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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Looking good, feeling fine

What a difference a place makes. Players falling over themselves to sign up for years ahead. Even Robbie Keane seems to have run out of boyhood dreams and wants to stay. 'Just leave a contact number with the girl on your way out Mr. Keane.' Not that contracts make any difference of course but it's the thought that counts.

Now we have Luka Modric showing definite signs of loyalty and pledging himself for six years. Six years! Slagging off other suitors and sideswiping former depertees as he signs on the dotted. And Daniel Levy jetting off to Croatia to seal the deal. None of that, 'Just drop into my office Modric when I have a moment'. So now we get to choose from the higher shelves and keep our own Crown Jewels into the bargain. And Luka is the crowniest and jewliest of them all.

Daniel must have some serious holiday plans this year; that's King, Bale and Luka all signed up even before the World Cup starts. Lets hope that Daniel and Harry spend a few week's in Sarf Africa casting their collective eyes over top class, holding strikers. One of them might even come to us now.

Now as a serious accredited Tottenham Blogger I have to try to keep the wilder excesses of joy and over the topness under control. Not for me going around with that silly smile on my face, that was all done with after the Man.City game. You quite rightly expect an informed, serious, well argued, coherent and scholarly assessment of our current situation and future prospects. What else am I not being paid for.

OK here goes. 'We're gonna win the league, We're gonna win the league and now you'd.'.......Sorry, sorry, the mask slipped there for a moment. I'll start again. With an astute signing or two we may well improve on our present achievements and, at the expense of Arsenal, challenge for second place with Man.Utd. There I've said it. No slipping back, slackening off, petering out, fading away, no drooping, wilting or weakening. We've snuffed out the the volcano and capped the oil leak and we ain't gonna throw it all away now. So there you have it, fanaticism and topicality in an attractive box.

Mental toughness: I embrace you. Professionalism: that's our middle name. When the going gets tough, send for the Boys from White Hart Lane. And, in case your next year's free calendars have not yet arrived it, ends in a one. 2011: you little beauty, come to Jimmy. Having smacked Chelsea, spanked Arsenal and faced down Man.City in the space of a week or thereabouts what can possibly go wrong?

.World Cup? Who cares? The fact that I can watch England games without a flutter of the heart or a tightening of the sinews proves that I don't really care, whereas with Spurs even the warm up sets my pulse racing and the butterflies fluttering. I did for a time when it looked as if we might have as many as six representatives. However Tom and Michael won't be going. Michael was just invited along for the ride and Tom, though tidy, didn't produce anything that might book a seat on the plane. So we're down to four and they may only get bit parts.

At least Lennon doesn't have to share the wide Speedy Gonzales role with Walcott. But it looks as if Heskey may get the starting role up front with Rooney, leaving Defoe and Crouch to squabble over the walk on parts. Ledley will be on emergency call only unless there's a dead fixture. I will still be nervous about their performances and we do have more players in the squad than any other team, but I am borderline indifferent about the results. No flags flying on the JimmyG2 jalopy.

What else can we deduce from the pre-tournament friendlies? We will be lucky to make the later stages of the tournament if the Japan game was anything to go by. Japan look good value at odds of 500/1 and sportingly scored all three goals. Patriots can help their local bookmaker and their impoverished families by backing England at 7/1. The defence looks suspect, the midfield uninspired and disfunctional, and the attack disjointed. Rooney is our only world class player but looks to be on a shortish fuse and unless he calms down could being seeing red, literally, sometime in the near future.

The Mexico game suggests that Giovani Dos Santos would be an asset back at the Lane. He would play well off Modric and might save us a fortune on Joe Cole's wages. Joe though was back to something like his old self and might just add to the sparkle in midfield for England and Spurs. So that's another little job for Daniel and Harry before they pack the suntan lotion for real.

I've had another of my nightmares in which England don't even reach the second stage; Capello is sacked and goes back to Inter; Harry gets the England job and the merry go round cranks up again. But correspondents assure me that the authorities won't touch Harry whilst tax charges are still pending and in any case Roy Hodgson is the blue eyed boy at the moment.

A word about our dynamic but diminutive Chairman, a hint there of why we sign so many short players. There's nothing worse than for the Chairman to go into the dressing room to congratulate the lads and not be visible. The Jol/Ramos affair seems to have taught him a salutary lesson although Chairman always have other, financial, agendas. But he got lucky with Harry, and so did we. Success and good football, it's like having a birthday every day.

After all there are Tottenham websites which used to be solely devoted to the abuse of Levy and quite justifiably so at the time. Enjoy your moment in the sun Daniel and keep that Biro handy. You've done the right thing recently but you're only as good as your latest signing.

It's going to be a long summer. Next up for the worry beads is the 2010/2011fixture list which should be published a week after the World Cup begins. They will need careful scrutiny to plot how many points we will have after eight games, which has been officially adopted as the International Standard Measurement Of Spurs Progress (the ISMOSP 8th game Index for the technically minded). Last year we had 16 points and finished 4th; the year before we had 2 points and finished 8th. This gives you a simple foolproof, logical, mathematical method of plotting our eventual league position.

At least this will give you something to do when you can't sleep and you're restless because your Modric jim-jams are in the wash. All part of the JimmyG2 service and no hidden extras.


Anonymous said...

I did a graph, it says we will take 32 points from the first 8 games and finish 1st. Can't understand the average of 4 points per game bit but it is science so it must be right.

JimmyG2 said...

Thankyou Sir. It's good to have a mathametician on board.
We could be safe by October and have won the league by Xmas at that rate.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Oh I do like this blog, Jim.

Almost as much as my Modric jim-jams, which, you might be interested to know, are in the wash. Along with my Pavlyuchenko bed sheets and pillow case combo.

Marianne said...

Good morning Jimmy2.

We should give up with calculating points for games even when the season is in full swing, lets face it, we are no Madame Boleyn with her crystal ball. Predictions threads! Tend to go tits up when it`s a game we have already bagged on paper, ie, Stoke, Wolves, B` City etc etc.

Complacency will be are down fall if we are not focused, hopefully we can kill a couple more ghosts next season with a new mental attitude of every game is winnable.

Don`t know about other Yids, but, I for one am already bricking it, transfers, the inevitable WC injury, I just can`t wait for the season to kick off. A couple of signings and we are sorted, left wing and striker, Dzeko please.

Good article Jimmy, keep it up, after all, you get paid for it, right? Happy Birthday.


JimmyG2 said...

I can feel a franchise coming on here.
If we can get Daniel on board and undercut the Spurs shop, with our combined brains and your contacts we could be going places. (Unspecified at this stage)
Modric Jimjams and Pavlyuchenko bed-sheet and pillow combo is a good start.
Your rag tag of posters might suggest a few more for a trifling prize.
Aaron Lennon combined eye brow pluckers and platform heel sets for example.
Leave it to you. Its much too flippant for my blog.

Where you done been Missy?
I take your warnings seriously but am still basking in the sunshine of success.
Plenty of time yet for the terrors to come.
Its a bit like second album syndrome.
No worries Marianne, trust your Uncle Jimmy.

Marianne said...

Tut tut Jimmy, you shouldn`t be asking a lady where she has been, hope you don`t ask the same to question Mrs G2 too often? LOL

Basking in sunshine here since the Citeh game as well, and while it is so sunny and hot, one will go out for a summer pils. Cheers!

Normally a strong optimist, but this is a complete different kettle of fish. I know we have fought on various fronts at the same time and have come away glorious, however, we are in for a longer campaign fighting the likes of Napoleon, Alexander, and Caesar, the elite of the elite.

So one is going to lay back with a husband beater and take whatever comes.

"Cry `God for Harry, England and Spurs!


Mark said...

"World Cup? Who cares? The fact that I can watch England games without a flutter of the heart or a tightening of the sinews proves that I don't really care, whereas with Spurs even the warm up sets my pulse racing and the butterflies fluttering."

Spurs all over.

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks Mark;I think.
I'm taking it as a compliment anyway.
Too much hype and talking up of a decent but unexceptional group of players.
England I'm talking about, not Spurs.
We'll see.Feel free to come back and laugh if we win it.
My money is on Spain, superior in every way.

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