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Monday, 3 May 2010

We did it our way

Football - Tottenham Hotspur v Bolton Wanderers Barclays
Premier League

Tonight Mathew I am Frank Sinatra and I'm going to sing 'Our Way'

'And now the end is near
And so we face the final curtain'

A win is a win is a win. But we don't do things the easy way. We only do it the Tottenham way, our way. Early goal, seal it with a second before half time, outplay them and do our goal average a bit of good was what I asked for. We did the 'outplay' part and made several chances but it took an absolute scorcher from Huddlestone,who was outstanding, to clinch it and we had to wait 35 minutes for it.

Everybody worked hard but our strikers seem to have completely misplaced their goal touch. Kaboul was possibly the man of the match and it makes you wonder what last week's reorganisation was all about. Palacios sat out the match on the bench and his combative contribution was not required or indeed much missed. Bale took a little while to get into the game but though double marked was our main attacking threat. Modric, unable to find the space in a hectic midfield to play a really telling role, held his own. But it was Huddlestone who was our creative outlet today and his goal was the kind of strike that he often threatens. A goal worthy of winning any game. Do I need to say that Ledley and Dawson were outstanding?

We've lived a life that's full,
We've travelled each and every highway.'

Dedicated supporters who follow the boys on the road will vouch for that.

So now for the big one at Eastlands as Aston Villa and Liverpool fall by the wayside and make it a two horse race. We have our noses in front with two to go. A draw would leave it all on against Burnley. Goal difference might come into it. What a finish to the season. It's not a nail-biting affair because no Spurs fans will have any nails left by then. We will have to make do with finger chewing and on Wednesday it will be stump nibbling unless of course we get an early goal. Early goal? What am I thinking?

We've loved, we've laughed and cried
We've had our fill, our share of losing'

Amen to that: it's been that sort of season.

Our  best points total (67) so far, since the Premiership began ,and our best points per game tally since forever. We have won the last 8/10 Premiership matches. Our defensive record particularly at home is a revelation. Yesterday was another clean sheet, and we closed out another close game without too many alarms. Well one or two but Gomes dealt with anything that got through the defensive shield. Worryingly he was carrying a groin strain at the end but given his drama queen tendencies I would be amazed if he isn't available for Wednesday. Harry said he might put in for a substitute keeper as we've only got four on the books. Tactics and satire in one attractive package.

Now a win is a win and a goal is a goal but without Huddlestone's wonder strike this would have been another game where we dominated, made chances but couldn't score. Every attacking player, Defoe, Pavlyuchenko, Bale and Gudjohnsen and Crouch when they came on had decent scoring opportunities but didn't take them. Once again the midfield came to the rescue and it's seven games since a striker has scored in open play. Perhaps the flood gates will open against City. Sorry, I've moved from 'Our Way' to 'Dream the impossible dream' now.

Not only did they spurn their own chances but, apart from Lennon who tried to set up Gudjohnsen, ignored team-mates in better positions. This obsession with Golden boots and Titanium Trainers is making strikers obsessive. But this is a problem from the playground to the World Cup. Our defensive strength is hiding the weakness of our misfiring front men.

.'Regrets we've had a few'

Fill in your own list: I'll give you Wolves at home and away as your starter.

The City game is, as Harry says, more like a Cup Final and I hope we keep the same team and formation and play the only way we know how by taking the game to them. They are vulnerable at the back and have now in place of Given only an average keeper in . Ledley is unlikely to be fit before the Burnley game but Lennon should start if possible. I can't see it being cagey or cautious and its very openness will suit us. We easily beat them at home and can do so again. If we do, the last game won't matter as they won't be able to catch us. It won't happen like that of course, so expect a draw and everything resting on the last game of the season. Is there any other way for Spurs?

Seeing Palacios and Jenas unused on the bench is an indication of the ascendancy of Modric and Huddlestone as our midfield generals. Huddlestone championed from the start by Harry and promoted to a central role in the team in every sense and Modric whose tenacious presence and creativity are what makes the team run are a step up in the quality and creativity of the team.

Jenas, a player I like, though I admit he is the perennial enigma wrapped in a disappointment, may prove to be expendable now. Palacios who promised to supply what we thought we had been missing for years looks too limited a player for the exciting team we have become. Sandro may provide the incentive for him to step up his game.

So let's sing-a-long with Frank Sinatra, still doing his very last final performance somewhere on the Celestial Circuit. Stand by Harry for the Big Finish.

''The record shows we took the blows
And did it .our way.'

Whatever happens now we surely did.


Ted said...

Bale is our only attacking threat these days as the strikers have been bottling it or going missing or snatching at chances like greedy pigs.

Thank god for Gareth Bale and whatever the coaches did to bring out the best in him. Our season woulkd have been over already if he had not come into form.

Wallingtonal said...

Goal difference is no longer a factor. We're a point ahead of Citeh so if we win on Wednesday we're definitely 4th. If we draw and then win against Burnley then we're 4th whatever they do against West Ham. All the other (unthinkable) results mean that only points can separate the two teams at the end of the season.

ALWYN said...

Did Harry change Bale's position a bit? Because GB looked more effective on Sat than he did against Man U.

Great stuff. Yes, no doing it the non-Spurs (and easy) way by wrapping up 4th place early. Man Shitty it'll have to be - i only hope the brimming dissension among Mancini's players is a worst factor than our misfiring strikers. But w Bale, Kaboul and Lennon at our wings I'm confident for a 2-1 (not to mention the fact that we've beaten them at their own place twice in two seasons, right?).

COYS. We may not be ready for Champs' League football but I don't care: let's just get there (and someone pls pry Fergie's hands off Modric).

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

It's not a nail-biting affair because no Spurs fans will have any nails left by then - That made me laugh.

The forwards are a worry and their shooting boots have been mislaid, but the ignoring of better placed team mates(often needing just a tap in to score) also leaps out at me. It's not just the forwards, Bale is a big culprit too these past few games. Mind, Lennon did the right thing at the end and Eidur still messed it up! He was probably just amazed to get a pass in the pen box from a team mate!

We are Spurs and you don't have to have followed them for much time to know that the hard way is our way. However, one of the things that is stopping me from losing it altogether in the excitement and anxiety is that they are Man City. They wrote the A-Z on messing it up... Didn't Start Hall used to call it (Maine Road) the Theatre of Comedy or such like?

I think caution is our biggest worry, I quite fancy our defence over theirs if we go at it.

Anonymous said...

Our Way , right on.Lets adopt that for spurs new future.So true for us,we've done it our way as if for ever.Nothing to say our way can't gradually take changes,a little less harder way will help our hearts a fair bit and get us singing our new song a lot heartier too.Can I sing I dreamed a dream as well ?

galvinwasgod said...

another excellent piece. I would use an unchanged team for wednesday. aside from perhaps eidur gudjohnsen who should be picked ahead of pav, defoe and crouch, who are all off the pace and couldn't hit a barn door. eidur is obviously bored and pissed off, hence his getting trollied and goose stepping up and down the saloon bar of the dog and duck. he will wake up with sense of shame and a determination to put things right - harry should give him that chance the way Birkinshaw did in '81 with Ricky Villa. it makes sense, you know it does

JimmyG2 said...

Sorry guys been away. Back to business again.

I wonder if Harry will bring Palacios back for tomorrow.
Trouble is he's got too many for midfield then:Lennon,Huddlestone,Palacios,Modric and Bale.
Who drops out?
Unless he keeps the same team as Bolton and plays Gudjohnsen behind Defoe (or Pavlyuchenko)
At least he's got choices again now.

Bale is bold,strong,determined,skilled and very effective and is a big part of our push for glory.


I agree, I think we should go for it. Harry says we will but he could be bluffing. Unless it's a double bluff and he is actually going to up the tempo from the off.

Wallingtonal (Wallingtonal?)

It's doing my head in. I'm sure you're right.
Win on Wednesday ,end of problem.Simples.

We have a very good record there. But this is the big one. 2-1 might just be a good call.

Anon 02:32
You can sing 'On the good ship lollipop' all the way down Tottenham High Rd. in your undies if we win and I will probably join you.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Not to put a dampner on things, but, apparently, there are three qualifying rounds, including a potential stinker, even if we come 4th. With no parachute to the Europa League if it goes wrong!

Mind, I'll leave it to Bill Nick (even allowing for the fact that he wouldn't have thught much of 4th): "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high... so high, in fact, that even failure will have in it an echo of glory!"

On the caution issue, I just don't think we have shown ourselves to be very good at it this, or many another, season.

Gemma said...

Amazing Amazing Amazing Result boys!!!! Just got Arsenal to lose and Burnley to beat and we're in. Show your support..Check out this amazing new FACEBOOK Application to rank your top Tottenham players now.....

Ted said...

Hope you had a good night Jimmy. Great times to be a yido.

No rest for the sucessful - next season we want to win the league and fa cup double - it is the 50 year anniversary after all.

Harry Redknapps Blue + White Army !!

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