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Monday, 31 January 2011

The A-Z of a cup drubbing

 It's primed to go off after 10mins and 13 seconds.The Captain's got the key.

Disobeying my own rule: 'Never blog when you're angry'
here is my initial reaction straight after the match.

We were:

Absolutely awful
Badly beaten
Comprehensively clattered.
Depressingly disorganised
Extraordinarily exposed
Fatally flawed
Grimly goalless
Horribly hopeless
Inconceivably inept
Jawdroppingly jaded
Knackeringly kyboshed.
Lazily lacklustre
Mercilessly muntered.
Numbingly neutered
Overwhelmingly outplayed
Pathetically punctured
Quietly quashed
Routinely roasted
Stupidly self-destructive
Terribly trounced
Unbelievably unproductive
Vilely vanquished
Worryingly wretched
Xpediciously xecuted
Yawningly yanked
Zestfully zeroed.


We can concentrate on the league (and the Champions' League) and by god we need to.
Modric still worked his socks off to climb a mountain getting bigger by the moment.
We held them 0-0 in the second half with 10 men. But do you really bother when you're 4-0 up?
Could have been even worse.

Strikers. Is it Pavlyuchenko's turn now?
Van der Vaart is revealing his temperamental side. Another needless yellow.
This is the third time we have pressed the self destruct button. We didn't get away with it this time.

More considered and reflective 'Musings' later.
More alphabet suggestions welcomed. You should have all cooled down by now.


Anonymous said...

I think after yesterday and the usual Transfer Window bo**ocks my feelings can best be expressed in song titles such as :

"I used to Love Them, but It's All Over Now"
"Tired of Waiting"
"Forget about it"
"You Always Hurt The One You Love"

and many many more.

Anonymous said...

We were really Pathetically punctured. Now its looking worse...we may have to suffer the one-goal a season freak for the rest of our lives. Mark my words, Crouch will be our main striker - scoring his one goal a year - until his loving uncle, Mr. Redknapp is sacked.

ALWYN said...

taking it from another angle, how many games have we seen this season (from all competitions) where there're TWO penalties given within the first 15 mins and so close to each other? c'mon, we don't think the ref had a bit of beef to, uh, chew with Spurs?

still, no excuses. i'm angry w Dawson for getting hiimself sent off and i'm pissed we couldn't at least pull one back.

redknapp better roll the whip out.

Anonymous said...

Cracking stuff !


JimmyG2 said...

First poster.
Thankyou,I feel a song title blog coming on.

How many games ever has such a thing occurred?

Anon 15:37
Cheer up, at least Robbie's gone.
I'm sure Crouchy will get another goal this season, won't he?

Ashley Collie said...

For all us Spurs fans, a little Police:
"But it's my destiny to be the king of pain..."

elwehbi@ibleedhotspur said...

Dawson really annoyed me the other day. You're the captain and that's the performance you put in? Awful stuff really.

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