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Friday, 5 November 2010

Greg Meyer Guest Column; Celebration time at a Kent Pub.

Celebrations throughout the land. Greg brings news from Kent which was no doubt typical of many parts of the coun try and indeed the world.  Another of his wide ranging , learned and knowledgeable columns. References to Guy Fawkes, Churchill, Spurs legends old and new and a little peek into the future, well Saturday lunchtime anyway.  We both agree that it's a good time to be a Spurs fan.  Let's hope it still will be at  Saturday tea-time.

Friday 5 November 2010.
Two Stars Born ... Gareth Bale And A Living Spurs Legend ... All Aboard The Hotspur Taxi.
Before we get to the existing legend, a man who even had streets named after him, a quick backward glance at Tuesday last at The Lane. A night when a taxi was hard to find even though there seemed to be plenty of fans willing to help. Nice one Spurs fans. English football humour in a class of its own.
Travelling With Spurs ... More Rollercoaster Than Taxi.
The elephant in the taxi certainly could not be ignored any longer. His gestation period started with a goal against Arsenal, regressed into injury and for something like 24 games the elephant come jinx in the corner hovered in limbo. Manager Redknapp broke the jinx bringing on our Gareth with him finishing in a winning side.
Thereafter Benny slipped a disc on the dance floor. Bale took his chance and as Rafa Benitez would say, the rest is history. Sorry he was talking about a recent Champs League encounter on Tuesday night. Milan were certainly history after inexplicably failing to turn up for the second half at the San Siro.Whats worse someone forgot to put the dvd recorder on . Seems they had no idea as to Bale's exploits in Italy. Certainly had no game plan against him at The Lane.
Perhaps that is a little harsh. After all the ex Liverpool head waiter did seem to have a plan of sorts. After scoring three at the Siro there was a prioritory. Stop him scoring.
Ole Rafa. He certainly stopped him scoring. Unfortunately there was the little matter of the gold plated assists provided by the Welsh wonder. Both unmissable. Probably a more important element in the plot as regards Peter Crouch. After his first half blunder he was mightily relieved to score. Roman Pav. All he does is come on and score. Some say that indeed is all he does. The come on bit says our bank manager. Not a universal view here at our pub. We like him.Roman that is. Can't stand banks.
Our lawyer like you thought there were a few if not ten plus others that were heroes on a glory, glory European night. It does lead to the inevitable question as we return to Saturday football. Surely we can take most of that to the Sporting Shoe Stadium and obtain a Premier result.
Before coming down from the clouds and stepping off the rollercoaster our pub have raised a glass today to a Spurs legend. As Mine host says who else but ...
From The Halfway Line.
Nayim ( known to his mother as Mohammed Ali Amar) is 44 years old today. Our Spanish legend joined Spurs in 1988 and stayed until 1993.But just two highlights.
Spurs won the 1991 FA Cup thanks to two assists from Nayim. That was the one where Paul Gascoigne went a little enthusiastic and ended up being stretchered off.
In the 1995 UEFA Cup Winners Cup playing then for Real Zaragoza ( in a Spurs undershirt surely) Nayim scored from the halfway line with a calm lob over David Seaman in the final minute of extra time. Real 2 Arsenal 1. How sweet it was.
In 2006 the sensible elders of the quaint little village of Trasmoz named a street ' Gol de Nayim'. Arsene Wenger did not attend the dedication ceremony.
Truly a moment to celebrate. Moments galore this week and celebrated in fine style ...
At A Kent Pub.
Football is life apparently. Not Winston Churchill, certainly not Rafa Benitez. Probably Joe Blow of your pub and ours. From a comedic farce at Manchester, a glorious night at the opera on Tuesday,tonight Bonfire night, and next up a grinding slog at Bolton.
Can the European superstars do it at the Reebok. Kevin Davies ( he who regularly scores against us) and a very well drilled unit will make life difficult. An understatement complete says our journalist.
Why can we not go on a little run says our lawyer. Bolton, Sunderland and Blackburn are all winnable. Oh and the run should not stop there.
You know who is next after that.
Keep daring , keep doing, and dreaming. Thats what Guy Fawkes was doing when they rumbled him in the wine cellar beneath the House of Lords a mere 405 years ago.
Oops and Cheers .... hope the fireworks are to Spurs advantage at Bolton ... Greg Meyer.      coys.

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