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Friday, 17 September 2010

A game of three halves.

Polka dotted socks

                       I'd forgotten about these: let's give 'em a go.

I was thinking of fitting an electric touch pad at the bottom of the stairs which causes a tape of the Champions' League music to play very loudly in the Master Bedroom. I tentatively suggested this to Mrs.JimmyG2 and it is now fitted to the front gate and plays instead in the garage. I just can't get enough of that music. Her view was that like my team I often promise more than I can deliver. Anyway If we beat Arsenal in the Carling Cup discussions could be re-opened. So 'Come on you Spurs' just for Jimmy.

Werder Bremen: a game of three halves: the first to us; the second to them and the third in which either side could have pinched it, just about shared. We took to the Champions' League proper like WAGs to Chardonnet. They were two goals down before they realised that Harry had been bluffing when he said that he had learned his lesson and would approach the game more cagily away from home. If that's 'cagey' my budgie lives in a motor home.

Even Jenas by general acclaim had a good game. So all round a night to remember. We let it slip in the end but it was reminscent of the Young Boys game only in reverse. Just as we recovered after going down early so did Werder Bremen. In fact they proved to be a pretty accomplished attacking side, particularl Marin which highlights even more our performance in the first 40 minutes. We pulverised them: out-ran, out-fought, out-tackled, out-passed and generally out-everythinged them.

They scored just before half time indirectly from a rash attempted clearance by Ekotto who had otherwise played and linked with the Boy Gareth very well. His sliced kick led to a throw in, which led to a cross, which should have been cut out by Cudocini, which led to a goal. They levelled the scores within five minutes of the second half and it was game on.

With Werder in the ascendancy and gaps appearing especially down our right hand side we did well to regain control and both Crouch and Keane might have scored. They too had chances but the result away from home suited us more than them. Bale, Kaboul,Van de Vaart and Crouch's goal stood out. Lennon and Corluka did not. Hopefully Modric will be fit enough to replace Van the Man on Saturday who went off with a calf strain. We showed that last season was no fluke and that we can operate at this level and in some style.

The praise for Jenas is somewhat surprising. I am signed up JJ fan and acknowledge his consistent inconsistency. But to me this was a typical JJ performance: a little meh; a dash of brilliance; a smidgin of hard work; a drizzle of hesitancy; a yellow card to flavour and there you have it, a promising souffle that doesn't always rise to the occasion. However it was well out of the pan on Tuesday.

He's like a previously favourite pair of socks that somehow suddenly seem to clash with everything. One day, looking for something else, you find them and, forgetting why you discarded them in the first place, put them on and all of a sudden they are very much the thing. We suffer too much from the 'new toy' syndrome at Spurs and Jenas is a good case in point.

My Granny used to reply to requests for new items with the words 'Wear the old ones out first' and like me she wasn't always wrong. Make best use of what you have before you go hunting about on the High Street for stuff you don't really need. Van de Vaart was a Real Madrid cast off which still has plenty of wear in it and which was delivered to us almost by accident. Don't discard the old clothes: patch mend, launder and recycle them. Everything comes back into fashion eventually.

But now the question arises: how will it affect our match against Wolves on Saturday. Wolves, two games six points Wolves: remember them? Will we be uplifted or knackered by our little excursion to Germany? Inspired by our flight into the higher realms, or bored by this return to the mundane everydayness of the Premiership? Technically the correct Tottenham answer is: who knows?

With the competition for places growing and the lure of Champions' League for those that step up you would think that everyone that plays will be up for it. It didn't seem to work against Wigan and to an extent West Bromwhich where we played like a shadow of the team that performed so well in the first half on Tuesday. We are performing well in patches, in fits and starts and so far the Champions' League has brought out the best in us. If this season is to be more than a one off then we need to transfer some of our enthusiasm to the Premiership.

Underperforming players need to be given a shake as in the case of Palacios where there are viable alternatives and in most positions there are. If Corluka isn't cutting it then Kaboul could play at right back and Bassong, King and Gallas share the role of centre half. I would persevere with Lennon a little longer; he gives us width and a threat that cannot be ignored, but Bentley stepped up well last season.

At home to Wolves will see several changes from the game against Werder Bremen and in anticipation of the Arsenal game. It's a pity we have drawn them as we will feel the need to field a strong squad for what might have been a chance for players lower down the squad list to make their mark. Unless of course Harry does a Wenger and lets the kids loose.

Somehow I think not but the focus should be on fielding a strong squad to ensure the three points on Saturday. If we are not challenging for the top four this will be a very depressing season however well we do in the Champions' League, music and all. Unless we win it of course.


Anonymous said...

Cracking post.

Don't disagree. We need to be as full strength as possible.

Any word on Luka and Raf?


Anonymous said...

Great! Well written and good reading!

Anonymous said...

Agree about Jenas. I thought his performance was a typical "good" Jenas game, just like the one at Stoke. He is never really brilliant and never half as bad as many fans make out. I would definitely keep him in the team for Wolves. Pace is something that you need plenty of in modern footie.

With regard to Carling Cup, I can see players such as Hutton, Dos Santos, Bassong, Bentley and perhaps even Sandro getting a start. They all played a part in the friendly with Fulham.

Ponderingmatt said...

Even with the Goon on Tuesday, tomorrow is absolutely our most important game of the season, maybe until the Inter game i suggest?!. After that game, we head to Goodison! By that stage 3 points might be an even bigger must than 3 points are now. A solid 90min performance (and of course winning), will answer questions from us lot, the media and of course themselves. Truly massive game.

Certainly a very much 2/3rd string against the Goon, We're gunna need a strong side to spank wet spam! (no sarcasm there). It pains me to say it CC just doesn't cut it, but that's another story.

The key to how we play and set up depends on the availability of our Xavi and Iniesta. Jenas in a 3 is fine and deserves to start. A bit part from one of them is most likely. Im hoping Harold does not go for 2 front men spoil all the good work we did on Tuesday. Niko to play the same role as VDV has tomorrow? Crouch to lead the line?

Don't subscribe to this changing the right hand side lark, Charlie and Lennon need games, home games, games against wolves. Marin would have made any rb look silly. Lennon is getting there. BAE, do you drop him? He's a starter every time for me, but then whether he plays depends on Modric(has to play in the middle of the park).

We will win tomorrow with upforitmoreness. There is a hell of a lot to prove tomorrow. We have to remember that everyone cant play well at the same time, but as a unit we are a good percentage of the way there. Season kicks off 3pm at The Lane, we gotta job to do

Sam-I-Am said...

Enjoyable read, JG2. Old socks about sums it up. COYS!

JimmyG2 said...


Sounds like a variation on Musingjimmy.
As Anon 10:26 suggests the Carling Cup game may feature largely the squad that played against Fulham.
Pletikosa must get a start very soon and Sandro too.

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