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Friday, 9 July 2010

Home thoughts from abroad

Man sunbathing in deckchair at ocean, rear view
Oh to be in England now that its all about to kick off again. Been away, in Spain which is a lovely place to be when their National team are doing well. Coming back now: fit, tanned, toned and rarin' to go. No time to dwell on the triumphs of last season: now is the time to focus on the season to come. Nil activity in the transfer meerkat which suits me fine. Rumours galore of course but I am ignoring them all, though some are more ridiculous and ignorable than others. Good news on the Woodgate, Kranjcar, Gudjohnsen and Bale fronts but these are rumours or gossip too so forget I even mentioned them.

Just a few thoughts on the World Cup. Capello made a complete fool of himself by laying down a whole set of hard man rules and then breaking every one of them. No unfit or out of form players; no Wags, no drinking, no leaving the table until everyone finishes. All that Public school bonding claptrap. The naff M&S suits were the final straw. This is not flexibility, this is chocolate spoon territory. Every rule broken except the table manners bit and they are probably still sitting there waiting for someone to eat up their greens. Greens! Geddit? Oh please yourselves.

Ledley was the main beneficiary and I am delighted that if this is to be his last season at least he got to the pinnacle before drowning in bandages and embrocation. Under the Capello law about fitness he should never have gone and the bravado of Harry in playing him in the dead game against Burnley just to prove a point probably did for him. But he got his 45 minutes of fame and good luck to him.

How will the World Cup affect our precious boys in the coming season? What effect will not going have on Huddlestone?; what effect will going and not playing have on Dawson?; what effect will playing second fiddle to Heskey have on Defoe?. We can only guess. Playing Lennon with an attacking full back who can't defend was another example of the genius of El Capo and it will come down in the end to their individual temperament and the soothing words of the banks of backroom psychologists, psychoanalysts and soothsayers. They will either be so pissed off they will never play well again or come out fit, tanned, toned and rarin' to go. No sorry that's me.

Am I disappointed with the England performance? Well that implies that I expected any better. Regular readers will know that I did not and that I tipped Spain to win it. Even if Spain go down in the final then at least they have been entertaining to follow. It's curious that they too have a talismanic centre forward in Torres who, like Rooney, has been injured, off form, unfit, knackered or all four but who wasn't swiftly dropped by the manager. Another Capello clanger.

England finished the tournament with the decidedly average Upson, Heskey, Wright Phillips, James and my favourite non footballer John Terry on the pitch so crashing out was no real surprise. £180,000 thousand a week, it would be laughable if it wasn't so obscene. The gilt has certainly been knocked off the 'Golden generation'. How Capello kept his job is down to finance rather than anything else. Banks too big to fail and England Managers too expensive to sack. I'm quite surprised that 'Psycvho' didn't get the chop as fall guy in chief, tossed to the baying fans as a sacrifice .

Spain could be the first team to win the World Cup after losing their first match. Much is made of their sparkling midfield passing and cleverness up front but their back four make Terry look like a seven stone weakling with sand in his eyes. A reference from before your time perhaps. They have a tendency like Arsenal to overdo it but they can play proper football in the Spurs tradition. You know: control the ball at the first attempt; pass it to someone in the same colour shirt; move; retain possession; that sort of thing. Of course the Dutch might be the first team to win it by winning every game but I hope not. It will once again prove that JimmyG2 is not always wrong.

JimmyG2 fact of the day; a new feature in my tireless search to widen the world of Spurs blogging to ever higher levels of educative influence:
Spain are in the finals of the World Cup and over 70% of players in La Liga are Spanish.
England are not and less than 40% of players in the English Premier League are English.

Mrs JimmyG2 is worried that this European thingy will leave even less time for shopping, decorating and gardening especially after a whole summer of pathetic excuses beginning with the words: 'There's just the two matches tomorrow.' She's seems to think that I've organised the Spurs Champions' League adventure personally to spite her.. I haven't told her about our interesting and varied pre-season games from Benfica to Bournemouth: Lisbon to Leyton Orient. No point in alerting the chicken before the hatchet is raised.

The 'Musings' are in the 'mulling over' stage at the moment. We look like keeping all the players we want to keep, even Dos Santos and Pavlyuchenko are not entirely ruled out. We won't be losing Harry for the England job, so all is stability and steady development. Hopefully with the confidence that should come from having 10 players at the World Cup we should play at least as well as last season. Liverpool will need time to settle again under Roy; Manchester City might be as disorganised as last season with so many new signings and general disruption in the camp. Fourth is looking a probably definite possibility.

The European qualifier is a bit of a lottery but I am verging on the very brink of optimism which is usually fatal in my long relationship with Spurs. I was cautious at the beginning of last season but upbeat and positive once we got under way. When the mulling over congeals into actual musing I will report again.

But in the meantime we are but hours away from the start of hostilities, well the friendlies anyway. So fasten your seat belts we're off on the roller coaster ride once again. As usual with Spurs it will have a touch of the ghost train and the rocky horror show to keep you on the edge of your seats whilst hiding behind the sofa, a position that only Spurs fans can manage. Other fans are advised not to attempt this at home.


Anonymous said...

Hope you and the wife have had a great time mate,and just in case you didn't know,all the Spurs friendlies are on ESPN if your lucky enough to have it.


JimmyG2 said...

Thanks Foggy. I haven't got ESPN but I know a local landlord that has.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Great to be back and reading a Jimmy G2 post again!!!

Have a great holiday!!!

LemonadeMoney said...

Did the wife take that picture of you Jimmy and do you always make her sit behind you on the beach?

JimmyG2 said...

She says it's my best side.

JimmyG2 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rickyboyg said...

Nice blog Jimmy, i'm reading this from Indonesia where i'm working until March next year, hopefully be back to in time for our knock out stage champions league away trips! here's to optimism!

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