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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Greg Meyer's Guest Column: Magic Moments.

Ah, Mr.Meyer resurfaces, I wondered where he'd been. Apparently Greg and his friends have been celebrating at a Kent Pub. His team won, or something, all a distant memory now, but like the death of JFK never forgotten.

Obviously he needs something to take his mind off the upcoming Ashes  and I hope that Wednesday's game keeps him in a state of delirium for a little longer.
Not that they need much excuse down there.
Alan Mullery's birthday, I ask you.
We could club together for a new  water bottle for Arsene, suitably inscribed of course.

Tuesday 23 November 2010.
Wenger's Waterloo ... Magic Derby Moments ... Title Contenders Perchance.
It was one of those forever remember where you were moments.
Yesterday saw the 47th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. A lot of our pub still remember where we were when the news broke. A lot more of our pub will remember where they were on Saturday 20 November at 2:45 pm. Thereafter the memory has since been severely challenged under an avalanche of celebratory beverages.
A spectacular derby comeback triumph and it's still 31 days to Christmas. Our pub's post match reflections are encapsulated in the following ...
Memorable Match Moments.
In our last column we ruminated on Wenger's Waterloo. We didn't mention his water bottle. Seems both came asunder at the derby.The sight of Arsene steadily developing temper tantrums culminating in the violently jettisoned bottle will live on in derby folklore. As well there were his obligatory graceless comments post match. Rather than apportion a modicum of praise to the opposition he chose to deem the reason for losing as "mystifying".Perhaps he was still in lost plot mode at the press conference. The eyesight was also missing at key times.
Arsenal certainly had a plan to combat the boy Bale.Given Monsier Wenger's reputed calm tactical nous perhaps more evidence of that missing plot. Sagna,Koscielny and Denilson were all yellow carded for fouls on Gareth.Hardly a calmly tactical plan to decide to try and kick him out of the game. Bale just proceeded on his merry goalscoring way. He even found time to classically skin the Arsenal player late in the match. Unfortunately his delivery into the box was not as precise as usual.
Van der Vaart.
Our lawyer recalls the famous Bill Nicholson quote. "All Greaves did this afternoon was score 4 goals."
The comments man on one tv stream made a not dissimilar remark regards Rafael. Loosely translated it goes," He's only done 3 things all afternoon. He had an assist in the first goal, scored the second and had another assist for the third. Apart from that he's been pretty poor."
Mine host asks what happens when he is fit and has a good day at the office.
Some Quick Ones.
The rise and rise of Jermaine Defoe.That decidely undefoe like header to Rafael which led to Bale's goal ... He was there, yes Thierry Henri's presence in the crowd made the victory that much sweeter ...Redknapp's inspired choice of Captain Gallas which coincided with a MOTTM performance. More sweet irony  ... Bale with Lennon and Walcott trailing. That would seem to be the pecking order judged on their contributions and lack of on Saturday.
So another hoodoo broken with the celebrations continuing unabated. Matched only by the grin that will not go away. Heady times for Spurs fans and early Christmas cheer overflowing ...
At A Kent Pub.
After the Chelsea capitulation there were plenty of "Come back Ray Wilkins all is forgiven" shirts available. Room at the top is very compacted. Hence the suggestions including one from George Graham that Spurs are in it.
Ahead we have Liverpool(h), Birmingham(a), and Chelsea(h). Win those three and our banker might start to take George seriously. City remain a real threat says our medico. They have Stoke(a), Bolton(h) and West Ham(a).
Our pub have not yet finished with celebrating Saturday. Then there is the small matter of Champs League at home against a misfiring Werder Bremen. Win that and we are through to the knockout stages. Then we really can concentrate on the League completely.
Glasses raised as well to birthday boy Alan Mullery,69 years young today. Any excuse or put another way ,there's a lot to celebrate.
Cheers ... from a decidedly hung over ... Greg Meyer.    coys.


Anonymous said...

Masterstroke having him in the team. But enough of Meyer. What about that JD, hey?


elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

JD's leap surprised me more than anything! He was fantastic off the ball which was a pleasure to watch; he seemed almost more intelligent coming back from injury. Maybe it was the fact that he played quite a different role than what we're normally used to (offside trap destroyer).

Great post Mr. Meyer!

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