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Friday, 24 September 2010

Dutch Master Class

I am delighted to welcome back, by popular demand, the esteemed columnist Mr.Greg Meyer who muses on recent events and peers warily into the future whilst clutching a pint at a Kent Pub.

Take it from me folks this is quality. Better yet, read it for yourself.

White Vaart Lane ... Home Of A Dutch Maestro ... Another Roller Coaster Week ...Ahead Away At Lasagne Park.
The past week has seen Spurs at their most typical. Wolves joy followed by the shipwreck that was the North London Cup derby.
Then of course there was the compelling emergence of typical Spurs class with the continuing master class from Rafael Van der Claass himself..
The Manager Who Cried Wolf..
No not Monsieur Wenger, that was later in the week, but Mick McArthy. To be fair he really didn't have much to complain about and he didn't. His popularity rating at our Pub has soared. Nothing to do with us and not them getting the three points this time of course. Mick's mob did collect three yellow cards.
Magic moments galore particularly after seventy seven minutes. There is nothing better than heading home after the live show and watching a replay knowing all three are safely tucked away. Certainly makes for enjoyable drinks and viewing on the big screen at our Pub.
The decline of the Irish empire continued. Keane's sharpness is fading. Albeit a goal later in the week. The rise of the Roman empire meant Pav finishing with precision. Yes says our medico hardly strikes one as if we are out of the woods yet on the striker connundrum.
Disco Benny is a cult figure at our pub. Loved his competitive drop ball stuff on the hour mark. As well he is very skilled and usually is a productive outlet rather than a defensive hoof. His contribution to Bale's success cannot be underated.
Loved the Spurs fans giving Marcus Hahnemann advice as to how to slow things down very late on. Their hand signals went unheeded. Marcus's previous time wasting policy had started to go out the door at the 77 minute mark. The horse and policy had well and truly bolted after Pav's finish at the 87 minute mark. Great fan humour. 
However what stirred our pub 's replay viewing was the display provided by our Dutch midfield maestro. A home debut goal and some exciting midfield play. Our banker is still shaking his head in disbelief. We have signed a superstar at 4 o'clock on deadline day . He still has nightmares about the deadline day signing of Grzegorz Rasiak by Martin Jol. So do we all. The signing of the year. Rafael not Grzegorz.
Not quite a nightmare but perhaps a bad dream. The Arsenal visit on Tuesday.
Cup Derby Reflections.
Redknapp made 10 changes and produced a second string side which almost snatched it. Robbie Keane missed the unmissable late on in normal time. Thereafter a combination of high marks given by Diving Judge Probert to contestant Nasri and some naive defending by new boy Caulker saw the game go north.
A home debut by Sandro was impressive. His six feet two inches figure  looks like becoming regular later this year. Perhaps it will provide incentive for a generally out of sorts Wilson Palacios to return to form sooner rather than later.
Another look at Sebastien Bassong proved insightful. Generally a good game . Indeed his chase and capture of Nasri second half showed very demonstrable pace.
Our pub think Harry got it wrong. A stronger team should have started. Mine host understands Harry's motives but a loss to that mob always makes it a bitter pill to swallow.  Talking of swallow ...
At A Kent Pub.
The September hoodoo of not winning was broken. We were fourth at 5 o'clock Saturday. Our pub has a new hero. And his wife is a looker as well.
Yes a glorified training run on Tuesday went sour. Still if we stay away from dodgy food this weekend surely a win at the Lasagne Cafe on Saturday.
Harry has some welcome selection dilemmas with Moddle back. Corluka and Hutton are available as well. Perhaps Van Der Vaart and Huddle start. Jenas too. Add a dash of Welsh and you can see why we are smiling at our pub. 
No real dilemmas up front unfortunately. Where is that striker from Redcar Boys when you need him. Started as a full back and then one momentous saturday the normal striker was stuck down a Yorkshire mine. The rest is history. From Yorkshire to Spurs and goals galore.
Cheers .... the legendary Bobby Smith rip of course ... Greg Meyer.                  coys.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, again.


elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Excellent article!! I think I need to get my own guest writer :)

God was looking out for us with the VDV signing. 8 million quid. HOW? Blackmail must have been involved!

JimmyG2 said...

For £8 million you can have me and Greg.
Conspiracy theorists are saying that it's a down payment for Bale.
Or even part of the Harry for England/ Mourinho for Spurs swap.
No you're right its blackmail pure and simple.

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