists.

Don't be so hard on yourself mate.

Anonymous said...

Great to see Hud in the enforcer role. I think having the little general in the center with him brings out Huds natural protective instincts and suddenly he is looking like a genuinely tough guy. Great transformations all around. What can you say about Bale. Just watch him and he speaks for himself. Sublime!

Anonymous said...

Seriously The Gooons have had a serious humour bypass. I cannot believe how badly they have taken this loss. Even my brother-in-law who is normally a pretty well mannered gooner and fairly level headed when it comes to football wanted to rip my head off. and being 6ft7 he probably would have. We have beaten the knobs for the first time in 11 years. take some fucking stick graciously. it may only last for 6 months. Jimmy G2. Great blog great analogy shame the only people who read it seem to be Gooners with an axe to grind.

alwyn said...

don't worry i'm hardly a Gooner w an axe to grind :)

me and my buddies were kinda ashamed to think that we wouldn't beat Arsenal - but after waking up at 6am my time to see the scoreline against Chelsea i simply couldn't frickin' believe it.

i've been an admirer of spurs since the post-Santini days and NEVER have i seen us beat two of the Top 4 back-to-back (have you, Jimmy?!).

insane. unreal. wigan hitting 3 past the gunners in the last 10 minutes really caps off my week.


elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Didn't know our neighbors' supporters were such babies. Tossers!

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Have Arsenal ever played their "full" side? Well beaten on the pitch, in the stands and on blogs all over the world wide web.

Woodleyid said...

Isn't it amazing how many 'off days' as said above Chelsea have at WHL....

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 01:09
Hud as Mother hen. I like it.
Perhaps they can put on Mother Goose for the Xmas panto with Tom in the title role.

I'm not sure it's ever happened before since the Top Four were born. I'm checking.

What a week!

I Know Alan Gilzean.
Very succinctly put

who framed ruel fox? said...

Nice read, Jim.

I think your grip is just about on the money. Why shouldn't we be optimistic about our chances? Bloody scrooges.

But how about this... Vedran Corluka? Cranked Valour.

Bang ;)

Anonymous said...

Arsenal fans are famed for being the most soulless humourless fans around. Which is understandable. They were happy for 90 odd years watching a boring defensive team with hardly a flair player in sight. And they still don't seem to enjoy what Wenger brought to the club. He completely and utterly redefined them.

But alas, they seem to have forgotten that football works in cycles.

And their cycle is nearing its end.



JimmyG2 said...

Forensic analysis.
Anyone want to buy a Gooner bike, well past its sell by date?
No point in not gloating when you get the chance is there. Let's gloat again like we did last....oh ages ago.

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