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Monday, 4 October 2010

'Dutchman from Real Madrid; Tribute blog'


If we had lost the game against FC.Twente on Wednesday that would have been three defeats in eight days in three different competitions. Such is the fine line between Cheshire cat grinning and Tabby cat kicking in our household. So following on from the Van de Vaart Variety Show in midweek we had the Rafael Recovery Roadshow against Villa.

I am thinking of changing this blog's title from 'Spurs Musings' to 'Homage to Dutchman from Real Madrid' as a tribute site. For the second time this season we came back from a goal down to win in the Premiership and won in midweek with ten men in the Champions' League. Back in fifth having displaced one of our rivals and gained the coveted first position on Match of the Day which reflected the standard of the game.

Even Hanson remarked 'How far can they go?' Our league and cup runneth over. Match of the Day hosts are to football neutrality what Adolph Eichmann was to the Third Reich. Only obeying orders my arse. Everyone agreed that this was a great game for the neutrals. However it's only in hindsight that I can appreciate this. We can however contemplate the International break secure in the knowledge that almost all our Internationals have already been injured serving their country and that only Crouchy is at risk. Capello was there so perhaps Huddlestone will be called up at centre- half.

Van de Vaart, here we go again, is even beginning to make Crouch look like a proper footballer. Three assists and three goals this week for the duo and at least a couple of misses. It's not just luck that he he is in the right place at the right time. His second goal was a gem, selling Dunne an inspired dummy and finishing in style. All those years sitting with his finger in the dyke have given him strength as well as skill. Going Dutch? There's no other way to go. He's certainly injected some Dutch courage into our play. (Ed. I think that's enough silly 'Dutch' jokes Jimbo)

The Recycling Centre has given us back Bale and now Jenas and Hutton. Even Lennon seems to be awakening from his slumbers and again as 'impact' sub made, well, an impact with the cross for the second goal and one or two more confident runs. Jenas' cross-field ball in the build up to the first goal was positively Huddlestonesque. Pavlyuchenko crossed to Crouch for the first goal from a shrewd first time pass from Huddlestone. Pavlyuchenko and Crouch combine shock horror.

There is a danger that Modric will be downgraded in the Van de Vaart fest that we are currently engaged in. There is no need for this as Modric is a more subtle talent and has never enjoyed the kind of goal-scoring record that the Dutchman has.They play in different roles and we are lucky to have two such quality footballers in our midst. The two of them with Jenas combined well in the middle to exert increasing pressure on Aston Villa after a hesitant start.

We may also start to fret about Rafael getting injured as we did with Modric last season. We survived that and Rafael's sending off against FC Twente.We came fourth without him remember. He has raised our game and the effect will last even when he isn't there. A curious case of 'amputated limb syndrome'

Huddlestone at centre-back was a good call from Harry in preference to Corluka and although we conceded the early goal we didn't sulk, let our heads down, or blame our injury list as we might have done in the past, but set about retrieving the situation. The confidence spilling over from last season, our performances in Europe and the stern eye of Van de Vaart enabled us to collectively say 'We can do this' and we did. Bassong wasn't thrown by his earlier error of getting the wrong side of Heskey and being muscled off the ball. It wasn't a fault free or smooth performance in defence by any means but in the end it did the job.

Call it confidence, determination, or last years buzz words, 'mental strength' whatever you like but we are playing good attacking football under the banner of, ' No more soft touch Spurs'. And importantly to me we are well down the foul play league, Wolves are at the top and interestingly Chelsea at the bottom. I know it's only early doors but the bottom five contains W.Ham, Liverpool and Everton and the top five has a reassuringly Hotspur look about it.

Harry took Pavlyuchenko off yesterday with kinder and softer words than usual. We finished the game with Palacios and his understudy and rival Sandro both on the pitch. Bringing on Lennon gave us a better balance in the second half and with Villa having to double on both Lennon and Bale they soon started to run out of players..

So all is sweetness and light at the Lane and we can relax for a while. Level on points with Arsenal and, er, W.Brom. There is nothing worse than going into a two week break on the back of a loss or a poor performance. This week's performances have replaced the worried frown caused by our slow start, though perhaps only in comparison with last year, with a broad and somewhat self satisfied smile.At this early stage of the race we are 'handily placed' as they say in racing circles;seven points off the top and six off the bottom.

So pass the raw herring and advocaat 'mijn vriend' and let's celebrate all things Dutch. You never know big Uncle Martin might just want to rejoin us when Harry gets the England job, or retires, whichever is the sooner. Van de Vaart will be hoping that his performances for Spurs will maintain his International career resulting in more Dutch Caps. (Sorry Ed.)


Anonymous said...

Who writes this crap?

What's your point?

JimmyG2 said...

Which bit of 'Spurs Musings' by JimmyG2
do you not understand?

who framed ruel fox? said...

I question I could ask of your useless comment...

Anonymous said...

So was VDV bought by the chairman or by the manager?
Important distinction because managers can be removed if they make bad choices but chairman cannot.
Lucky VDV is so good :)

If that is so then one day you might regret it. nobody can sack them like a manager.

Northern Spur said...

Poster 1: give up reading grown-up blogs as clearly you can't appreciate good writing. JG2,I'm glad you mentioned the Modric situation because it is something that concerns me (from afar).

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 17:01
I assume that all purchases are joint efforts.
Harry tells Levy who he wants and Levy does the business.
This one may have started with Levy being contacted but it doesn't matter in this case because Van de Vaart is a gem as you say.

Northern Spur.
He has not been at his absolute best lately but with Rafael's assistance we will soon see the best of him.
I think that Modric is world class.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the photo's of Mr Houlier very amusing... however after reading the first paragraph I just skipped to the comments... much more of an interesting read. I agree with poster number 1... what is your point? and to Northern Star... if this is what grown up's read i'm going to go and dig out my 35 year old copies of Roy of the Rovers ;)
I'm off to read some Harry Hotspur

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 22:35
The point is you have to read the whole thing in order to get the point.
How do you know that the comments are more interesting than the rest if you didn't read it?
Oh what's the point?
HH is welcome to you.

Anonymous said...

JimmyG2 nothing personal mate and you made a good point... read the whole thing to get the point. So I've read the whole thing and I get the point. I take back my previous comment tail between my legs, it is actually a good article, but you did originally lose me in the first paragraph, and it did become quite humerous which made it easier to read. So please accept my apologies ;)

JimmyG2 said...

No offence taken and your very gracious apology accepted.
HH is a lucky man and there's nothing wrong with Roy of the Rovers.
In fact Van de Vaart reminds me of him.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article, wondered what poster 1 was on about. Nevertheless, I always think it shows a lack of confidence in the writers own abilities, that he feels he has to respond to any and all criticism.

Having said that, I think one of the worst aspects of the internet are the anonymous loudmouths who can only denigrate anyone with an opinion diffrerent to their own by abusing them.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

There does seem to be a clear element of raising one's game to keep up with the Van der Vaarts.

JJ is playing very well.

Better understanding after the 30 min mark from Modric and VDV, though he is in Luca's space in and around the pen area at times. It'll come.

Hopefully Lennon will come back to form (good signs are there) and we can dispense with VDV starting right and unbalancing the side.

galvin was god said...

hate to rain on your parade but its still my belief that the team is playing well below their ability - a point that always seems to all be forgotten when we manage to mug the opposition of 3 points, a proportion of which they may have deserved. Saturday's victory was dominated by a single individual who took the game by the scruff of its neck, roy-of-the-rovers style - much in the same way that gazza and hodd used to do back in the day. The purists (me and many others) will have noticed a a gremlin in the machine with regard sweet, rhythmical, passing movement across all parts and hope very much that this will be restored in time for the fulham game. Oh, and our inability to marshall an effective defense strategy against panzer lehr style counter attacks is also a concern.

JimmyG2 said...

Galvin was god.
10th different back four in 12 games, I think,first second and third choice centre halves injured, 1st choice keeper out for several games. I think this goes some way to explain our defensive errors.

I agree we are not firing on all cylinders but we are trying to play in the right way and showing some grit and determination to make up the shortcomings without resorting to negative tactics.

Anon 23:42.
If I respond I will prove your point.
However many posters expect a response and the interaction with posters is part of the pleasure of blogging.

Plain abuse I ignore but where possible I like to take on critics and argue things out.

When I start getting several hundred posters I won't be able to but hopefully they will argue it out amongst themselves and it becomes a forum.

It's not lack of confidence I assure you.

alwyn said...

really fun post and, wow, that second goal even had my liverpool fan friends gasping. they reminded it wasn't just luck but they also told me they were concenred that modric might be 'down-graded' (but Jimmy you did make the point about 'subtle talent').

i tried to rev **them** up for the Blackpool match but, alas, you know what happened at Anfield.

just one q: where in the world is Niko Krankjar? i think (with many spurs fans) that his contribution was 'critical' to our 4th placing last year but i haven't seen him around of late - he and Harry have a pow-wow?

JimmyG2 said...

The Krancjar saga rumbles on.
Unfit, not recovered from injury, I don't honestly know.
Rumours of a move in January stoked up by the press and denied by Nico.
But as the squad improves then key players become squad players (Keane,Palacios,Corluka and perhaps Krancjar)
Needs to wait his chance like Bale,Hutton and Jenas.

alwyn said...

thanks for the note, Jim. Oh i also noticed that our viking Eidur Gudjohnsen also hasn't been playing. is it healthy to have too many good players on the bench?

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

VDV is proof that Christmas can come early!

Joe Cole who? It's really funny how fate / luck has a way of coming into play. I still rate Cole highly but it just seems that VDV's thirst for success is infinite.

JimmyG2 said...

Yes a lucky escape there. He's certainly no 'turkey'

Don't look for him on our bench he's at Stoke now.
We've moved on, ask Kranky.

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