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Friday, 1 October 2010

Greg Meyer's guest column

Spurs Musings welcomes back our favourite Aussie, not a huge field admittedly, Mr. Greg Meyer as seen on Jim Duggan's 'Topspurs'.

Almost drowned by the soaking he received at WHL on Wednesday, Greg has surfaced to record his impressions of the game and the views of a Kent Pub on several key players.
They were almost forced to Bale out.
Oh please yourselves.

Friday 1 October 2010
A Rainy Night In Tottenham ... Bale Power In Europe  ... An Inquisition At The Lane Saturday.
First there was the train smash with Arsenal in the Cup derby. Then there was the road accident at West Ham, another derby.Surely not a shipwreck when the good ship "Twente FC" hove to at the Lane Wednesday night.
Champions League Wonderland.
Man City eat your hearts out, for the moment anyway. The long wait was certainly worth it as Spurs returned to European glory nights proper.
Yes it rained from the heavens all game and after 47 minutes it started raining goals as well. Many excellent performances and highlights which have been covered by lots including an excellent piece by Topspurs and Musings columnist, JimmyG2, musing to the tune of Frankie Valli.
Our pub enjoyed the continued meteoric rise of  White Hart Vaart. But of course there was Team Bale too.
If you ever doubted why Team Benoit was integral to Team Gareth then look no further than the 85th minute. Disco won a hot free kick, stroked a sweetly struck penetrating left long ball to target Bale, steaming forward at full balepower. An under pressure Twente defender cocks the ball up. Bale powers on. The rest is history.
A sweet sweeping Bale finish. That left foot is Tottenham gold. Our left side is in good hands. A gallic welsh connection extraordinaire. Ce'st magnifique.
Mine host was a striker of some talent according to his self penned bar patter. Eons ago maybe. No surprise that the clink of champagne at our Thursday evening team meeting was a lot to do with the joys and puzzlement that is our Pav. A brace on Wednesday.
Remember our previous penalty perils. Keane, Defoe , even Rafael Van der Vaart seemed to have caught the yips. But no our Russian strokes home two nerveless and deadly penalties. The second showed even Russian's have a sense of humour when the rest of our pub are viewing through cracked fingers pretending all is calm.
Not sure what enigmatic is in Russian or even how you say " seemingly lazy one minute, deadly the next." Bet Mr. Redknapp and staff are searching the football lexicon for answers.  Our lawyer still thinks a very good footballer lurks within Chigwell Locker Number 9. Come out Roman we all love you. Particularly on a rainy night in North London. Mind seems to have cleared somewhat here ...
At A Kent Pub. 
Still pelting down at the Ryder Cup golf. The Twenty Ten course under water. A Dutch football coincidence anyone. Digressions aside the Holy Grail of Europe footballwise is exciting stuff. Still back to the real stuff tommorrow when one of our real challengers arrive at the Lane.
Our banker saw the Champs game in Europe via Geneva television. In the flesh back at the Lane he is as ever cautiously optimistic. Villa have some class themselves. Downing one side, Young the other is respectable. Spurs in the middle do have more creative class.. Modric and Van der Vaart should prevail. Surely Villa's problem is stopping not just, Rafael, Luka, but Gareth and Aaron even. The days of a double team on Lennon being catastrophic to Spurs are well gone.
As always with Tottenham Spurs it depends on which and who turn up at Stage Lane on Saturday. Which attitude. Winning entertainers or I'll just collect my pay today. Who wants to play today. We do. Not the next week might do lot. Hopefully they forget about the Holy European Grail till the San Siro.
After all ...
               ' Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition. Our chief weapon is surprise. Our chief weapon is surprise .. surprise and fear .. Our two weapons are fear and surprise .. and ruthless efficiency . Our three weapons are fear,surprise and ruthless efficiency .. and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope .. Our four .. no .. Amongst our weapons .. Amongst our weaponry .. are such elements as fear ,surprise ... I'll come in again."  ( M. Python of Holy Romans FC)
Which Spurs turns up tommorrow. The one our Luka was telling all Europe this week that will cause fear and football surprise. If Ledley plays our pub think it will be the three point Spurs. Otherwise it should still be three point Spurs.
Cheers ... always look on the bright side ... Greg Meyer.        coys.

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