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Sunday, 18 July 2010

No news is good news

Man in yoga position by swimming pool at hotel

                         And before you ask: No it isn't and no I can't

So here I am practising my deep breathing exercises, studying 'New Yoga positions for the well past it' and listening to the fridge as I wait for the season to start. Or something to happen. Here in the trenches we wait patiently for a signal to send us over the top, seizing on every little tit-bit of news and study its entrails for its impact on our season. And I mean hard news not gossip, rumour and tittle-tattle. And 'going over the top' is an apt description of Spurs fans in this becalmed state of the doldrums that we call pre-season. We are going stir crazy and liable to over-react when something, anything, actually happens.

So where are we exactly? Harry has taken up the extension to his contract and will be with us for at least another two seasons. This is possibly the best news we could have on top of the contract extensions to key players. Continuity and stability, the twin towers of our progress of late.'Twin Towers', hmm Better make that twin underpinnings. Harry is still finding confetti in his turn-ups but
he would only have to lose to Martin Jol's Fulham and to be behind them at Xmas for us to be in wife swapping territory as the worms start turning. Jol's return to the Premiership is only an unconfirmed rumour at the moment and there must be troubles at Ajax for him to leave. If its true.

Our new Premiership sponsor has been announced. 'Autonomy' was unknown to 99% of the population at large and unknown to even more of the Spurs faithful. No matter, their millions are as spendable as anyone else's. We still have another sponsor to come for Cup games so that's another first for the wily Levy ; split competition sponsorship. Not so much a 'fox in the box', more a 'hound for a pound' or even 'a bunny for the money'. It's a shorter contract for less exposure, for more money. Recession? What recession?

The new kits have been announced and are basically horrible: too over designed, too fussy, too busy, too distracting. Less is more people but you might just be able to hear the football doing the talking above the chatter of those shirts and shorts. It's Puma's last year and their designers felt the need to out in a blaze of glory. They seem to have given a class of 6yr.olds a packet of felt tip pens and let them loose. Don't we have a veto on the finished product?

However most people hated the yellow on last year's shirts but this was forgotten in our successful pursuit of fourth place. Perhaps the same will apply: win the league and the kits will not be derided, rejected and forgotten but purchased in their millions. It's like having to play well in pink boots, you just don't dare to play badly. We shall see. The all white kit against San Jose didn't look too awful.

A mixed squad, or two mixed squads had an away day at Bournemouth, an old stomping ground of Harry's and fared pretty well, scoring four and not conceding. Good things were reported of Townsend and Caulker; Pavlyuchenko scored a couple: Robbie Keane is still with us; Cudocini is fully recovered and a good time was had by all.

Even the rumour mill is only firing on three cylinders. No Torres, Gerrard, or Barcelona stars coming in: no high profile players getting the chop. Not even JJ is seriously rumoured to be leaving. Gossip ain't what it used to be. Perhaps it's just post World Cup tittle-tattle overload.

Personally I'm grateful for it and wouldn't be totally unhappy if we started next season with all the old faces and Sandro. But that takes us into the 'next level' debate which is tedious without concrete news within which to frame it. Aston Villa have replaced Sunderland as the rumoured destination for all our rejects and this is a step up of sorts. Meanwhile we are being linked with rejects from a higher level. Harry has a good squad with solid achievements behind it and has no need to duck and dive to keep the team or club afloat. So his wheeler dealer qualities are surplus to requirements at Spurs and I'm sure that Harry is as relieved as we are.

Last night Harry revisited another of his old haunts, America, where he was player coach of the the Seattle Sounders in the 70's. It was what they call a good work out and we looked as if we needed it.
They found plenty of space in midfield and Cudicini made three good saves. Several youngsters, Obika, Mason, Butcher, Smith, Townsend, Naughton and Walker made appearances; only Townsend caught the eye but he shot when he should have crossed and crossed when he should have shot, but that will come: remember Lennon. Keane missed a couple of chances and had a goal ruled offside. Bale, Huddlestone and Krancjar and Modric in the second half were the pick of the senior players. It ended in a goalless draw which was about right. Obika looked lost and should have scored with a header.

At the moment that's about it for hard news but no doubt when it starts it will all kick off ,if you'll pardon the expression, in a rush. In the meantime it's the sound of not very much not really happening. It could be worse; we might have signed Bellamy the Welsh wind up merchant.
It's the sound of silence and it will do me fine. For now.


Jame Yid said...

There is some news...Bit worried about Livepool offering 90k for J Cole...Surely we have to ditch our wage structure if we want to be at the top?

Anonymous said...

Afternoon Jimmy,in all honesty I wouldn't mind Bellamy coming to Spurs as I believe he could help instill some fire onto the pitch when those occasions arise where we seem bereft of the same,

He could also help bring along Lennon,and Townsend who to me seem simular in style,as both are nippy and like to run at the oppositon defence.

As for his temper,Harry is to wise man to be unable to control him.


JimmyG2 said...

Jame Yid

That's not news that's a rumour, but your point is well worth dscussing.
Do we need to join the money trail? We've got where without it and I would be happy to try and attract talent for other reasons if possible.
Success will hold onto them.
If Joe Cole makes money his priority then thanks but no thanks Mr. Cole.

Uvzz said...

OMG - can u lot stop complaining about the F***ING Kits!
Its because of fans like you that constantly complain that we tend to have very boring kits!

Last season was our best home kit to date, PLUS we got 4th place with it, and still u idiots complain about the Yellow (which has been a tottenham colour for decades) and the tiny Red Square - thanks to a an 8.5 million a year sponsor! Stop being so closed minded!

If it were up to your fickle minds, we would have a plain White Primark T-shirt EVERY season.

TMWNN said...

I can't stand Bellamy, but I'd take him instead of the much overrated Cole.

JimmyG2, would you really be happy if we start this season with the same strikers we finished the last?

You also missed out on: 'a cougar for the moolah'.

TMWNN said...


The sad truth is that if the club were to use plain white Primark t-shirts complete with a small embroidered cockerel (a 100 times more classy than the tat Puma shit out each season), most fans (mugs) would still shell out £45 to look like a much fatter version of their false idols.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy G spot on i to would not be bother looking for more diamonds because we have a few sparklers ourselves. Townsend could be the new Tony Galvin and on a better pitch with more experience and more communication with Bale be our very own BT Breathtaking left side . Also Hudds showed England what we where missing our quarter back sprayed the ball allover the pitch and found space for our players something Gerrard Barry Milner Lampard could not do and was the main reason for our early Exit and Dawson not playing as well, So like you G2 I to will be pleased to see all our players staying in our Historical season better the devil you now than the untried name . DAVSPURS

JimmyG2 said...

Bellamy is a good player but not worth the trouble he causes.
Three steps forward, four steps back with him I'm afraid.

Plain white tee shirt with a small cockerel logo (Thanks TMWNN)Do I not like that. Best suggestion yet.
I might even buy one but not at more than £3.99

'Cougar for the moolah' Might slip that into the blog in an edit.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Townsend has a future. Reminds me a bit of a younger Aaron Lennon in that he shows pace but that final touch needs to be worked on.

Acton_Yid said...

Kyle Walker was also noteworthy at Centre Back (not his natural position) with his surging runs but also defensive positioning (got caught out once by Glen)...

JimmyG2 said...

Agree about Huddlestone.
The new Tony Galvin now your talking. That's some step up my friend.

Smith looked OK too.Willing and good positionally
These guys are all young and can improve.
Our best prospects apart from Townsend are with the U19 squad.

Anonymous said...

Pity about Cole but money talks in all walks of life including football. Hopefully his loss will be our gain.

I think the vfm may be in city rejects this summer. Hughes assembled some top players who may now be out of favour and consider a pay cut and move if faced with perma bench.

Wouldn't be surprised if we spent a month mulling over offers for the Brits like Bellamy, Richards, Ireland, Barry, plus we were after RSC last summer so that might appeal too.

JTov said...

Think Joe Cole has made a huge error there. Torres, Gerrard and Mascherano all look likely to leave. They've no chance of Champions League football especially with City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and our lot all stronger than them. That said, would he really have offered much more than Modric, Lennon, Krankjar and Bentley - I'm not convinced.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon. 13.28

RSC seems to have faded from view since moving to Hamburg on a short contract but we could do with a holding centre forward to give us greater flexibility.

All of the Man.City throw outs appeal at the right price except Bellamy.


Cole wasn't good enough to get in either the Spurs or Arsenal team and he wouldn't have wanted to play second fiddle to Modric.
He's done well to get a4yr contract on that money after his injury hit last 18mths.
He's a good player but not that good.

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