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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Guest Column: Pizza night at The Kent Pub

From Fulham to Milan via Manchester. Our roving Australian from Kent takes us back and forward in time to present a wide-ranging summary of the current exciting Tottenham scene.  He's hinting at a 2-1 win for Spurs but hedging his bets with a draw. Whatever happens it sounds as if the Chianti will be flowing freely.
Dont forget we've only got until dinner time on Saturday to recover. No not you lot: the players.
Tuesday 19 October 2010.
Pizza ... A Dish Best Served Warm ...Spurs At The Cafe San Siro ... Elsewhere Football Boots At Six Paces ... United We Fall.
Before we preview the menu at a certain Italian Restaurante Spurs didn't fare to badly eating away on the bread and butter stuff. Yes like you our pub are somewhat intoxicated with the excitement that is the Champions League against Internationale Milano. Our lawyer says winning form helps anytime and so ...
A Very Quick Glance At Fulham. 
In chronological order then ...
Rolls Royce returns to the garage.
Starting to look sadly ominous for our beloved leader. Whilst the team are at San Siro Ledley is doing laps in Daniel Levy's swimming pool. Not gone. Not forgotten but surely his last season with us will but inspire our troops.
Sandro debuts.
Did enough to show he will be part of our long term plans. Did too much( an enthusiastic yellow) so as to make it easy for Harry to make the excellent substitution with the little ,very fast bloke coming on.
To the very last patron our pub were both relieved and then excited. Keep going Aaron. He was even taking on people down the outside lane. What a tonic. Mixed with whiskey by our veritable pub gardener.
Dutch Van man.
Balance personified. Not just the take down then crossbar wall pass for Pav. Goal.  A little later hemmed in on the touchline just calmly knocked it against a Fulham man. Our ball possession retained. Next attack. But his balance in so doing. Breathtaking.
That Decision.
Entirely correct. Gallas in an offside position . Lino flags. Referee Dean does not rule anything in or out. Consults linesman as to what if anything else he was flagging about. No. Fine. Gallas was not in line of sight. Goal deflected by Fulham defender. Huddle and team celebrate.
Certainly correct.Certainly lucky. But hang on Man City and lightening struck twice against poor old Blackpool. Teves scored from a missed foul and then a deflection.Perhaps as Mine host has previously opined Harry Redknapp is a lucky manager. Lets hope the luck of Sandbanks continues.
Chelsea stumbled and Arsenal provided some surprises. Not so much that they won but after all his protestations gallic regards nasty tackles Monsieur Wenger was apologising ( the real surprise being that he saw it) for that nice Mr. Willshire.
More ominous according to our pub journalist was the continued winning ways of Man City. Even more ominous, news that Balotelli (a mere 24 million pounds from Italy in the summer) is back. Blue skies at City but storm clouds gathering on the other side of Manchester.
The Case Of The Flying Football Boot.
Talk in our pub on Sunday arvo was about the vulnerability of Manchester United on their season to date. Then the manure really hit the fan with the Rooney discontent becoming Mondays big story. David Beckham survived an allegedly carelessly flung football boot. Mind he did move on . So where to Wayne.
At the coal face that is football phone ins and message board postings the quotes prior the Rooney misgivings surfacing ran along the lines of ...
"Chelsea are so much stronger than United at the moment,it's scary."
"The truth is that its quite possible that Arse, Spurs and City are all better than us this year. Chelsea are on another bloody planet."
"Its as if the team has no spirit. It would not surprise me if we hear sometime soon that there is tremendous turmoil in the dressing room or something.'
The last posted on the famous Red Cafe United message board later on a Saturday night. Probably Wayne Rooney's brother.
Our lawyer does not yet ascribe to the view that the wheels have fallen off. However come the later evening of 30 October at Old Trafford, if Spurs break a long hoodoo with a victory  then the United mechanics will certainly be nervously checking the wheel bolts all round.
Probably moving a little ahead of ourselves when surely this wednesday Spurs fans are back in the big time. Certainly a time for celebration ...
At A Kent Pizza Parlour.
A silly over enthusiastic moment has robbed this classic of a match up between the two football school mates. Same Dutch academy. The two prodigies now champions. Wesley and Rafael. Still they get to do it all again at The Lane later.
Otherwise the current Italian champions both at home and in Europe look formidable but drawable. The key battles may be ...
Eto'o versus Gallas.
With no King then William is the man. That Redknapp signing doesn't look so silly nor ill considered now. No Ledley but then useful.
Sneijder versus Huddlestone and Modric and Jenas.
With no Van der Vart hopefully one of the above keeps him quiet.
Bale versus Lucio or someone else.
Probably our best chance to create or score the breakaway goal that we need. Mind our banker is very encouraged by Lennon's resurgence. Perhaps too much concentration on the Welsh wizard may provide some surprising space for our ex Leeds wizard.
Old Boys returning to score.
Manager Benitez will reunite with Peter Crouch and Robbie Keane. Keane returning to his old club Inter as well (another boyhood fairy story no doubt). Surely there's an away goal in that lot.
Spurs Away Fans.
Look forward to your loyal and as always deafening support at the frontline. Unfortunately most of our number will be enthusiastic arm chair viewers ...
At A Kent Pub.
Mine host has returned from a brief sabbatical in the Azores. Probably no San Siro stream there. Means most of our team here and positively agog with expectation and excitment.
Pizza and pasta are on the evening menu. A dish served with success ...
      " Internationale Milano 1 - Tottenham Hotspur 2. "  would go do down famously. Embellished with copious amounts of fine red wine.
Perhaps a little optimistic.
Cheers and Ciao ... a draw would be very digestible ... Greg Meyer.         coys.


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