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Friday, 3 December 2010

A slow news day

JimmyG2 rises to the challenge

Snow gently falling; skies grey and overcast; can't get the car out of the drive; garden and allotment frozen solid; Christmas cards done; no papers this morning. Thank God for Spurs Musings but there's not an awful lot to muse about at the moment. No midweek game. I knew there was something missing. But never let it be said that the Guild of Tottenham Bloggers can't be relied upon to come up with a readable blog even when there's not much to say. In fact most of us excel at it.

I filled in the time with a scouting mission on Channel 5 at Man. City. (City v Saltzburg)
Poor opposition but then it is only the Europa League full of 'almost made its' and throw outs from the Senior competition. City are in the former category and had too many players jostling with their hands raised shouting 'Me, me, Mr. Mancini, pick me. They made shooting fish in a barrel look quite difficult. Mancini might survive until New year but check the odds on his sacking before the end of the season.
They've got some decent players but are not yet a team. They will have some excellent results and an equal number of dire ones. If we can keep some consistency 4th or higher is ours.

Allegedly a transfer target but completely failed his audition: good player when he feels like it, dodgy temperament, ex Arsenal. Remind you of anyone? But, to be fair, the boy Gallas has done good. Let's quit while we're ahead on that one. Adebeyor is too expensive, not quite good enough for us to bother and City won't sell him to us anyway.

New Stadium

Northumberland Pk. Project- £450 million, 56,000 capacity
Too many problems, transport, cost, in the end not worth the effort though it satisfies the tradition, history and nostalgia lobby.

Stratford Olympic Stadium. £250 million, 80,00 capacity,
Transport and infrastructure sorted, not far from N17, in at least a year earlier

If David Levy isn't let off the hook by us not getting it in the first place he may have to make a very difficult decision. If he gets the chance on this one he will take it. Memories are short and we will quickly assimilate the new history into the old history. As I said last time 'its the economics stupid'
Why run the club as a business and then let sentiment prevail?

White Hart Lane Refurbish and redevelop Guesstimate £100 million. Capacity 45,000 + internet
Do it one tier per stand at a time. Nostalgia preserved. It has been suggested to me that greater use of the Internet could be the future. Not sure of the economics but selling a decent, legal feed from Sky through Spurs TV could be a money spinner, for home games at least.

I have already signed the petition but then I'm a silly old sod from way back. No money for players for several years is a big factor in giving me pause for thought .And in these tough economic times how long would it take to get off the ground. Sorry no pun intended. Well only slightly

New players
Usual bullshit. I don't see anything happening in the January transfer window. Anyone decent is cup tied, too expensive or no better than what we've got.

Outside possibility: Keane for Andy Carroll.
Based entirely on the Hughton Spurs link and the fact the Robbie has some leftover British Rail Vouchers which run out in January. It's too neat to come off though. Pity. As long as we billet him with Modric rather than Ledley. In fact we aught to billet Ledley with Modric

Transfers Out
As above. I think Harry will keep his powder dry until the summer. The annual dead wood clear-out which never ever happens in any case is once again postponed. Mind you some of the dead wood has already sprouted again (Hutton, Jenas, Kaboul for a start.) The same happened to some potato peelings in my compost bin.

Some serious Redknapp analysis and not a 'wheeler dealer', 'cheeky chappy' in sight. Not just in the Red Top rags rags either, but in the ones you have to fold over on the Tube. 'How far is his tactical ignorance a bluff?' asks the Guardian. 'Or is it all a double bluff 'asks 'Spurs Musings' We are finally forcing the pundits to take us seriously but it's all still a bit grudging.
Spurs always let you the end.(A. Hanson circa 2010) A bit like saying that at the end of the day we're all dead. Plenty to do and enjoy before 'the end' arrives.

Bread and butter. They will be elated and knackered by the win over Aston Villa and three points for us is vital and almost inevitable. Note the weasel 'almost' in there. Five wins in a row?
We've just about got enough players to put out a decent squad and despite new injuries to Kaboul, JJ and Van de Vaart we should have enough to take all three points.

Modric, Bale, Lennon and Defoe could probably win it on their own but out of respect to the Second City boys we don't have to rub it in and will probably throw on another half a dozen. Cocky? Moi?

Bassong will join the usual suspects at the back. Sandro might be given the Palacios role and Crouch and Defoe will start. Dropping Wilson though might have an even more detrimental effect on his confidence than giving him another chance. Dawson is on the bench so not quite down to the bare bones yet.

World Cup Bid
Prince William, Dave 'the schmooze' Cameron and the husband of Posh couldn't even muster one vote each. I hope it doesn't spoil his Prince ship’s nuptials. Talk about the three stooges.
Putin stayed behind to count the votes he'd bought and didn't bother to turn up until it was all over.
Serves them all right. 'It's the money in brown envelopes stupid'.

Two votes out of 22 and out in the first round. That sounds about right. One of those was our own rep. and we were probably lucky to get that.

Qatar sounds fun if you don't drink and like building sand castles.. Not for your average football fan then. Seven of the 12 stadiums will be dismantled after the event. Some 'legacy'.
See you in Antarctica for 2026.

There you see, I knew I'd find something to fill in the time before the weekend.

1-2 Spurs. Keep looking behind you Modders: remember last year.

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elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Andy Carrol? Yes please.

I will be on cloud 9 if we are able to take 3 points from Birmingham! Doesn't sound right saying it, but with their record at home, it would be an achievement.


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