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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Greg Meyer Guest Column: Strictly Dancing to the Title Waltz

You can't keep a good Aussie down. Is he downhearted? No he is not, and at a Kent Pub they  are keeping their spirits up with hot mince pies, mulled wine and 'Strictly Come Dancing'  before theChelsea game. The way he tells it Xmas is going to come early. Like me he's not always wrong.
Over to you Mr.Meyer.
  Saturday 11 December 2010.
 Strictly Dancing In The Title Waltz ... Spurs And Chelsea At A White Hart Ballroom.
 Realistic Title aspirations for Spurs. Surely not. No we are not having a laugh.Beat Chelsea and the margin is but one point.If Manchester United beat Arsenal on Monday Spurs are three points from Arsenal. Manchester City beat West Ham and stay a game in front of us.Liverpool are a little further back.
Our pub are not sure if the old bloke in the red coat has come early. What a time to follow Spurs. Is that it was like in 1961.Before some serious beer drinking and resulting thoughts on the Chelsea visit on Sunday, a quick look back to ...
Spurs Air ... Flying High In The Champs League Stratosphere.
Inter or was that Bremen made it rather more relaxed. Top spot in Group was achieved. Next door could not say the same.
Air Marshall Redknapp manoeuvred his squadron with little thought to concentrated defence.The wing commanders had useful games. Bale started and Lennon took off after Jenas suffered engine failure . I thought calves were old men's injuries. Quantas and others do engine failure.
The other Jermaine did what he does best in a dogfight. Scored two. Nice to be able to say that about our little poacher. All in all our bank manager thought it had the air of a glorified training run. No disrespect to some quality dutch opposition. Again the Luftwaffe 3 : Inter 0 scoreline helped settle nerves. Played at Inter too.
Coming back to earth, yes you are not dreaming, Hotspur Airlines takes on Aeroflot Abramovich in a crucial near top of the table clash at our beloved Lane in the ...
Late, Late Show Sunday ... Chelsea.
Despite consistent rounds of many a fine English ale, bringing forth some accompanying animated discussion, our pub clan still say ...
                    ...  We are a big chance on Sunday ...
Forget recent history .. Chelsea have not beaten Spurs since prior 2006 .
Forget recent Chelsea poor form ... one win in their last six in the League.
Remember Spurs propensity to buggar these ones up. Thats the old Spurs says our lawyer. Is he right. Perhaps a look at each squad helps.
Down Back and Front.
Terry, Cole  and Ivanovich are quality. Ferreria will be tested by the boy Bale. Will Pav and Defoe have enough. Help from the midfield will be needed.
 With Spurs Gallas, Kaboul(?) and Benny are useful. Hutton is getting better. Drogba and Anelka, particularly the former are dangerous. So far Chelsea have let in eleven goals. Spurs twenty one. Hmm!!
In The Middle.
This is where our pub thinks we can win it. The firepower of Bale and Lennon supplied by our Croatian watercarrier can prevail. More goals there than Essien, Mikel and Malouda.
Yep a genuine Title challenge. Still seems a little surreal to be writing that even when its from deep in the leafy glades ...
At A Kent Pub.
No apologies really on offer here in Kent.We will take any chance to place a foot on the rung to our first Premier title, however unsteady. There's lots of those here of course.
Early Christmas emails to Pole North here are a Chelsea win and lots of points from Blackpool, Villa and Newcastle coming up. All winnable.
No Class der Vart is matched by no Lampard for them. Perhaps the old player/captain returns could provide a fairytale goal. It is that time of year. Mine host will be happy if William Gallas just keeps them out.
An early christmas cracker in the Title chase.
Christmas Cheers ... a win over Chelsea and the throng of believers will swell  ... we might start believing in a certain Mr. Claus all over again .. Greg Meyer.     coys.
A Column written to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett ... Come Monday ... where will we be.


Anonymous said...

I swear this has bean the hardest season ever and the pressure to stay in the Title race is like being run over by a road roller, what ever happens we have got our style back. I would play this defence Gomes (just) Kaboul Dawson Gallas Bassong . Harry has gabtsot to make our defence stronger and our attack will be flowing and will attack with confidants knowing the defence is water tight. This should be the game where our defence comes to the adventure keep a clean sheet Gallas and Kaboul deserve.Davspurs

JimmyG2 said...

Can't argue with that Davspurs.
If you don't concede you can't lose.

Is Bassong able to play left back?

I wouldn't swap Van der Vaart for two Lampards Greg, even if it was 'Buy one get one free'
Would you?

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