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Friday, 8 October 2010

Only 31 games to go

Mute swan, North America

All quiet on the surface. Plenty going on down below

It could just be me but this season seems to have been going on for ages and yet a glance at the league reveals just seven games played. Only 31 games to go then. Can we last the pace? Supporters and fans I mean not our highly trained, clean living, squad of athletes. Perhaps it's the Champions' League; the fuss over the Arsenal Carling Cup game; the transfer window; the new stadium saga with the new improved Olympic twist, that makes it seem as if we should be approaching the half way mark when in fact we are not even approaching a quarter of the way there yet.
Anyway another International break, hopefully not literally true for any of our boys, gives us the opportunity to take stock.
England squad.
The inclusion of Davies the winner for the past six seasons and well ahead this year of the player committing the most fouls is perhaps not the best advertisement for English football. An example of a decent player sidetracked by the physicality of the Premiership.
The surprise inclusion of Lennon who has not been at his best so far this season and of Tom, overlooked at the World Cup, is good for their morale but I doubt if either will get on.

JimmyG2 verdict. Another 'Comedy of Errors' probably. Leave our boys out of it Mr. C.
On the same day that we got planning permission from Haringey for our shiny new Stadium complex we 'registered an interest' before the deadline in taking over the Olympic stadium in Stratford in conjunction with AEG who turned the Millennium Dome from a pig's ear into a silk purse.
This immediately became a 'bid' in journo speak and since then AEG have made the running in stirring up the West Ham pot with some success.
The club have since poured water on the whole affair and spoilt the fun.
The Olympic leftover is not purpose built, out of our area and would be a tragedy in terms of loyalty and probably financially if you count the cost of conversion and loss of income from the flats and the supermarket.
Some fans would go to Luton Airport and change the name to 'Easy Spurs' if it meant saving a few bob and Levy might be amongst them. The move has to fit in with our history and tradition and play to the loyalties of the fans. Stratford Hotspur? Newham Numpties? Plaistow Plonkers? I think not.

JimmyG2 verdict: That's a no then. 'There's No Place Like Home'

Players in and out of favour.
A number of players including Krancjar, Keane, Corluka and Palacios are finding that the signing of Van de Vaart and Sandro in particular leaves them as squad players rather than the key elements they were formally. This is inevitable as the squad's standard, ambitions and horizons develop.
Conversely certain players have come back into the fold to take advantage of injuries, Bale most notably but Hutton and Jenas too.
Most turmoil centres around Krancjar who has denied reports that he is unsettled and says that he is 'content to wait' for his chance. Journos are stirring this pot too by listing clubs that are desperate to sign him. Harry says he still loves him. Just a lover's tiff then.
Players who are on the edges of the team also suffer from Harry's preference for picking a settled team until he has to change.

JimmyG2 verdict: 'Much ado about nothing.'

Van de Vaart.
The precise details of how we came by him and at that price are still unclear but clearly the Gods looked down and saw that it was unfair for Man.City to have all that cash. They gave the table a nudge, leveled up the uneven playing field and the Dutchman landed in our pocket.
And they say there's no justice in the world.

JimmyG2 verdict; 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

Our start
In comparison with last year it looks somewhere between not bad and indifferent. But as last year was our best start for 50yrs then its not surprising that old hands like me started to panic. Well not panic exactly but become mightily agitated in 'not another false dawn' sort of way.
Considering our injury list we are doing well and things can only get better as players return.
We are only 3 points off second, level with Arsenal and doing fine in the Champions' League.
I do like typing those words.

JimmyG2 verdict:. Plenty of time yet to panic.' Alls Well that Ends Well' ( hopefully)

Harry Redknapp.
Enjoy him while you can folks because he is just using Spurs as a stepping stone to greater things. It used to be the players now it's the damn manager.
It's been a steep learning curve for Harry and the squad but he's coping quite well, learning by his mistakes and on the whole not making the same mistake twice which is the best you can hope for.
I'm still not sure whether his handling of the squad is sublime or inept or whether it veers between the two, but he's clearly doing something right.

JimmyG2 verdict. Steady as she goes Mr. Redknapp. 'A Man for All Seasons'

January window.
The first item on my Xmas list is a holding striker in exchange for Keane who is the most likely casualty of the Dutchman arriving. This was our most pressing need in the Summer too but we didn't supply it.
Forlan and Fabiano have been touted again but seem unlikely taking price and/or age into account.
Is there anybody out there ? Get in touch via my ouiga board.

JimmyG2 verdict. Splash the cash Mr.Levy. Don't leave us to 'Look Back in Anger'.

Mr.Daniel Levy and a well run club.

He has done well to haul himself up from the most evil man in the World at the time of the Martin Jol saga to be in the running for Pope.
He has put us into a good place financially before the new regulations start to impact on the Premiership
However the fortuitous arrival of Rafael may mark his high water mark if he doesn't get us a striker and gets the Stadium decision wrong. Sometimes looks like a man that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

JimmyG2 verdict. 'Great Expectations'

So another break. Of our current squad only Gomes and Jenas are not on International duty so if they all come back ready to play it will be a miracle. Poor selection, inept leadership and tactics, and a poor World Cup, have severly tarnished the England image. Meanwhile as far as Spurs fans are concerned the higher profile we now enjoy has led us to become even more uninterested in the national squad. Club or Country? I'm afraid it's  'What country?'


Anonymous said...

Blink, and you'll miss the season go by.


elwehbi said...

So we're on the right track then??

The season hasn't kicked off the way we were expecting; however, it hasn't for many of the other clubs either. We're still in it and we have a great shot at another 4th place finish. Man U to finish 5th?? Wouldn't that be sweet?


Anonymous said...

4-1 to the arsenal
spurs are crap

JimmyG2 said...

And Liverpool and W.Ham to be relegated I suppose.Dream on.

Anonymous said...

I do find it amusing how a fan holds up one example of a setback to say 'spurs are shit'. Well then, Wigan 3 arsenal 2, west brom 3 arsenal 2, Chelsea 2 arsenal 0, tottenham 2 arsenal 1, Barcelona 4 arsenal 1...the list goes on...
Chelsea fan? Oh,boy. City 1 chelsea 0, wigan 3 Chelsea 1, inter 2 Chelsea 0, tottenham 2 Chelsea 1,.....
Spammers fan? Don't even try,you're eighteenth, last I looked.

Marianne said...

Good morning JimmyG2. Do enjoy reading this site.

We desperately need a VDV song, so while at the daughters Christmas Carol Concert last night, inspiration struck, well it is Christmas. ;) Nice and simple, to the Carol "The First Noel.

Rafa-el Rafa-el Rafa-el Rafael
Born is the ki-ing of Whi-ite Hart Lane.

Try this one as well, to the song "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town.

You better not whinge, you better not cry, you better not score I`m telling ya why
TOTTENHAM are coming to town, TOTTENHAM are coming to town, Tott-en-ham are coming to to-wn.

If you are going to throw rotten veg, at least make it festive.

Keep up the good work mate.


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