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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Winning Ugly

                       We're watching!
We hear a lot these days about Tottenham having to learn to ' win ugly'. Apparently all the best clubs do it. Well I saw the future at Stoke and I think we've got it, by jove we've got it. We played a little bit ugly too but don't let's confuse the two. Winning ugly is about getting the run of the ball; the luck of the draw; the rub of the green; the benefit of the doubt, the lucky deflection, and most of all winning when you are not playing well.Its not what you set out to do. Playing ugly is what Stoke do and I hope we never succumb to that temptation.
We rode our luck at both ends of the pitch and with a little help from our friends in black secured the three points. There's not much else on offer at Stoke and we came away with a win that sort of compensates for last week.
We played proper football in the first half. We had a stroke of luck following Crouch's brave knock back into the goal mouth, the goal line clearance hitting Bale and going in. No luck about the second goal though: set up by Lennon again looking more like his old self, and a superb volley by Bale into the far corner. I forecast that he would be our highest scoring midfielder even if he played at full back. At this rate he will be our highest scorer: full stop.
The second half was straight out of the nightmare I had assumed was in the past. Up and under from Stoke and kick it anywhere from us as we got deeper and deeper in defence. We enjoyed the fruits of our top four status when the referee disallowed a reasonable claim for a goal and probably a handball on the line.
You thought refs. were biased towards the Champions' league elite? Now we have seen it with our own eyes. Mmm Champions' League Elite. Not that you would have recognised us as the team that finished last season. But as on Wednesday we showed a new grit and determination which is a vital addition to out armoury. Winning ugly? No problem.
Crouch was our one remaining striker after the 'Curse of the Plastic Peril' for one night only at the 'Berne Horrordrome' and we relied on the wide men to support him. When we managed to get the ball down and pass it to Huddle stone as against Young Boys the game took on the appearance of a Premiership football match: but not that often in the second half. Stoke have players that can hurt you, Etherington, Fuller and Tuncay for a start but they rarely stopped lofting the ball forward and Harry had stationed Kaboul alongside Dawson to repel all comers and it just about worked.
Those of you that don't have first hand experience of the London Blitz will have got a good idea from the aerial bombardment suffered by the Spurs defence in the second half. Picture Harry in a fawn duffel coat with binoculars staring out from a watchtower. 'Stand by number one, its going to be a close run thing'. But London stood firm as the doodlebugs rained down.
Persistent fouling in the penalty area on Gomes was ignored and he was clearly auditioning for Jekyll and and Hyde at the Rio de Janeiro Gaumont next Christmas. In the end we got away with it but I don't think they will be rushing out the DVD. Credit to everyone for surviving, they all worked hard but some were more ineffectual than others. Crouch was more useful in defense against Delap's long throws than he was up front today.
Harry seems to have discovered his inner Mother Theresa, attempting to round up the football world's anger management challenged and forming them into a 'Cuckoo's Nest X1. First Bellamy and now Gallas. Jack Nicholson will play up front, with Harry as Nurse Ratched on the touchline.
Where a player comes from is of no interest to me whatsoever. You are not born at a club . You arrive there by a set of accidents. My objection to Gallas and more so Bellamy is in terms of personality, or personality disorder in his case, temperament and character. They are both more than decent footballers but what else do they bring to the club? Will they be an example to our young squad? Gallas may well bring leadership but where will he lead them to? Hopefully not to the centre circle at the end of a game.
My fear is that he will be more trouble to Harry than he is worth.
'Here you are Gio just watch this highlights video of key moments of the career of William Gallas and learn how top professionals behave.'
Perhaps he's mature enough to ignore it: Giovani not Gallas. We have recaptured our Tottenham style but need to preserve our Tottenham attitude to the game and the spirit in which it is played.
Once he signs however he will have my support as does everyone who pulls on the shirt.
But we'll be watching William: Bill, Danny and me; we'll be watching.


Anonymous said...

Just read a quote on the Gallas transfer from HR, in which he says the player did not ask for silly money.

Would it be too much to hope for, that Gallas feels he has a point to prove against Wenger/Arsenal and that he feels the best way to prove it, is by playing for us?

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Gallas will have learned from his error,after all that's the only thing any of us can do if we want to improve,don't you think?

As for the Stoke game how anyone can lunge at a goalkeeper arm out stretched so that it lands bang in the chest,and then complain that they weren't given a goal is beyond

Oh for the blueprints of footballing spectacles,I could make a fortune.


Anonymous said...

Umm, there was no dodgy Big 4 decision

Gomes was fouled before the "goal". End of.

Anonymous said...

By the way Jimmy I wasn't referring to your using the specs,I just meant in general.


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this but Stoke are thugs and the two biggest offenders are Defenders Huth and Shacross redemtion are thugs Huth should be in the ss the way he foulds players with his arms and shawcross his a runnaway train at times both his header for the ghost goal and his ackle on Bale shoulld have seen him off the field . Two big worrys Dawson and Gomes are both showing sines of panaking Daws has had a torrid time for England and this could have affected him. Gomes needs a bit of calming by Parkes because he is starting to make bad decisions by two handed punches from balls with no speed .You don't punch a ball two handed when its travelling slowly you cant get any length from it. He his also drifting of his line and leaving big gaps behind him just like Robbo did last year most of his world class saves where from between the stix stay on your line Gomes unless you are stopping a ball over the top and your favourite to get it Otherwise a great result . One final note on our New arrival Gallas he wont allow us to defend deeper like we did against Stoke.Davspurs who else

mike pinner said...

Davspurs your appalling spelling and grammar almost masks the fact that you have made some insightful and accurate assessments in this piece.
Long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

I can't really say that I agree with your assessment, Jimmy. As Harry said, there was a clear foul on Gomes before the suspect Stoke equaliser and so, if refs favour top 4 sides, this should have been given and the Stoke header becomes an irrelevance. Even if you want to ignore this, since the ball was not on the ground, at normal speed it was impossible for the ref to say for certain that the whole of the ball had crossed the line and so his decision not to award the goal was correct, regardless of what slow motion replays might show.

In short, I don't think that we should be making any excuses. We won the game fair and square. End of.

With regard to Gallas, it is a great signing and we can do without all of the negative comments and grudging acceptance. Get a bit of perspective on what is really important. In the end, it is really all about winning. If you can win with style so much the better, but let's win first and finally be able to hold our heads up high again.

Anonymous said...

Well said Davspur.Your right Gomes does look a little suspect compared to last season though I'm sure with the arrival of an experienced head in Gallas the whole back line will improve.

P.S.take no notice of those who choose to criticise.

col said...

Forget if you can where Gallas came from,as long as Harry,Joe Jordan and Bondie make sure Gallas realises that unlike Wenger they wont put up with any petulance and they are used to more than just bossing kids about things will be OK, Gallas is a good defender,is an experienced player who will help the younger defenders learn and improve and when he plays alongside Ledders they are potentially the best central defence pairing in the prem.If anyone disagrees then name a better pair.We needed the cover due to Woody and Ledders problems.He came for free,on sensible money and may have a point to prove to Monsieur Wenger and the scumbag collection.Iam totally behind him as long as he gives his all for the Spurs cause and shows respect for the club,team,squad,managmentand fans.He now plays for a club which expects better behaviour on and off the pitch,i do not need to list the drugs,rape,boozing and cheating that is overlooked down the road at the deathstar.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Like DAVSPURS wisely said, Gomes is looking to have set off with a shaky start. He did have that incredible save against Tuncay's deflected kick; however, it's the set pieces which worry me.

Loved the title JimmyG2!

JimmyG2 said...

No offence taken.
Pass me my white stick and I'll be off.

He's ours and its official.Where he came from or what he's done is history and he will have my full support.
For Spurs sake I hope he does well.
But I'm still watching

Anon 15:21
Good football first, success through good football.
Otherwise we are not Tottenham.
If we abandon our traditions and beliefs and succeed at what point do we, or could we, say
OK we've achieved success now we go back to putting the football first.
If you can't succeed the right way then it's not worth having.

Anonymous said...

Anon 15.21 here again.

It is your blog Jimmy and so you are obviously entitled to your views. Seems a bit sanctimonious and unrealistic to me. I have seen plenty of poor football played at the Lane over the years so this "holier than though" attitude that your comments epitomise seems to be a tad misplaced, in my view.

Anyway, Harry has signed Gallas because he is not only a good defender but also a good footballer. Harry and Wenger's comments about him also suggest that he isn't the disruptive influence that some people assume. So basically, I don't see what your problem is and why you should be so grudging. Any new signing for Spurs deserves a fair chance, with no reservations or preconceived bias.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I thought we did well at Stoke. Particular words of praise for Kaboul and Jenas. I liked Jenas in a midfield 5.
I didn’t think the “phantom goal” decision showed any top 4 bias, indeed the Huth foul on the keeper would be a decision a bottom 3 side would expect to get.
I don’t mind that Gallas’ last club was them, he doesn’t seem to have much feeling for them, certainly no Arsenal crest on his patio or driveway. He is still a very good player and unlike Wenger I doubt Harry will make him Capt . A touch of arrogance and bloody mindedness won’t go a amiss with our sweet and nice side either.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 15:21
Welcome back.
Unrealistic maybe, sanctimonious not at all.
I am a Spurs supporter like many others because of accidents of family history and geography.

But my passion for them is because they mostly try to play the beautiful game beatifully.We have a vision and a reputation succinctly summed up by playing the 'Tottenham Way'.
If we don't do it the right way let's not bother and you are right we have failed miserably at times but it didn't bring us any success did it?
So we might as well do it right.I don't crave success at any price in any case.

It's my blog but I'm not in a dark room thinking my thoughts. I put it out there for everyone who is interested to comment on.
I thank you for your time.

Gallas is now a Spurs player and the past is history as they say.
I hope he does well for all our sakes.

JimmyG2 said...

I think I'm getting the hang of your style.
As Mike Pinner and Elwhebi say you make some good points, especially about the effect of Gallas on the back four.

Lay of the praise for Jenas mate or my membership of the Typical Spurs Blogger Assoc.
will be cancelled without refund.

Even Jenas haters kept quiet on his Stoke performance. Made three or four saving blocks and tackles.(Sorry)

I don't really believe in the Top Four bias theory but it's nice to think that we might benefit from it and even better if the players believe it.

galvin was god said...

didn't see the whole game, only highlights. Huth's foul on HG looked closer to manual strangulation than a common or garden foul. the incident is therefore an irrelevance as the ball should have been dead at the point it crossed the line. HG would be dead too if Huth had persisted. HG appeared to be participating in a game of blind mans buff in the clips I saw (a game where a blindfolded person gropes around attempting to touch the other players without being able to see them) and I actually cringed with embarrassment at his efforts. A concern then, betwixt the sticks.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Yes, sorry about that JimmyG2.

Whisper it but I am a fan of JJ's. Though he has disappointed me too for a fair while now. I see 4-5-1 used more this season and more bravura JJ performances in my crystal ball this season...

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