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Friday, 19 November 2010

Wenger's Waterloo:: Greg Meyer's Guest Column

This week Mr. Meyer is swapping hats from  the one with the corks dangling round the brim to the tricorn model favoured by Mr. Bonapart.
For historical accuracy Napoleon actually wore a bicorn hat but what's the odd 'corn' between friends.
Entertainment and education all in one attractive package at no extra charge.
 Appropriately this week we are deep in French territory at club and International level and those damned Frenchies are due a beating, although I said that on Tuesday.
 But as Mick Jagger observed 'You don't always get what you want'.
Let's see if Greg and his comrades at a Kent pub can cheer us all up.

Friday 19 November 2010.
North Londres Derby  ...  Wenger's Waterloo ... Arsene Bonaparte vs Duke Of Sandbanks.
Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor and soldier to name but two entries on his CV,did not play a lot of football. His teachers, coach and peers teased him on account of his vertically challenged five feet six inches. Samir Nasri same country,different school and career comes in two inches higher. As mentioned in a certain biography,his very much ex mate and ex teammate William Gallas is a little higher at six foot. Only two feature tommorrow in a certain derby.Height or lack of football prowess was never a handicap for Napoleon until the French vs English derby at Waterloo on June 18 1815.
Arthur, Duke of Wellington, captain of the English team at Waterloo certainly enjoyed ball games. Ergo his famous quote about the Waterloo win owing much to the playing fields of Eton. Eton United perhaps. He certainly enjoyed the away game at Waterloo.
Harry, Duke of Sandbanks ( a lovely part of Poole), leads the English team tomorrow against Arsene Bonaparte in an eagerly awaited meeting upon the battlegrounds of Emirates. A first and last statistic. Napoleon was at war for 17 years, mostly successful till his last game. It's 17 years since Spurs won away at Arsenal. Obvious why  there will not be anymore statistics. Still some interesting encounters lie ahead.
Key Battles.
Nasri and Fabregasp vs Modric and Van der Vart.
If Spurs win this one it will mean Van has scored, Cesc F. has not and Samir Nasri has hit the post twice. Moddle does not score a lot but does everything else with Croatian majestry. Has come on leaps and bounds since his recent wedding. Whether thats the true reason or not at least its topical.
Sagna and his double teamer vs Bale.
Napoleon Wenger is a master schemer and you can be assured there is a plan Bale. Hopefully our Welsh winger ( not yet a superstar) can shrug it off. With his electric pace and close control then he may prove instrumental in Spurs winning the midfield battle.
For the neutral the battle of the midfield generals will be a highlight. For our lawyer he just wishes that Duke Harry goes for attack rather than containment. It worked last week. Yes different battleground and far lesser Lancastrian army of course.
The Front Line Trenches.
Mine host is still worried about our misfiring artillery. Its two Englishman and a Russian for Spurs. Walcott of the home country plus Holland, Russia and France for Arsenal. Certainly on paper they edge it. Our banker reckons the dutch blokes who drive vans are both possible keys to the game.
Rafael is scoring consistently for Spurs albeit a midfielder. Robin van Persie will probably start and always seems to score against Spurs. Great to see Defoe in the squad but possibly a little early. Surely our Russian, a cult figure here at the pub, might chip in. 
The Thin Red and Blue Lines.
Down back neither team inspires confidence. Vermaalen is a big Arsenal miss. King,Dawson and Woodgate even bigger although Jonathon is almost in the demob stage unfortunately. A healthy army pension beckons.
Certainly there are some wildcards including Lennon on the bench and William Gallas returning home. Surely not the old goal against former club tactic. Unlikely but would be wildly celebrated ...
At A Kent Pub.
A relaxed week with no midweek games to worry about. What English, French encounter. A mere Wembly international programmed as a build up to the real thing tommorrow. At least all our internationals arrived home without injury.
Guarded enthusiasm reigns here at the pub. Ahead potential Champs League glory times. Tommorrow more importantly North London glory.
As Napoeon put it ...
                             " Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever."
Cheers ... hope Saturday is the former as I am sick of the latter ...   Greg Meyer.     coys.


Anonymous said...

not your run of the mill NLD preview ... agree our midfield a key ..have lots of other reservations ... a win hard ask..

JimmyG2 said...

I would settle for a draw tomorrow and a win on Wednesday.
Midfield is perm any four from eight with Lennon available.

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Here's hoping Gallas bears the brunt of the abuse, giving the other players the opportunity to stay focused on the match. Maybe his knowledge of the opposition may be of benefit. Trying to be as optimistic as I can.

Anonymous said...

Greg ... Wengers Waterloo ... how apt.

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