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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Guest column by Greg Meyer. Next 7 Up.

  A warm International break welcome to our guest from Kent who makes the most of the lack of proper football to consider our next run of games.
Not a pretty sight. The fixtures not Greg.  But I hazard a guess that we will get more points from the next seven than we got from the first seven.
And remember that Greg Meyer, like me, is not always wrong.

Croatian Hotspurs Shine ... Dreams Or Nightmares Ahead ... Fleetwood Mac What A Team.
Our four Croation Musketeers popped over to Israel and returned home smiling. As our Pub Kent banker opines through the bottom of an empty pint glass, You live for the present. Ever the pessimist he is looking ahead at the Spurs fixture list.
Niko Kranjcar Is Going Nowhere.
A flood of tabloidal mutterings this week have Niko off to everywhere except Australia. Mind there are lots of countrymen happily settled there in the sunshine.
Newcastle or Sydney. Merseyside or Milan. Ever since his paternal English grandfather Harry Redknapp rescued him from Portsmouth Niko has been happily settled at North London. Whats happened since. A serious knee injury, some unwelcome weight, but given the Croatian triumvirate of Luka, Vedran,the recent arrival of Stipe Pletikosa, where is the motivation to move. 
Niko Kranjcar just scored two goals for his country, the second courtesy of a delightful assist from his best mate Luka. An integral part of Croation Hotspurs reckons our pub.
Short Corners ... No Just Shorts.
International breaks were invented not for attending National matches but as a chance to draw breath,accumulate home /family points. ponder football, and enjoy a fine reflective Spurs ale.
Joe Cole ... an expensive bullet dodged ... from a gun fired by Daniel Levy, ammunition supplied by Rafael van der Vaart. Source. The Real Madrid Rifle Range Espagnol.
Blackpool ... refreshing, real courage and at times breathtaking football. Thank goodness it was at Anfield. Harry please take note.
De Jong ... probably the most compelling evidence for retrospective video evidence being admissible. Martin Atkinson ...Specsavers anyone.
Van man ... your average Dutch van is a valuable Grand Prix equipment. Currently we have Rafael on the track. Van Persie , highly rated by our pub, is still in the Arsenal workshop.
Double teaming ... a tactic of the lower echelon ... Okay two on Gareth, two on Aaron, two on Rafael, two on Luka,...that only leaves ... err, three. Is the manager allowed to help. Our journalist thinks our attacking options are becoming formidable so long as they are all there.
White Stratford Lane ... surely a strategic ballon sent aloft as part of Levy's manoeuvres in the game of politics that is fashioning the new White Hart Lane. The balloon of course for Mayor Boris. He who has the final say.
Fourth On Points ... Ahead Not So Easy.
While most of you are concentrating on the epic clash of England and Montenegro on Tuesday, an apology from our Pub. Not very interested. Again sorry.
Elsewhere after a run of but seven games our football club sit in fourth albeit on points. Great but peeping ahead through nervous fingers the journey becomes a little , no a lot harder.
Away Fulham, some Inter Milan stuff away and home,home Everton, away Man U, away Bolton, home Sunderland, home Blackburn, and then the enemy away at the Emirates.
So how many winnables there, how many likely draws and apart from the usual loss at Trafford(maybe not given their stumblings this year) then the sooner the better we have Dawson, Gallas, Defoe plus fingers crossed fitness remains on our others.
Probably a defining moment in our season. Until the next defining moment if we come out of that lot alright.
Our lawyer is ever optimistic. If Van der Vart, Modric, Benny and Bale stay fit, then we have the creative inertia to win any game. Mine host says surely our Ledley helps out too.  
Great time to follow the greatest football team in the universe. As well many an excuse for gathering with your mates ...
At A Kent Pub.
Think Mine host is showing his age but we are having a Fleetwood Mac night tonight.Thirty one years ago they were given a star on Hollywood Boulevard. Rafael van der vard. Sorry.
Nice to see the yanks cottoned on to one of our greatest super groups. Rumours, Dreams,Storms, seem to typify the Tottenham way. 
With what lies ahead in the Premier and lo and behold the Champions ( how great is it to mention that ) why not in the words of our own Spurs Superstar ...
              " Go your own way ...  with glory in mind. "  Lyrics D. Blanchflower and M. Fleetwood/ S. Knicks.
Cheers  ...  enjoy the break because a lot lies ahead for our Spurs ...  Greg Meyer.                coys.
  You'll need all the nervous reserves you can gather. Hang on for a typical Spurs Roller Coaster.


JimmyG2 said...

And now folks a word from your sponsor.

Good read.
Homage to part American Supergroups and lack of interest in our brave national Boys makes me a little worried about the goings on in deepest Kent.
Assume you're all drinking locally produced beer from locally grown hops and not Budweiser.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy ,

nothing but the finest English ale her in fair Kent. Certainly nothing like Hicks ale. A Liverpool brew perhaps.

Whilst Kranjcar, the father manages Hugo Montenegro, all Kent pub is with merry England.

Cheers greg meyer.

Ian at Early Bath said...

Hi. Sorry to post this here but I couldn't find any contact details.

Could you ping me a quick email to ian #at# earlybath #dot#

Thanks v much.

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