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Friday, 28 January 2011

Stadium problem solved. Simples

How you gonna get back to The Lane Daniel ?

Plenty to take our minds of the football which frankly at the moment is not a bad thing. The petition to save Andy Gray's job at Sky has now accumulated over 6 signatures in the last 48 hours, five from his own family and one from a Mr.Richard Keys who has been distracted from rallying round his oppressive chum by having to resign himself. Possibly the least lamented sackings and resignations in the history of industrial relations. The irony is that they fell foul of sexism rather than their complete incompetence and bias as football experts.

The Stadium controversy has gone global at least in N17. Actually now that the Olympic Stadium has been put out of bounds politically by the athletics' lobby and Levy has declared the NPD 'not viable' I say WHL and Tottenham High Road may be dumps but at least they are our dumps. If it saves anything between £250/£450 million and rising to put an extra 20,000 thousand bums on seats then let's call the whole thing off.

Levy has burned his bridges in a somewhat spectacular fashion. Only last month the NPD was a runner and now it's 'not viable'. He can hardly declare it viable in a couple of weeks time when we don't get the OS. He is hinting that we will move in any case. Where? Ground share with Arsenal? Or W.Ham at the OS? Wembley? A green-field site somewhere in Hertfordshire? Or Hackney Marshes? The heat generated from these suggestions might advance global warming by a couple of centuries and may make the whole discussion purely academic.

However your Uncle Jimmy has a simple and effective remedy which cuts straight to the heart of the problem and solves everything, except 'World Peace' obviously. It is this: increase all ticket prices and subscriptions by a third and thereby effectively increase the return on the existing ground capacity to 48.000. That's bigger than Man.City and Chelsea. I didn't say it would be popular but it has the merit of having an immediate effect and costs the club nothing.

I sympathise with the poor, I've be one of you myself for years, who are priced out of the market but hey what's new in today's world? 
'It's the rich what gets the gravy: it's the poor what gets the blame'.( Music Hall song)
There are plenty of fans on the waiting list to replace them. So at a stroke we avoid the potential debt problems and the planning problems; we get an immediate decision and get a better class of fan at the same time. Prawn sandwhiches all round.

All I want is Champions' League now and again; attractive football; 'top' if not 'top top' players and a club that has a soul. Which is roughly where we are at the moment. Now I love architects' projections too and I feel sorry for those who might not get to watch the game because of restricted numbers and higher prices. They won't get to stroll across the 'piazza' and pop into Sainsburys for a chat with Jamie Oliver, but these are hard times.

Mrs JimmyG2 suggested doubling the prices and effectively having a ground capacity of 72,000. Once she’d finished explaining the off-side rule to me, I outlined the 'Law of Diminishing Returns' to her which says that a certain point on the graph the income starts to fall. So if you increased prices by tenfold, thereby giving you the same return as a 360,000 crowd then only about 25 Spurs fans and the members of the Coalition Cabinet could afford tickets.

Increasing prices by a third is 'viable'.and offers an increased capacity to 48,000 at a stroke which is not far short of what the NPD is offering and with no outlay. I'm surprised that Levy hasn't thought this already. Hostility to a plan by core supporters is what Levy clearly thrives on and I recommend this suggestion to the Board.

It makes us less of a sellable asset but that is no bad thing. Levy despite being a two faced, duplicitous, evasive bastard is as good a Chairman as we are likely to get. I don't actually believe that the WPD is not viable just that the Olympic Stadium is a better option financially. I'm not sure I buy into all this 'next level' stuff anyway and that unless we build a shiny new stadium we are doomed to mid table oblivion for ever. A trophy stadium does not automatically mean more trophies.

On the football front which I was hoping to avoid, things appear to have stalled. Chelsea, Arsenal and Man.Utd all won easily at the weekend and subsequently Man Utd. came from 2-0 down to win away at Blackpool. We are faltering, 2 points from nine, and not a new striker in sight. It could just be mid winter blues for me and Spurs but I am not too hopeful of us finishing in the top four this year.

Of course we could just sell Bale to Inter for £40 million, a story denied before it hit the streets, and Modric for the same to United, buy Parker and keep our fingers crossed until Tom returns. That's not so much a plan as an auto destruct button.

On the rumour front there is a link to Forlan who is a classy, Tottenham style player with a remarkable scoring record at Athletico for someone who isn't an out and out striker. (73 goals in 119 appearances) This is certainly an upgrade as far as rumours go and the asking price is only £9million which means that every team in the Premiership and La Liga will want him and some in the Championship too. Our local youth club might be in for him at that price. On the downside Harry has repeated that Crouch will not be sold.

Unless we increase our wage levels we may not attract the more mercenary of the floating foreign contingent and may have to rely on our achievements, our traditions, our history, our reputation and the fact that we are in the Champions' League and have some top class players already. It hasn't done us too badly so far and hope the new financial regime gives those without a rich benefactor a fairer chance in the future.

Did I mention Fulham in the cup on Sunday? We usually draw and then beat them in the replay so why break the habits of a lifetime.
1-1 on Sunday and 2-1 at the Lane.

You read it here first and I'm not always wrong.


Anonymous said...

worst article I've read for a long time. poor.

Anonymous said...

feeble, fictional, illinformed and not resembling funny . . . School report - Must try harder

Anonymous said...

If we don't expand our stadium and increase our revenue then once UEFA's new financial fair play rule is introduce we'll be a nursery club for the 'top four' forever more.

Would I still watch Spurs? Probably.

Would I still pay upwards of £800 when I knew the best we could achieve is 5th place and then sell our best players? No, probably not. Try about £250 a season ticket and I may consider it.

Anonymous said...

Complete load of rubbish, the guy that wrote this clearly can talk the hind legs of a donkey but still his point is stupid and not thought out. Spurs need to move, either to the Stratford site or somewhere else. The money of building in and around the Lane isn't worth it.

To get to the next level we need a new ground and that can't happen in Tottenham, everyone with a level head knows this and anyone holding banners and chanting rubbish need to look at the facts. The council don't want us there for any other reason then the money. For many years the club has ask for better travel link and planning permission but none have be forth coming. We are just a cash cow to them. We as a club need a 50 to 80k stadium to compete with the likes of Man City and Man U. That will only happen if we move away, all I would say is in Levy we should trust.

Shaun said...

ramblings of an idiot... you lost me at putting the prices up by a third... garbage

SpursSimon said...

I thought it was funny :-)

You think the club haven't thought that already - I will be interested to see who is Cat A next year, Liverpool, West Ham.... Hardly the top draw of football clubs at the moment

Anonymous said...

Clearly he was trying to be funny but it was still an awful article

Anonymous said...

If Spurs leave N17,Haringey council are up shit creek without a paddle.The whole area will just close and become a ghost town with all the social problems you would expect.So if i was on Haringey council i would be moving heaven and earth to assist Spurs to find a way to stay, after all Newham council are stumping up 100 million to keep WHUFC in with a chance of the OS and in their area.So Haringey council remember when they go you will lose everything.

Anonymous said...

If we are to move to a new stadium as N17 is not a viable option due to finances than why not move to somewhere like Bolton or Rotherham or even Peterborough as it would be much cheaper. The point is we are TOTTENHAM hotspur and we have history in N17, we were born out from the TOTTENHAM marshes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 17.59 said "So if i was on Haringey council i would be moving heaven and earth to assist Spurs to find a way to stay".

Haringey Council don't know how to assist. They only know how to obstruct, intimidate and bleed dry.

Anonymous said...

N17 is a dump... will be glad when I dont have tO ENDURE the torture that is trying to get there and back.

OP would be perfect for mine, and mosts needs.


Anonymous said...

How about we match share. Sell out 37000 for the first half and then a different 37000 let in for the second half. 74,000 sorted. HHxx

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day levy is a massive twat but i do agree we need a larger stadium rather than raising season ticket price, i come from a family of spurs fans from my great granddad to me and none of them can stomach the idea of leaving tottenham but understand its necessary to stay in a higher class of football and come on, dont we deserve it! I will love the club unconditionally either way. Also i no goal scorer in site. Disappointing. Oh well fulham away love it.


JimmyG2 said...

Seems you can't please some of the people any of the time.
I'm only thinking outside the box

Now you're getting into the spirit of the thing.
How you going to get them out and a new lot in at half time?
It all comes down to logistics.

Anon 18:04
I like it. Rotherham Hotspurs.What's the problem?
Take the team round the country. Oh sorry that's called away matches.

dpac73 said...

Calm down people it's just a light hearted look at what we're going to talk about if we don’t win the bid. When you consider how much negative PR our plans for the Olympic Stadium have got from so many quarters. Whatever you say West Ham have played a blinder by peddling the myth that Spurs will be ‘wasting’ £500 million pounds of tax payers’ money purely for profit whereas West Ham’s bid is something for the community which is clearly a bogus assertion as the West Ham owners are no different to Levy & ENIC in looking at the OS as a quick way to massively boost the value of their investments. And unfortunately this has been the message that has stuck.
Obviously such a simplistic idea of adjusting the ticket prices to equate match day revenue of WHL to that of a 60k stadium was meant tongue in cheek. But I think it is valid to question why Levy as the author suggests is burning his bridges for the NDP by declaring it is now unviable when only a couple of months ago it still was. Also there are only 4 Champions League places and there are about 8 teams who year on year would have ambitions of gaining one of the spots. So while we would all like to move to a new stadium wherever that may be it doesn’t necessarily guarantee CL football.
Anyway all I want is for Spurs to win on the pitch. There is nothing like winning to keep footballers happy at a club even if they are only earning a measly £60k per week. Whatever we think about the pros and cons of the OS we can’t control what the OPLC decide. I’m annoyed they have decided to delay the decision as it is all becoming a big distraction just like the David Beckham saga was and even Harry Redknapp has to keep commenting about the issue it’s ridiculous. We need to just concentrate on the football. COYS!

TMWNN said...

Good article JG2.

Shame it was wasted on those that are hell bent on (hopeful) glory at all cost.

Anonymous said...

why dont we just build where we are change the plans to include two banked ends one which is split top half away fans bottom home fans the gate will increase from 55,000 to well over 60,000 ,do away with the hotel supermarket and flats and build a car park for fans, then you will increase the money coming in, if you start now it will be finish before the games start ,

JimmyG2 said...

I like a man who understands me better than I understand myself.
'Just concentrate on the football' wise words, in tandem with 'sign a striker for god's sake'

Last poster.
Now we're motoring. Sounds good to me but what do I know. Run it past Daniel.

Anonymous said...

newcaastle and sunderland big stadiums !!!! don't need to say anymore gotta stay in TOTTENHAM...

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Haha. I laughed Jimmy. A much needed and timely prick of the bubble of Spurs self-importance. What about Orient? Stratford is not only against the grain for Tottenham Hotspur it also threatens the future of another football club.

I would go for building on WHL or NPD. Nothing else that has been proposed: Stratford indeed.

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