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Friday, 17 September 2010

Guest Column by Mr. Greg Meyer

At great expense Spurs Musings are delighted to present to you a guest column by the distinguished columnist Mr.Greg Meyer. He has been stolen, or rather loaned, from right under the nose of Mr. Jim Duggan of 'Topspurs'.
Greg is one of the few Australians to have smuggled himself back on the same convict ship on which he arrived in the land of the marsupials and hides these days deep in the countryside at a Kent pub. One of many sensible decisions he has made.
Please extend to him a warm welcome and treat him with the same respect which you extend to myself.
No, don't do that, just try being nice to him.

Please note that the opinions expressed are those of Mr. Meyer and I may or may not be in agreement with them.
But hey, what's not to  like?

Friday 17 September 2010.
Blitzkrieg At Bremen ...  Spurs And The Proms .. an early critique ... Dancing With Wolves.
Having survived some worrying second half moments at West Bromich Albion last Saturday arvo, Commander Redknapp emerged from his pitchside bunker with Germany on his mind. Werder Bremen to be precise.
Das Spurs flew to the Wieserstadion with Britain saluting the seventieth anniversary of the London Blitz. Our return to the big time Champions League began in real blitzkrieg style. Forty three minutes of Spurs wunderfootball saw a two nil scoreline to us. No casualties at that stage either.
Unfortunately it was not to last. Neither the blitzkrieg nor the lack of casualties. As well at two all our Pub thought oh no not again. However in fine English spirit we halted the Bremen barrage mainly created by a Bosnian Serb, Marko Marin.Similar in stature to our own Luka Modric. Luka of course was on the casualty list.
The last half hour saw both teams have marvelous chances to win out. Spurs had lost a lot of invention after Rafael Van der Class had left the battlefield in the second half. His Irish replacement showed the gulf that exists. A class Dutch act who will be our player of the year says our lawyer. The other a shadow of what was once an energetic goal scorer. Surely our pub pessimism is misplaced. Nope!
Still an away draw, no broken legs, no buggared ankles, and an inspired performance from that showbiz duo  "The Crouching Bale" meant smiles even if slightly subdued, all round.  Indeed there are some real positives noted by our pub schoolteacher in ...
A Very Early Season Report Card.
Saturday last found some of our number at the final night of The Proms. Didn't see Jonathon Woodgate,Heurelho, Daws nor Jermaine the Goalscorer there. Probably not their cup of music. Some reference to a casualty list as well.
The Proms were sensational as usual.
As to Spurs no one quite fits that bill just yet this season. Mind our signing of the year from Real Madrid is getting close. Once he and Luka manage some on field time together the results could be awesome. Ergo their brief time together at West Brom before a stray snipers bullet struck our little Croation down. Fortunately only a flesh wound and no broken fibulas. 
The second coming of Younes Kaboul has Mine host humming a happy French ditty. His first coming was raw, awkward and blessed with the attention span of the South American gnat. Voila his performances this year ( and the back end of last) show a confident header, a player at ease on the ball and most of the time consistent concentration. Joe Jordan and Chris Bond take a bow.
Elsewhere Gareth of Bale surges towards superstar status. His hoped for partner in wing crime,a still young Aaron,is in a trough. Our banker knows troughs inside out. Aaron will surge back. Hand around the shoulder Harry will see to that.
On the worry front, Charlie is struggling and may make way to Kaboul at right back. Unfortunately the connundrum up front is not as easily fixable. No Defoe and although Crouch is obviously fertile (just ask Abbey) the lack of the marque striker signing looms large. Perhaps Rafael VDV will assist in the goals column. Certainly did in his time at Hamburg. A goalscoring midfielder. Ah the stuff of dreams.
And so to what last year turned out to be a nightmare. Twice.
Dances With Wolves.
In the 1990 film Lieutenant/Manager John Dunbar/Mick McArthy is exiled to a remote western football outpost.There he befriends wolves and local indians thereby making himself an intolerable aberration in the football world.
That Wiki (in part ) summary is eerily accurate as regards our Mick. Besiged on all sides after 2 weeks of seven bookings, etc,etc. It may be nothing to do with it but most of our pub don't like the man. Nothing to do with losing all six points to them last year .
With no Luka and no Rafael who is going to unlock the Wolves defence tommorrow. Jermaine Jenas. Hmm. Does he play two good ones in a row.
Our pub medico suggests Lennon steps up given all the opposition attention will be on Bale. Ah plan L. Surely our class and home desire will see us gather three points to ensure a happy Saturday night ...
At A Kent Pub.
Thick and fast. Not the Guinness but the games. After Wolves the little matter of a North London cup derby. Fascinating to see who turns out for us. And them.
Surely Harry will play a strong squad against the usual Wenger Cup kids which will include Fibreglass no doubt. Still he still is only 23 years old.
Blink and you miss a game at the moment. A thousand miles an hour but great fun.
Cheers ... talking of speedsters Stirling Moss turns eighty today ....  Greg Meyer.                    coys.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful read!

Lets get the three points this time.

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Sam-I-Am said...

Enjoyable read, as usual. Cheers Greg & JG2.

Spot on about Kaboul. I have a feeling (ooh) about JJ. Reckon after a lengthy spell on the bench coupled with the very obvious competition for a place in the squad, and we might just see two good performances in a row.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Very enjoyable read, that.

Much obliged Greg and Jim.

Now come on you Spurs.

Really, come on!

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