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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Greg Meyer's Column has a dream.

Greg is in good company here with Martin Luther King, and, even more exciting,  fresh paintwork at a Kent Pub.  All those profits from celebrating Spurs fans are better on the walls than going to the taxman.  Perhaps a win today will take their minds off the smell of emulsion.
 Dutch courage comes in many forms as we know and another Ajax connection is made clear here in Greg's  big match analysis. I use the term loosely.
With three of our rivals for Top Four winning yesterday,  everyone, even in parts of Manchester is hoping we will do everyone a favour and tighten the gap at the top. Nothing but a win will do.
So along with Greg and Dionne Warwick I am,
'Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying 
Planning and dreaming'  for a Spurs victory at WHL today.
Saturday 15 January 
Dream Over Or Dream On ...   A Title Bout At The Lane ... Dutchmen Galore.
Martin Luther King Jr would have been 81 today. He of the famous "I have a dream" speech. It seems like that long since Spurs won at home over United. A mere 10 years ago in May 2001. Willem Korsten scored a brace. Willem who?
Title dreams for Spurs may all go down the plug hole if they are beaten by United. Certainly and always one of the biggest games of each season. Our pub has seen some animated discussion this week and not just about Sundays blockbuster.
Reflections Through Pub Glass ... Window and Pint Glass Both.
'Send in the Clowns' ...
                                a song made famous originally by songstress Judy Collins. Fashioned into a more extraordinary art form by Team Beckham. Seems the circus is denied admittance to Chigwell Lodge. Training and players only. Beckham seems to have been well received by our players and some wives too. Mrs O'Hara in particular.
Unfortunately for the Seventy Seven Sunset Strip ( very old tv series) it is just that. David proudly wearing kit number 77 is about to fade from any realistic chance of turning out for Spurs. Still our lawyer is particularly looking forward to immense improvement in young Aaron's crossing this week.
The one that got away ...
                                     the Scottish knight was unusually(?) candid this week . He admitted attempting to sign Ryan Gigg's younger Welsh brother. Spurs got there first. Hopefully Gareth fares better against Rafael tommorrow. A key matchup says our banker. As well hope the older brother doesn't show the younger up.
Caravans keenly linked to football success ...
                                                                 Rafael VdV has revealed his early upbringing was spent in the family caravan at Beverwijk. Another talented striker for United has strong caravan links. Although some might say that ever since those revelations regarding his living conditions in the Nike World Cup ad, Wayne has not been quite the same.Our medico hopes that remains unaltered.
An Irishman out and more Dutchmen in ...
                                                             If Robbie Keane finally leaves seems  we have a Dutch only policy. Steven Pienar formerly of Ajax ( honourary Dutchman surely) and Luis Suarez , currently with Ajax, seem our primary targets. Robbie to score a memorable goal in his last game. Mind nothing is gospel. Certainly not ...
At A Kent Pub.
The last time Mine Host did any work on our pub Bill Nicholson was a regular. Okay the last bit is hardly gospel but indeed major renovations have hit our pub. Our team are huddled around a campfire in the carpark for the next 2 weeks.
Means a big attendance at the Lane tommorrow where with no Twitterman and no Clutterbuck there may be a level refereeing playing field. Mike Dean is officiating. Is that the start of our dream  ...
Cheers ... a new era for Spurs and our pub beckons ... Greg Meyer.    coys.

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