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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Oh What a Night

'Oh What a Night
Late September 2010
What a very special time for me
Cos I remember what a night'
Three penalties, is this a record? Cue old joke about a 12'' plastic disc with grooves in it. One of them missed; a sending off; five goals, four of them for us; pouring rain, packed WHL in superb voice; thrills and spills, first such occasion for 48 yrs.
'Singing in the Rain'
Cockeral Doo-dloo-doo-doo-doo
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again '
Singing in the rain. What more do you want?
Ledley breezed back into town like the old time sheriff, and he and Bassong having won the shoot out for last man standing were at the heart of the defence. He slotted in as if he was never away lifting the performance of the whole defence and Bassong in particular as he does with Dawson.; Van de Vaart gave a master class of effort and skill, missed a penalty, scored a goal, got over excited, was sent off and we barely noticed he'd gone.
Young Gareth was outstanding, again. Huddlestone spurred on by the challenge of playing the Dutch champions with a man missing had a majestic second half. Gomes made the early save that kept us level; Modric overshadowed by this new and more boisterous arrival kept ticking away, retaining possession, prompting and probing; Wise to Rafael's Morecombe. Ice man Pavlyuchenko, don't you just love him, scored two penalties and was a different man with his tail up.
Praise to Harry, he said we would give it a go and we did. He threw on all the fit and in form players he could find lounging about in the dressing room with the sole instruction, 'Just do it' and was vindicated in his approach. He seems to do better when faced with limited options and especially defensively he had little room for manouevre. In form Hutton was retained, out of form Corluka, Palacios and Lennon were benched.
Keane in a five minute cameo demonstrated that his legs still function even if his mind has gone. Who wasn't surprised to see Crouch and Pavlyuchenko take the field for the first time this season, and after Harry's support for Aaron to see him left on the bench. Barefaced lying is Harry's version of mind games. The tactic of flinging it to the far post for Crouch, overdone especially by Bale in the first half, eventually paid off though it needs a player of Van de Vaart's quality to read the knock down.
The three penalties were all debateable in some way, but they were penalties undeniably because the referee said so. On another night we might not have got any of them. We had the run of the ball, the rub of the green, they couldn't finish but nothing can take away the glory of a fine team performance which may just kick start our season. The crucial thing was that we made the most of our opportunities.
Now we have to refocus our attention on the boring old Premiership; Aston Villa or some such inner city section of Birminham. And that friends is exactly the attitude we must eliminate from our mindset. Fc Twente is the jam: Aston Villa are our bread and butter. If we mean to enjoy more such European nights at the lane we cannot rely on winning the Champions' League final even if it is to be contested barely 20 miles away at Wembley.
Let this latest performance be the spur for a win on Saturday. Can we do it? Yes we can if we can 'screw our courage to the sticking place' as Lady Macbeth wisely advises her husband prior to the murder of King Duncan. No I've no idea what the hell she's on about either but it seemed to work as he did the deed. So if Villa are the King and Harry is Lady Macbeth then the advice is once again 'Just do it'. Go on boys you know you can.
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IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Rip roaring stuff last night and by you today JimmyG2. Frankie Vallie. Oh! what a night. Marvellous.

I was aghast at the team when it was named, thought VdV and Modric make a potentially humdrum 4-4-2 into a much subtler and more dynamic animal, if a little lonely and vulnerable out on the right for Hutton, who did well again.

I still feel he could and should have started with one forward and VdV off and Lennon right and we'd have won well, but that's probably why I am a paying punter and keyboard football manager and Harry is tearing it up across Europe. Audere est facere indeed.

JimmyG2 said...

We haven't had many such occasions lately but they do make all the suffering as a Spurs supporter worthwhile.
Our role is to offer advice from the sidelines.
Harry's role is to ignore it.

alwyn said...

nice crooning article :)

i read that the referees almost made it (especially the last penalty) look like a comedy, no?

great game, great scoreline - VdV is just the man we need (Defoe watch out).

in some ways i'm really glad we're already out of the Carling Cup given the pressure of Europe and the BPL.

good too to know that Gomes is back - somehow i have more faith in him that Cudicini and that other guy(?).

And is david bentley, btw?

galvin was god said...

great write up. perhaps a few points overlooked. we are poor starters at the moment. 77 minutes of suffering against wolves before the switch is flicked, 45 minutes on wednesday. sometimes we fail to start at all, re: west ham. can't quite fathom whether VDV's presence and dynamic movement across all parts is somehow stifling modders and his playmaking input - for he seems to be no more than a link up player in this line up. maybe he is just out of sorts, or still carrying a niggle from the west brom game- which is why I would like to see kranjcar (goal sniffer) start alongside VDV this weekend.If there are relationship difficulties (as you suggested previously)then they need to get over themselves. PS its another must win game against Villa- it were ever thus

JimmyG2 said...

galvin was god
I wasn't implying anything about relationships but I had read rumours about his physical condition, overweight.
I think we are lacking a clinical finisher.
I don't think that Modric is being pushed out by Van de Vaart as he plays further back.But they will be a deadly pairing once they gel.

refereeing is an art not a science but we definately got the rub of the green.

Bentley has been injured but played on the left against Arsenal in the Carling Cup. He was his usual innefectual self and made few new friends. although he did step up last season when Lennon was injured

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