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Friday, 22 October 2010

'Pizzas off love' The Greg Meyer Column

 Greg  reports that the Kent pub has reverted to all day English breakfast and Haddock in English Ale batter. No  continental dishes or foreign wine will be served for a fortnight  in retaliation for Wednesdays almost disastrous Grand Tour of Italy. 
Just to clear the palate for Everton you  understand.
That's more like it. I mean how many Italians are there in Kent.
 Take it away Mr. Meyer.

 Friday 22 October 2010.
 Lunch At The Lane : Toffees For Desert? ... Stage Fright In Milan ... You'll Never Guess Who Has A Birthday Today.
 Heroes and villains. The San Siro had them all on Wedneday night. Still they may have changed colours on Saturday for a crucial points gathering exercise against Everton.
Our first clue as to the mystery birthday. Played as a defender. And didn't we need them on ...
An Italian Evening At Theatre San Siro.
Stage door left back, right back and the French middle door all had their moments of rabbit in the headlights at San Siro. Sorry momentarily forgot our erstwhile Brazilian's contribution. We haven't had a hari kari expert since that legend Toda left and soon after left ingloriously somewhere back near the Hoddle/Pleat era.
If you switched on or just made it to your seat at the 14 minute mark then apart from moans about you had just trod on their chocolates,gammy foot, I can't see, sit down, you might have been forgiven for leaving immediately and starting all over again. Milan 3-Spurs 0 and hurtling down a bottomless chasm. It got worse11 minutes later. Bump.
So What Went Wrong.
Paul Merson and others correctly opine it takes about three years to acclimatise to the Champs League. Harry changed the back four again. Injury dictated same. Ledley King played 44 minutes against Fulham. We shipped one there. Perhaps if he had played the first 35 minutes here instead the goal toll may have been less. If wishes were hindsight we would all own Manchester City.
So What Went Right.
Collectively one Welsh wizard doesn't score three on his own. Whilst our gardener was trying to climb onto the pub roof without a parachute, claiming the view was better than that on the telly,seems our team decided ( all ten of them) to rally and fight. Respectability was achieved, our gardener came down from the roof, and we all went home thinking the game at The Lane is winnable. Elsewhere it helped that Twente and Bremen drew. Some things did actually go right.
Our next clue for our birthday man. Grew up in a pub. Middle name Charles. Not Leon. he as in Osman is missing for lunch when ...
Everton Visit The Lane.
Our journalist says they have lots of injuries and so do we. Thereby hangs the tale and result. Spurs class, spelt van der Vart plus Modric should mean we have enough to unlock a respectable foe on saturday lunchtime. No Defoe means Pav probably starts.
Perhaps the man to watch is Tim Cahill.
Why don't defenders ever learn. Okay Titus Bramble aside surely you know he is an enormous threat but he keeps scoring in the box. Jet heeled vertical takeoff and hang ability has something to do with it. Surely Kevin son of James, he of the Spurs defensive coaching setup might (a) wake up William, he who said he was tired in Italy, and (b) suggest to Sebastian some good old Cameroonian concentration might be brought to bear.
Simply put apart from Yakubu our banker says they are hardly the world's most potent attack. Yes mind the new boy Seamus Coleman(right back) and Arteta from Huddleston range.
Our lawyer rembers a lucky winning escape last year. Thanks Landon Donovan. Oh we haven't mentioned Aaron and Gareth.
 See what we mean about class.
Before we head off to a team pub meeting that birthday . More clues. Both Annettte Funicello and Catherine Deneuve celebrate birthdays today. Our man is 61 years old but nowhere near as inviting. Perhaps out of grudging respect we might raise a glass of Beaujolais ...
At A Kent Pub.
Apart from getting caught in a set of Italian headlights our mob did reasonably. We are second in the Champs group and placed highish in the League. Mine host is still worried about City. Still with Tevez shooting from both foot and wayward mouth( silly comments about Rooney) it is a mixed bag. A Rooney raprochement seems on the cards. He may stay with United. Given he is a shadow of what was a potent force then not such bad news for us. Rather that than a rejuvenated force at City. The big test against them for us at OT shortly to come .
Everton are decent but Spurs are further up and more focussed on the next four challenging.
As to our birthday challenge recent notable pronouncements by him include ...
" There is no better psychological education than growing up in a pub."
and more recently at The League Managers Association address 25 September 2009 ..
" I owe everything to growing up in a pub."
Our arch enemy of course ... Arsene Wenger is 61 today.  Bon Anniversaire Arsene Charles Ernest Wenger.
Cheers  ... nothing wrong with pubs ,,,  Greg Meyer.        coys. 


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