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Friday, 12 November 2010

Greg Meyer Guest Column: Shakespeare: one of the first Spurs fans.

Greg Meyer has been doing some research into early Tottenham history and amongst some very dusty documents has come up with some startling revelations. 
The ale at a Kent Pub must be getting stronger methinks.
This is not your average rubbish that you get on your normal Spurs blogs. This is a vastly superior sort of rubbish. And all for free
But hey, dont blame me. I'm only the messenger. Take it up with Mr.Meyer in the comments section.
I've never even met the man.  I wouldn't recognise his ghost if it walked my battlements.

.Friday 12 November 2010.
Beware The Ides Of Blackburn  ... Wherefore Are You Tottenham ... Is This A Chelsea Dagger I See Before Me.
William Shakespeare was a London football fan and playwright. Known marginally more for the latter than his reputed love of Spurs. As legend would have it each Saturday morning he would depart the Globe Theatre, row across the Thames and make his way up ye olde High Street before settling into a few pints at ye very new Bricklayers Arms. Having knocked out another sonnet or two he would join his mates at Ye Auld Lane for the new game called football back in 1599.
The game against Sunderland may not have inspired the Bard muchly but there were elements of farce and theatre, not to say comedy on show.
All The World's A Stage ...The Sunderland Goal and Two Points Down The Gurgler.
Titus Bramble came to The Lane. Regular readers will recall our pub consensus as to his vaudevillian style of defending. There were flashes of his comedic talent particularly in the second half presenting a 3 on 2 to a Spurs breakaway. Squandered by Spurs.
Signs of a new headline act unfortunately began to emerge on Saturday. The Spurs centre defensive duo played reasonably well for 92 of the 94 minutes. Thespian ambitions did emerge however around the time of the Gyan tap in. Nothing to do with tap dancing though.
What Titus Kaboul and Willy Bramble were playing at was mystifying. More like laughable and not laudable says our lawyer. It brought a collective shaking of heads and that sinking feeling in the stomach region. Our pub medico diagnosed the condition as shockus defendus usually associated with symptons of manic laughter, violent flights of nearby objects and cries of "not abloody gen".
Hopefully Windy's Blog has or soon will be providing detailed analysis. Yep just noticed he has. Then again it won't give the 2 points back.
Otherwise the Spurs cast stuck to the script. The routine knockdown goal from the Van der Crouch double act. Even Bottler Webb remained on script , unhappily so.  Surely he will never referee another Spurs match. Still he cannot be blamed for our present quandry.
Wherefore Art Thou Going Tottenham.
Bogged in looming midtable mediocrity. Perhaps there are shafts of light through our pub window :
  Man.City drop points against United. Liverpool draw away to Wigan.
 Spurs have it in their own hands. Blackburn at home with Liverpool visiting shortly. Oops a visit to the Emitates 2 games away.
 Defoe's imminent return. On the bench this Saturday. The drought may break . The continued health of a certain Dutchman is paramount.
So how, who, or what, registered plumbers aside,repairs the gushing fawcets that double as our defensive middle. Kaboul continues to progress but remains a work in progress. However his Gallic mentor does seem in decline. On the near horizon we have Dawson ( Player of the year last season),King this year perhaps, and Woodgate 2011 anyone. Seems we need to hang in there , burgle some points and then charge on once we have a near strength side back. Our lawyer reckons at full strength we will match anyone. Don't think he has been drinking too much of the full strength stuff ...
At A Kent Pub ... Once More Unto The Breach.
Saturday at The Lane sees another winnable game against The Sam Allardyce Players. As the very much improved Allan Hutton says, a massive game but very winnable. Hear hear.
That little run we recently mentioned needs a three point boost before our visit back towards the Globe Theatre next Saturday at the Emirates. A little further on things have turned rather bloody at Stamford Bridge.
Is this a dagger which I see before me. No Ray Wilkins it is a bloody great axe. Strange decision says Mine Host particulary when the Chelsea bandwagon is going so well. You can bet Kevin Bond ( the Ray Wilkins or one of at Spurs) comes out with gushing and sympathetic perplexitudes for the press.
Oh for some classical Spurs this Saturday. Given our bulging treatment room things look a little grim. Still that well known man manager and motivator supreme should see us right.
" Friends, Pavlyuchenko, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Blackburn( forget about Caesar) not to praise them. "   W. Shakespeare circa 1599 and borrowed by H. Redknapp circa 2010.
Cheers  ... Surely Beware the Ides of Van der Vaart, Blackburn ...  Greg Meyer.       coys.


elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

You are a strange man Greg Meyer. Lovely stuff.

3 points are desperately needed today, if we are to stay in the hunt for the this top 4 mix). I don't expect us to score so easily, but it should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks elwehbi ... I think ...

If the Bard was here today he would be with Spurs at The Lane. Where else.

His favourite player surely our Russian Roman of the Friends, Romans etc eulogy for Julius.

Fingers crossed for three big ones.

Cheers Greg Meyer.

Anonymous said...

classical stuff

who framed ruel fox? said...

A pretty formidable team this, Jimmy and Greg. Both witty, insightful and thoroughly good reads.

Spurs ain't too bad, either.

Anonymous said...

Proper blogging this.


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