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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Greg Meyer Guest Column: Team Spirit at the Lane

Welcome back to our star and only  guest who didn't gloat yesterday over the cricket. Just as well because things have taken a turn for the better, for England anyway.
As Greg says ' I don't like cricket, oh no, I love it' (1Occ a popular beat combo my lord from the 70's)
However the Kent Pub has not lost its focus despite the copious celebratory liquid flows of late.
Greg's legal wide man spotted some magic moments of team spirit against Werder and his Banker disputes mine and Harry's view of the penalty. Bankers do they ever get it wrong?  I rest my case, M'lud.
Anyway results around us went well yesterday and we know what we have to do. Win. Simples.

I share Greg's optimism but then he was secretly hopeful about the Aussies' chances in the first test.
Oh yes you were.

Saturday 27 November 2010.
 Burglars ... Bin Dippers ... Bremen ... Tax Evasion.
 Before we get to the football don't worry we won't mention the war.We won't mention anything about the cricket. Bureau says It may snow here in Kent. That would help draw the war if it was being played here. Sorry. Still at 27 degrees in Brisbane snow looks remote. Not sure about England's chances but surely our Snowwhites of the Lane should fare well on Sunday against Liverpool.
Liverpool are in good home form but so are Spurs. Just before a closer look some reflections on a League where Pool are not eligible. Hope we can say that next season ...
Werder Bremen Came, Filled In, Stood About, and Then Left.
JimmyG2 summed it up. Spurs don't normally do calm, controlled, efficient football. Where was the banana skin. Still on the tree it seems.
Still whilst totally enjoying the match our pub ponder if that was the normal Spurs way ( a la the big clubs ... drugged expectation of a win every week) then could we cope without our Spurs rollercoaster.
Our lawyer did enjoy some lovely moments of team spirit that would have warmed the cockles of the average Spurs purist.
Just a couple below ...
Minute 43...
                  Bale receives a cultured crossfield pass from Modric which gives him some space to run. Gareth does what comes natural and accelerates for goal just left of centre.
                 Bale is racing at full tilt and alongside catching up is his leftside mate, Disco Benny. Gareth chooses the glory route and fires vainly. He then immediately looks across at Benny. They come together and shake hands. Acknowledgement of Benny's intelligent lung busting support run. Acknowledgement of a great partnership.
A lovely moment for the purist and everyday fan alike.
The Penalty ...
Our banker reckons Pav did not decline the penalty kick. Rather given our Welsh mercurios efforts,"You deserve to take it Gareth." The rest is history. Certainly not Bale's strong point. See there is still lots to work on.
Our lovely moment was Roman straight over to Gareth with a genuine consoling pat on the head.Not the only one either. Spurs spirit.
One other thing. Sure Pav was upset at being subbed. Who isn't. More spirit. Yep says our pub.
A Defensive Moment ... Minute 66...
The arrival of William Gallas,perhaps more so the identity of his previous employers, has sparked diametric input from Spurs fans.Given his display at the "previous" last Sunday views are settling. He did himself no discredit again against Werder .
Marko Marin gave Hutton a roasting back in Germany. Gallas showed how it should be done. Pace, ushering ability, and experienced non committal meant a dangerous situation was brilliantly defused by Gallas. Perhaps the armband has found its place. Albeit the situation remains fluid. No Ledley. Dawson coming back. Whats wrong with Luka says Mine host. Nice problem to have perhaps.
Our happy little band trained and motored back from the Lane on Wednesday night for a late celebration.Team spirit is certainly high here ...
At A Kent Pub ... A Crime Free Zone.
Can the Bin Dippers perform a smash and grab raid at the Lane on Sunday. Shackle Torres and our gardener says emphaticlly not. Some delicious ironies emerging regards the respective"benches".
Robbie Keane's boyhood dream team visit.The boyhood and dream are both fast fading. Latest rumour is he is off to the MLS in America. A distant boyhood dream. What Irish crisis.
Then we have Damien Commolli back as Football Director. Glad the visit is temporary.
Over at Stamford there are new T-Shirts out. Gone are the Come back Ray, All is Forgiven. Now the popular number is "Rinse the blood off my toga". Very Roman on all fronts apparently.It has all got too much for Frank" Spurs gave me My First Job' Arneson.He leaves at seasons end.
To matters Spurs. We still have a manager. His Southwark Crown Court date on Thursday did not produce a result. No news is good news usually.Stay tuned.
Our lawyer ,and unfortunately their Lawro tips a home win. With or without Van der Vaart. Although his class might make it earlier and easier.
Cheers ... no snow here, hopefully raining Spurs goals Sunday ...  Greg Meyer.         coys.

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