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Friday, 3 December 2010

Sleigh Ride to St. Andrews by Guest blogger Greg Meyer

 Well it's not a bad place to be snowed in I suppose. I offered to come and help dig them out but they turned me down. They've turned off the radio and television so as to concentrate on matters Tottenham. and to plot how they are going to get to Birmingham for 3o/c on Saturday.
It also prevents Greg from listening to the Test Match. It's only a game mate. Don't do anything non-reversible otherwise I'll be carrying the 'Spurs Musing' burden all on my own.

Anyway there's a fair amount of optimism about, so fingers crossed Greg and friends holed up in A Kent Pub and here's to 4th.  If we win, put a round on my tab. You never know I might turn up in person one day. 
Does Mine Host take Green Shield stamps?

Friday 3 December 2010.
 The Title Race ... A Spurs Sleigh Ride To St Andrews ... No Snow White Vote At World Cup.
Imagine you are just turning on the radio whether it's in the car or kitchen, perhaps it's the tv. Then along comes this ...
" We interrupt this programme ... breaking news ... a flash ... apparently official ... local time 6 pm, Sunday 22 May 2011."
Speaking from White Hart Lane an emotional Sir Henry "Harry" James Redknapp of Snowbanks, Sandhurst,paid a glowing tribute to his players. Sir Henry, recently so annointed in line with his elevation to Manager of the Three Lions, takes on the England job following the Champions League Wembly Final six days later.. His last game in charge of Spurs.
In buoyant mood following Spurs taking out their first Premier league title he was asked whether there was a turning moment. " Yes I think our win in the blizzard at St Andrews on Saturday December 4 was pivotal."
It's been a big week for the Sandhurst knight. He paid tribute to his legal team as well. The recent announcement at Southwark Crown Court whereby certain tax matters were discontinued cleared the way for his appointment to the England job.The knighthood quickly followed.
Speaking live from the nearby Emirates Stadium an apoplectic Arsene Wenger was still coming to terms with the passing of the baton in North London. Unable to mention the Spurs championship he preferred instead to concentrate on finally achieving a trophy after too many barren years." Ze Carling Cup. Beaucoup. Allez les good times roll."
The Arsenal Manager was a little more forthcoming when asked if he could point to any defining moment. " The day my water broke.( seemingly an oblique gallic reference to the Case of the Broken Water Bottle, Emirates,at a certain North London Derby.)
Elsewhere another knight of the football realm made a rare appearance. Sir Alex of Ferguson possibly appearing as the FA fines ,now past the 1.7 million pound mark, seemed to be starting to bite.
Yes he was present but not particularly garrulous. He declined to comment on the possible negative effect the relocation in January of a Mr. W. Rooney and family to the United States may have meant. He did concede that the continued long term absence of a Mr. D. Berbatov owing to a compound leg fracture suffered at the Man U Xmas party, was not very helpful.
Elsewhere crossing live from Stamford Bridge the recently installed Chelsea manager, Mr. Ray Wilkins congratulated Sir Henry and his Hotspurs. In passing as well Ray paid tribute to both people and player power. In the former case it was the famously successful "Bring Back Ray" T-shirt campaign plus some well timed assistance from a Mr. Julian Assange which saw Roman Abramavich give Ray the top job. The power of WikiLeaks in Russia is considerable. Being a player's favourite also helped.
Enough,enough. Perhaps all this snow is having an effect. Attendance at team meetings this week at our pub has been accentuated with a corresponding decrease in attendance at work. Plenty of early Christmas cheer this week ...
At A Kent Pub.
Back to the present . Our Spurs sled, some might say bandwagon,travels to Birmingham this Saturday. If we can improve on last seasons1-1 draw then it is another small step in the Title chase. Chesea indeed lost there earlier in the season.
We are stronger than then very obviously. Perhaps the centre half area maybe not so. Still if Bassong picks up from last week and our new captain continues his rich vein of form, we may be fourth Saturday evening.
Cheers ... only fitting that Franz Klammer, what a name , Austrian Gold medal Skier, turns 57 today ....  Greg Meyer.          coys.

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