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Friday, 2 April 2010

Nothing to fear

    Eleanor take this Sunderland flag away

If you can all tear yourselves away from the statistics and data for a moment and stop playing with your 'predictors' I can bring you welcome relief . I can offer you all a breath of fresh air. The race for 4th can be more or less sorted this weekend. Liverpool play at Birmingham and realistically will get a point. We play Sunderland and will get three points.

Now go back to your lonely rooms, your overheated computers your dog-eared predictors and feed that in. Liverpool will have six games left, an inferior goal difference and will need to make up six points and we have a game in hand. Checkmate, game set and match to Spurs. Just Man.City to beat and its ours. Ours I tell you: all ours. Remember that a couple of weeks ago City held a two game and theoretical points advantage over us but are now two points behind with an inferior goal difference. Villa are 7pts behind us and look as if they've blown it for the second season running. O'Neill is even threatening to resign at the end of the season if the fans are not nicer to him.. 'Heat', 'Kitchen' anyone?

How do I know this? Common sense and faith: not necessarily in that order. Sunderland have a decent record at home but are too nondescript a team to play any part in robbing us of our destiny. Any team whose goalkeeper is their best player is only a fumble away from defeat. We are striding confidently towards the Champions' League looking for our 6th consecutive League win for the first time since since the Premiership began; our first 3rd consecutive away win since 2004; our points total of 58 after 31 matches is our best we have ever had in the Premiership. Sunderland on the other hand are dithering about between mid-table and the relegation zone after a good start.

We have players returning from injury: this week it's Defoe following Bentley and Huddlestone. Sunderland are mainly composed of reject Tottenham players who logically cannot defeat their betters ( Malbranque; Reid; Hutton; Bent; Taino, currently loan at Birmingham, and reserve keeper Fulop. If they look carefully round the place they might find Chimbonda lurking somewhere unless he came back to Spurs again when we weren't looking. Rumour is that he is at Blackburn. We have lost once in our last 15 games in all competitions and have defied lately our tendency to mess up at crucial, and even non- crucial, moments. If we can beat Stoke , a much more formidable team than Sunderland away from home then Saturday shouldn't be too difficult..

We are led by Harry 'Lucky' Redknapp and they are under the management of Steve Bruce, one of that whinging crew of ex-players who play musical chairs with the managership of average and below average clubs: Allardyce, Reid, Mc'Carthy, Megson, Laws, Coyle and company. Their contribution to the joy of football is to berate their team on a regular basis with the words, ' That performance was unacceptable' or ' We were playing 12 men out there this afternoon' or even 'If we defend like that we don't deserve to win' and sometimes offering the fans their money back.

Feeling better? I bring you Good News. We can do this. We are on a results roll: we have a quality squad which is actually improving as injured players return. We are clear in 4th place already where we have been for most of the season. Sunderland do not pose a serious threat to our progress. Cards and I-pods are banned on the journey up where Laurance Olivier's 'Henry Vth ' will alternate with the 'Dam Busters' on the wide screen vistavision on the coach.

As Framklin D. Roosevelt said in his 1933 Inaugural Address ' We have nothing to fear but fear itself' but I have arranged with Harry to have the 'Oingo Boingo' version blasting out of the loudspeakers. A New Wave (1982) rabble rouser that will get their blood coursing. It contains the appeal to the team to 'Make an old Man Happy' (so that's me and Harry covered) and I'm confident that they will .(Available on You tube)

So backs straight, heads up, stomachs in and go out there and just do it. Get this suspense over with boys; don't let's leave it until the last minute. We've shown that we're good enough and now comes the moment to show that we believe we're good enough.

We have nothing to fear at Sunderland except you know what. I reject the 'mental strength' argument for our inability to close matches down or to challenge the Big Boys. We are one of the Big Boys and we have the momentum and the confidence to finish the job. I know many of you have been expecting the end of our challenge for some time. Who believed that we would repeat our five game winning sequence again this season? Good start: even better finish.

JimmyG2 official forecast 2-0 to the boys from White Hart Lane.
And remember the JimmyG2 motto: 'I'm not always wrong'.


Anonymous said...


safcFTM said...

haha...spurs a small london club with an inferiority complex...dwarfed by arsenal in terms of ground, players and all round class

LemonadeMoney said...

...who you buy your second hand players from.

YidoTillIDie said...

Great article as ever Jimmy. Slap me round the face, tip a bucket of freezing water over me...dammit man, I'm starting to believe.

SafcFTM - I hear you are pleading with your supporters to buy season tickets and have failed to fill your stadium (yet again) today. A team full of players who couldn't cut it with the big boys, dwarfed by...well...everyone.

Run on back to your sister fella...

Anonymous said...

My nane is Happy AL, I hope That I will still be happy at 5 o clock this coming Saturday. COYS!

JimmyG2 said...

First poster.
I think that should be 'tosser'

Anonymous said...

So close it's almost tangible.


Anonymous said...

Our recent win at Stoke showed the progress of THFC under Redknapp.

But we have bottled games like Sunderland away so many times in the past and we only have to look at the Wolves games to see that old Spurs lurking ready to snatch failure.

Plenty of reasons to be optimistic and pessimistic about tomorrows game but I fancy us to get at least a point.


Anonymous said...! its the way you say it.... "tossa" is the correct spelling as it gives an extra kick at the end, it is redolent of the average "snivelling little troll"that supports one of the most underachieving annoying clubs in the history of the game.They are like bleached Geordie skunks........ arrogant beyond belief.

JimmyG2 said...

Steady there. Not long now

We could do with three especially if Liverpool fluke a win.

Anon 18:36
Love and hate so close.
'Tossa' Got it.

Day of the Triffics pt.2 said...

Jim did you have an epiphany of some sort, such positivity from among the spurs ranks and about time too. I have been imploring all to BELIEVE for some time now and as one of your posters stated 'So close it's almost tangible' That nagging voice of impending doom is fading into an indistiguishable hum. We can do this, yes we can, we can we, NURSE!!

Anonymous said...


safc lad said...

YidoTillIDie - "I hear you are pleading with your supporters to buy season tickets and have failed to fill your stadium" funny that .... If you look at our attendences this season I think you will find that we dwarf the Supds loser.....

You wonder why people hate Spurs so much well the article says it all ....come on Liverpool yeah same old same old but at least they have a history real fans and pedigree...spuds = tossers who will always live in Arsenals shadow

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

safc lad:

Blunderland could only dream of having supporters like we do!

JimmyG2 said...

On a factual note.

Sunderland; Ground capacity...... 49,000
Average attendance....39,000
So they are 20% empty most of the time

Tottenham; Ground capacity.......36,000
Average attendance....35,774.

So we are virtually full all the time.

I call that a score draw people

SafcLad said...

I call it 3-1 with 2 missed penalties could and should have been 6......LMAO superb....:-)

mackemmad said...

Well... All I can say is... lol

JimmyG2 said...


Credit to you friend. I tried to talk us up but you were the better team today.

We played poorly and thank God Gomes kept it down to 2 for Bent, who I have always said was poorly treated at Spurs and is brilliant at what he does.

Nobody from Spurs turned up today and injuries caught us up. But no excuses; well played and good luck to you.

SafcLad said...

Credit to you Jimmy for your honesty. We did turn up today and when I look back to the Liverpool game the week before cannot believe it was the same team. If we could have sorted our away form out we could have had a decent season. We have only lost to Chelski and Villa at home this season beating Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs along the way. Good luck to you for the rest of the season.

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