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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Greg Meyer's Film night

Just in time for the Charlton deadline comes another quality column from the man from down under, lost in Kent, but found at White Hart Lane.
Bravely shrugging off the cricket and the loss to Everton he brings tidings of great joy and hope for the future, well the immediate future anyway.
He regards Charlton as a racing certainty and Man.Utd as a definite possibility. We will see, but like me, he's not always wrong. And remember you read it here first.
Do you want popcorn with that?
 FA Cup Sunday 9 January 2011.
The Title Chase  ... A Night At The Cinema ... Films Showing At A Kent Pub Near You.
A Spurs Christmas to remember. The old bloke with the funny twitch, Harry not Santa,certainly delivered. Our pub and the real team even survived a New Years hangover against Fulham,just.  Everton proved a game too far which wasn't helped by Everton finally finding some hitherto lost positivity.
Thanks to an Italian still unable to infuse a misfiring Chelsea with a modicum of creativity, a Gallic propensity to again try and walk the ball into the onion bag, and another Mancurian Italian clueless in the ambition department( no shots on target versus Arsenal), our Spurs still remain fourth and in the shout for the top job.
Sitting atop the pile with games in hand are of course our next visitors to the Lane , Cup aside, Manchester United. The thought of Berbatov, he of the once loved brigade, Nani, he of the Olympic diving team, and Gary " the moustache doesn't help" Neville both excites and appals. Mine host has therefore organised a pub night at the cinema but really minds are never far from that title chase even whilst ...
Our Pub Goes To The Cinema.
A selection of fare containing all the necessay football match ingredients seems available. Most are your mandatory 90 minutes. An added bonus, most times for Spurs fans, there is no injury time. No late nervous nineties.
A movie about a runaway football club. Hardly out of sight yet but their next four are Spurs(a), Birmingham(h), Blackpool(a), and Villa (a).No real sign of a train wreck there unless Spurs can derail them next Sunday.
Toy Story Three.
Loosely based on two teamates, Woody Fabregasp and Buzz Lightyear Walcott,they and their Arsenal mates embark on a quest to escape from a day care centre ruled by an evil French manager. Will the Arsenal "kids" win out. Next they face,West Ham(a), Wigan(h), Everton(h), and Castle (a).Nothing unwinnable there unfortunately.We ruled out seeing another 2010 cinematic offering, The Kids Are All Right. Our lawyer did not think his stomach could handle it.
A Disney classic with themes of youthful restoration abounding.Princess Rapunzel lets down her hair. All seventy feet of it. Chelsea have certainly taken on disney like qualities lately. Comedic results lacking in animation anyone.An aging squad complicates matters.
Their next four involve Blackburn(h), Bolton(a), Sunderland(a), and Liverpool (h). No guarantee of 12 points there particularly if the return of the Messiah , Kenny Dalgleish at Anfield has a restorative effect.
Rather than letting down his hair surely 2011 is going to see Carlo Ancelloti contining to tear it out.
How To Train Your Dragon.
Not a direct reference to Carlos Teves but Alberto Mancini certainly has the world's most expensive dragon collective. Snap your fingers, sign a cheque and another big buy arrives. Edin Dzeko of mega bucks adds to the mix of expensive egos Alberto has to train.
Man City next meet Wolves(h), Villa(a), Birmingham(a), and Albion(h).No title contenders there. Our banker still tips them as top three. Money talks usually. Be nice if it was a happy film ending and the forces of white, right and lilywhite won out. Reccomended viewing ...
The Fighter or The Kings Speech.
The former based on a true story. Spanish manager is sacked and replaced by well known spruiker and wheeler dealer. His impossible task. To rejuvenate a punch drunk football team ( only asset a franchise t-shirt line, " 3 points from 8"). The rest is history, so far. Ex viewer of false dawns wins World boxing title.
Spurs play United(h), Newcastle(a), Rovers(a), and Bolton(h). Hmm says our medico. If the recent fatigue can be banished then all 4 doable. The break today helps. Beckham arriving probably has little influence either way. More help would be a striker arriving.
Some of our number did plump for The Kings Speech. No sign of Ledley anwhere. The optimism of a miraculous recovery , say for part of the season remains. Our overall verdict gives Unstoppable the nod but Spurs are very much in it and need to aim high to make fourth at least. Plenty of discussion ensued post cinema ...
At A Kent Pub.
The Charlton game has our number very much passe and not overly inspired. Surely a win and an opportunity for rest to Bale, Van, Moddle  and Gallas. Perhaps the Octopus as well.
Elsewhere who said karma was a myth. The agent provocateur in the Kaboul-Tiote affair was sent off by Andre Marriner playing for Newcastle in their FA Cup loss.
Looking forward to the visit of the petulant Scottish knight. Our Preston North End skier thought Jason Ferguson had to go. Dad with predictable peevishness recalled all his United loanees. Tony, best mate, Pulis followed suit after taking a phone call from Manchester no doubt. Still Sunday 16 January might mark a watershed as regards our title aspirations.
Cheers ... in a week when Howard Webb picks up a gong then surely a no brainer for a certain Ashes squad ... MBE England ... RIP Australia ...Greg Meyer. coys.


Anonymous said...

Once again we entertain a team from the North West and you no what i think about that Jimmy G11, Bags of running Nani Ronaldo the second even Berby has lost loads of weight and moves a lot more. Fletcher has always run a lot and he was already on my radar when he went fro Boo Boy to midfield dynamo.So expect a high tempo little pea game.

Anonymous said...

Not sure whats better ... the column or the introduction.
Whatever.keep up the good work Jimmy.

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