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Friday, 24 December 2010

Greg Meyer plays Santa at a Kent Pub.

Just in case you couldn't get there in person Greg has thoughtfully provided a complete run-down of the Spurs Annual Awards evening at a Kent Pub. Lots of inside knowledge here and a new slant on the squad. Roman in a yellow Lamborghini and he looks such a quiet boy. No wonder Harry is wary of him.
I'm pleased that Ledley has won something this season. Your nominations are welcomed.
Christmas Eve 2010.
Annual Christmas Kent Pub Awards ... Pancho Villa Away On Ice ... A Boxing Day Surprise.
Hollywood has the Academy Awards, the BBC has the Sports Personality of the Year,our Pub host the Kent Pub Xmas Awards. Admittedly a low budget number. Catering aside that is. Well make that a total budget allocation to celebratory ales.
So who won what this year, who flopped after last year, who looks like doing better next year. Mine host indeed was a masterful and suave master of ceremonies. Great support from train drivers, accountants, medicos, lawyers, gardeners, you name it they all turned up.Even a banker from Geneva.Rumour suggests via an airborne Swiss sled. What else is flying at this time of year. To matters football ...
Annual Christmas Awards 2010.
On the subject of sleds( as opposed to your more leisurely sleigh) this proved to be a wide ranging category.
Fastest Sled Driver.
Nominations ranged from the obvious,a Mr. D. Bentley( rumoured to be parking at Liverpool shortly albeit a very tabloidal rumour), Mr. S. Claus ( slow ,steady and responsible springs to mind), Jermaine the body builder ( according to Les Ferdinand and it does seem so ... ergo the quality leap in the Arsenal game.) But surely mobile phones in motion is more his go. Not sure of his Spurs membership number but the taxi driver called by a certain Senor Maicon ( after the Gareth Bale Show at The Lane versus Inter) no doubt was party to a fast exit  and even faster nomination ...
but no, written on the back of a soggy envelope the winner is ...
Ledley King.
His ability to attain a casual 105mph speed has received official recognition from none other than the Sudbury Magistrates Court. Even better news this week is he may be able to haul himself out of Daniel Levy's pool and walk onto the hallowed turf of White Hart Lane in a game of football sooner rather than later. Milan in Febuary perhaps.
Prettiest Sled Driver.
The winner might not qualify as pretty ( the Russian nose lets him down) but his shiny yellow Lamborghini wins him a unanimous vote here. Well done Super Pav. Somewhat of a cult hero at our pub. Nice sled Roman.
Most Careful Sled Driver.
Harry drives up from Sandbanks most days. Our lawyer hopes that great driving record does not become relevant at a 2011 Sentence hearing at the Southwark Crown Court.
Not sure if Wilson has even got a licence, Moddle would have a baby capsule fitted  (hardly looks old enough to be a father, bless him says our gardener), but no surely the winner is ...
Carlo Cudicini .
After his bike riding experience taking on a small 4 door sedan and surviving, albeit 2 broken wrists etc, you cannot blame him can you. Bravo Carlo. An unsung hero reckons our pub medico. I wonder if he has got back on the bike yet says our Tranmere Accountant.Certainly back on the bench.
Kent Pub Most Loved.
Christmas Eve here at our little Spurs enclave, goodwill, lots of , in the air, christmas spirit, even more of lots of, going down many a happy patrons  hatch ... so who warmed the proverbial cockerals of heart most this last year.
Probably the most difficult decision since the inception of our famous awards. A quick sample ...
Our lawyer cannot go past Rafael VdV for sheer impact and class. Luka M. for sheer midfield artistry. No wonder a Chelsea devoid of midfield imagination cast an envious eye towards our Croatian family man of the year.Tabloids this week.
Our banker says Gallas has been vital given no Daws, no King, no Woodgate, then no Kaboul etc.
Our medico leans to comeback from injury. Without being all encompassing how can you overlook Lennon and Bale. Architects of probably the Premier Leagues most feared wing attack.
Mine host ever the sentimentalist has a soft spot for the very bilingual Super Roman( don't believe what you read about english lessons ... tosh!!) Mine was a striker before he started pumping fine English ale.
Look after gathering up scribblings on used menus, various coasters and almost indecipherible note pads     ( our medico presumably ... what doctor could write legibly) ..
the winner is ...
Harry Redknapp and, and name your own player ... we love them all. So did the judges.
So from a team of our amazing Spurs to the team not so amazing ...
At A Kent Pub.
The Title chase continues.  
Aston Villa possibly without the Youngs makes it easier. If Ashley does not play (in doubt) great for our chances. Obversely Spurs have all available except King, Gallas and Woodgate out. All three are off the stretcher and on the training track. That leaves Jamie O'Hara still recovering .An honest trier who has run his course at Spurs but will do well at Birmingham or some such. Good luck Jamie and thank you.
Like some of you we try and get out a bit and read who says what. Sorry but cannot fathom the Lawro prediction this week. Apparently we are going to have trouble against Villa because of our European travels. Lawro tips Villa. Champs League for Spurs starts mid Febuary. For Liverpool it doesn't start in Champions League despite our ex Pool player pundit's dreams.Sorry Lawro Spurs to beat Villa.
At the risk of tempting a banana skin surely wth Rafa , Younes, Jenas, and most available if Spurs are to push on then class will tell against an honest but lacking Villa team.
Merry Cheers  ... the magic of Christmas never fades here at our Kent village ... much like yours I am sure ... stay safe and happy ... Greg Meyer  coys.


Anonymous said...

Well its not far of the one all of us spurs fans swear by the yes the one in the Year. Well lads you could be popping the Champagne Cork this year in the old Kent Pub. This all depends on what Harry does in the transfer Market and i don't mean who he buys but who he lets go and to where they go. These are my sad tidings and fears for this double one in the year where our History demand success. Firstly my number one sad award goes to our one time forward rolling pistol shooting striker Robbie Keane who was sent to Celtic to discover how to Score goals and be loved and adored again he managed this 14 times. Then he showed glimpses of his old self when he came back from our American adventure with player of the tournament and Harrys praises ringing in his ears . Sadly thats all he got because Harry could not wait for Keano to get his first goals and his confidants was shot to pieces my one Lament for Robbie is where ever he takes his boots he will score. Lets all hope its not against Spurs that's for the my big worry for the two ones. The other sad departures are Bentley Dosantos Kranjcar Ohara and Woodgate on loan. Yes my fellow Cockerels where these players land could have a big say whether you pop the champers down in the Kent Boozer or drown your sorrows in cold beer me i hope we keep all our players till the end of our 2011 year and all there names help create more History and the champagne pops to the tune of Gllooooooooooooooooryyy Gllooooooooooooooooryyyyyyyyy Tottenham Hotspurs Double Winners.Merry Christmas to all the Lads in the Kent Pub from Davspurs

Anonymous said...

thanks Davspurs and same to you plus merry new year


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