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Monday, 3 January 2011

What can the BBC do for us?

You cannot be serious!

Who would have thought that Aston Villa would do us a favour against Chelsea and help us remain clear in 4th. I suppose that it shows` that Chelsea are in a worse run of form than even the Midlands relegation candidates. Meanwhile we are in our best run of form for several centuries with 9 games unbeaten in the Premiership and 11 in all competitions. If we had shown the same lax defending and conceded a last minute goal like Chelsea the 'Harry out' tendency on Spurs fan-sites would be more numerous than the grains of sand in the Sahara.

Not that you would have recognised a top Premiership side in our performance against Fulham. We looked tired and our passing was sloppy for the early part of the game. Later Fulham dominated and it would have been hard to spot the relegation team. They were organised in defence and creative in the midfield, especially Murphy. If they had an on form striker they might be pushing for Europe rather than battling relegation.

We were tired because the same players with minimal changes turned out again for our third game in 6 days. Gallas even when heavily strapped up in the second half was preferred to Bassong who came on against Newcastle and played well once again alongside Dawson with whom he had kept several clean sheets last season. Do you detect a certain amount of doubting of the judgment of Harry here?

I know, I know, we won and the proof of the pudding and all that. But like the plates spinning on sticks act eventually all the plates tumble despite the ever increasing manic activity of the head plate spinner. You have to think ahead and Everton might prove a platter too far. Once again we won without playing that well and you all know what that's a sign of. Exactly 'A good team' according to popular myth.

Pavlyuchenko ran about a bit, had one shot and one good lay off to Bale to his name. Bale had a good effort saved but generally chose the wrong option. He did maintain the old double act with Van der Vaart for a goal which seemed clearly fortuitous at the time but which seems to be becoming more deliberate in everybody's minds with the passing of time.

Dawson and Gallas were firm and Dawson who was preferred as captain made a good clearance of the line. Hutton went off injured but we don't know how seriously and Corluka slotted in as if he had never been away. Our second clean sheet in a row secured the points and I suppose that in the past we would have conceded a late equaliser..

If we have the best squad in the league why don't we make more use of it? I hope and expect to see Jenas, Bassong and Corluka start the next game and even Sandro, Kranjcar and Gio who wasn't even on the bench against Fulham make an appearance. Van der Vaart, Bale and Modric could probably do with a rest though Luka is so essential to our play at the moment I would rest the other two first. Perhaps they will all get the day off against Charlton before the Man.Utd game.

If Lennon had scored having run through the Fulham defence as he did against Newcastle instead of running out of confidence and neither scoring nor passing then the pressure would have been off, both for that game and perhaps for the 'Beckham Bandwagon Carnival' fuss in the press which can only get worse as the January 'Shite-Fest' builds up.

I'm sorry for the slightly misleading headline because now I come to, not the British Broadcasting Corporation, but the 'Beckham Bandwagon Carnival' show. Now I'm not sure whether Beckham is trying to bounce Harry into a deal or Harry is trying to bounce Beckham into one. Or whether Harry and Beckham are trying to bounce Levy, or Beckham's agent is trying to bounce Harry and Levy. Or perhaps the press, who don't really give a toss either way, are just filling up space as usual.

It's January folks and the combination of the names of Harry Redknapp and David Beckham is nigh on irresistible. Now regular readers of this blog will know that I am a miserable old sod at the best of times. Snoods would be banned, Henry Ford's maxim would be followed with regard to boots: they could be any colour as long as they're black. Gloves would be allowed only when the temperature is below absolute zero and all players would live in digs with approved landladies.

So no prizes for gueassing which side of the Beckham argument I am on. I think it's a gimmick, a side-show, a distraction at a crucial time when we need to focus. I think it's personality led when our attention should be on football. I don't think he is good enough to get in the team any more than he can get back in the England team. I think it's all about Beckham and not about Tottenham.

In the time available little will be achieved especially in Lennon's crossing ability and if David wants to get fit then he should be paying us and not drawing a wage that smashes through our present structure. He is a model pro who can deliver a wicked free kick but we already have Bale and Van der Vaart for that role. He works hard to defend but Lennon already does that

His skill set is the opposite of Lennon's who's USP is his pace and there are plenty of u-tube videos to show what Beckham does without having to find space on the team bus for all the baggage that he inevitably brings with him. As a dressing room energiser, or youth coach he might have some impact but he is basically an irrelevance who is well past his 'sell by' date to Tottenham at the present time.

I am aware of the alleged benefits but they all seem to flow from us to Beckham. We don't need the publicity or the prestige that is said will come our way. All we reap is the down side of the celebrity culture that surrounds him with too little time for any practical benefit to arise.

If all those sentimental reasons about his dad and his birthplace are true they were no less true before he chose the riches of American and the glamor of Italy. Could it be the lure of the Champions' League? So to be clear: I'm against it, if it should turn out to be true, which I very much doubt.
Thanks David, but no thanks.


Anonymous said...

Wont be reading your blogs again. Unimaginative. Uninformed. In fact, I question whether you know anything about football at all.

Anonymous said...

Send him to man city let him disrupt them !!!

Anonymous said...

Im with you jimmy.
no to beckham.
The guy makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's almost like you don't want us to be successful. Or can't wait for us to fail so you can pop up with a lugubrious 'told-you-so'.

What you may view as realism fighting against the rose-tinted overly-optimistic horde is merely the sort of nagging mother-in-law-style moaning and bitching that we could well do without. Still, at least you didn't whine about Harry not dusting on top of the trophy cabinet that he's not filled yet.

Anonymous said...

Don't need him; don't want him....

Anonymous said...

He did one great thing for England - that free kick against Greece which took Goldenballs - and a bit more for United. He brings a circus with him everywhere he goes and let's not forget, he's actually the lowest form of football life, a Cockney Red. In my book that's worse than a Gooner - at least Woolwich is in London. He's past whatever it was he was good at and actually never was that great anyway.

Anonymous said...

G2 Beckham asked Jamie would his dad consider having him on loan Harry said he would be delighted. Its Galaxi who are being awkward it could be because we are attached to one of there rivals who can say. Beckham would be a revaluation off the field with our Team and Kids. And if Keane leaves we will have lost a very good dressing room personality and this is just has important to moral. Now for the game befi=ore we played Fulham Flyers i told all my fellow Totte fans we would struggle to win and we did not because we where tired but because they would be energised to the maximum . You see Jimmy G2 if Harry new how these teams come out in the second half fired up he would make sure we never tired. The same will happen on Wednesday with Everton and even with Cahill missing they will be fired up with desperate Energy something that is causing shocks is Mr Tempo and believe me its true just look at the Baffling results massive weight loss and you will dicover like i did what it is. Harry should have a statue because i no how hard it is to beat this Tempo and Blackpool playing well did not shock me living in the north west Tempo is rife.

yo_daniel said...

Bit harsh @Anon 16:01. Well written, the nicest basic webfont in use, and generally sensible observations.

Bale has started every league game this season apparently, and I can't remember many (any?) where he's been subbed, even when obviously knackered and with Niko looking sad on the bench. I do think we still need him for Everton though.

What sort of a tag is Bent Lennon, though?

Michigan and Smiley said...

'he's actually the lowest form of football life, a Cockney Red. In my book that's worse than a Gooner - at least Woolwich is in London'
That statement alone has convinced me I am sure that he would be an irritant at best and it's the cockney red glory hunting bit wasn't he training at the ARSE season before. Spurs are in the CL not only there but flying hangers on galore and the biggest of all our boy Dave, born in Whipps Cross, grew up in Leytonstone (Orient??) played for Brimsdown Rovers as a kid. All NE London supports MU- wanker- we could cope without him and still attain our GLORY. 5 years ago yeah definitely, now, do one.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he could just take penalties.

coxie said...

I enjoyed the read Jimmy, I am unsure on Beckham but I think he may lift the team around him. I'd rather we have signed Ronaldinho though.

Anonymous said...

Im in for Beckham.
Only reason is that he will be able to improve aaron lennon's final ball, and will improve him to not just be a above average winger, but nearly to world class. hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Where were Tottenham deficient against Fulham? Not for the first time, in giving the ball away too often, especially Palacios, though he worked hard. Those who can't see beyond the end of their nose assume a Lennon understudy/dressing room cheerleader and training ground coach role for Beckham should he arrive. In reality, the gaping hole left by the injured Huddlestone is crying out to be filled by a vastly experienced quality passer with the intelligence and discipline to sit in front of the back four and allow Modric to run games without expending the energy he currently has to in compensating for the team's defensive lapses in possession.

Anonymous said...

totally missing the point ......... could not give a monkeys fuck weather beckham comes or not. if we r going to get top 4 this year a WORLD CLASS striker is neaded

Anonymous said...

suck my stump

Anonymous said...

You are very very wrong about Beckham and his worth to Spurs. Almost not worth me commenting but I'm making the point now in a vain hope that you look back on this and realise you don't a have a danny, which will hopefully lead to you hanging up your 'writing' boots. My prediction is that the cellular impaired among us will carry on regardless. Give up and comment about something you might know about.. Admit it, you probably don't know a great deal about anything? Meet you back here end of season and we'll see who is closest?


Anonymous said...

Hmm, sorry to say but it is a negative read. We've just won 3 games in 6 days. Using mostly the same team. Because you play your best team possible. All three were actually close, hard games, even with our best team out. But we won. And still so many fans can't just enjoy it. Or appreciate it. Fulham didn't allow us to play our usual, high-paced game, which was poor on the eye, but us camped in their half for long periods was probably good for our energy levels. We still ground out a goal, by making our luck, taking our chances, two players I hope to god you weren't thinking of resting, and survive, with sheer effort and determination, flinging bodies in front of shots again and again, and Harry STILL he gets it wrong. Out with Bale, Palacios and Team Spirit. In with the back-ups, fringes and Benitez-styled idealism.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 16:20
I am not negative but I am critical. We are in a five way dogfight for 4 places amongst 5 teams.
I want us to succeed.

Anon 17:11
Sorry, tag malfunction

Anon 18:17
If I thought he could do this for Lennon I would welcome him.

Anon 18:19
He's never played this role and doesn't have the pace and stamina to do it now.

He's only going to be with us for two months.
Closest to what?


I acknowledge all this.
If it aint perfect it can be improved.

Anonymous said...

a. boring beginning to the article. yes a poor performance at home to fulham. but they came to get a draw, we played 3 games in 1 week, including 10 men for 90mins in 2 games. on the other hand, we're having the best season anyone can remember for decades, everyone else's second favourite team, we're above Chelsea etc. etc., and still chippy sniping comments about the manager

b. yes beckham sells shirts, but that man has achieved more than any other British footballer still playing (Giggs doesn't count - never left Man U); how can his experience not be useful? Your point was made by every Real Madrid and AC Milan fan in the past; all changed their tune after seeing him in action. And has Lennon never had a bad game, even this season? Have you read the quotes by Defoe about Beckham/ the Man U players when on England duty?

agree with the first post, won't be reading this blog again

Anonymous said...

18.17 are you a complete melt ? Lennon an above average winger ? I wouldnt swap lennon for any winger in the premiership, the guys a menace. And this final ball cliche is years old. Before his injury last season he had the most assists in the prem and has racked up a few since his return. Go away.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Enjoyed the piece Jimmy. Tend to agree with your views on Beckham at Spurs, though I like(d) him as a player and as a fella.

He found the pace at Milan tough at times and the prem is much faster than serie A. Going to the footballing backwater of the US has obviously taken its toll in this sense.

Why do people feel the need to say this is crap and they won't be reading it again? esp. as they were anonymous to start with. Just do one, quietly.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Of course playing, of all clubs, Man utd and Milan in the next few weeks will ramp up the circus and make it all about David. Stay focused and be sensible Spurs.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 23:33
Beckham went to Real Madrid in 2003 when he was 28.
He was well liked there and I saw him several times, but by the end,at 31, he was a bit part player at best and signalled virtually the end of his career by going to America.

He should have gone out at the top,
He is a very nice fella considering the hype and a fine footballer in his prime.
But that was then.

'Stay focused' is the key here.

Anonymous said...

I think the rotation argument is a weak one. Not because it cannot be made. Because it is too easy to be made.

Rotate and lose = you got rotation wrong.
Not Rotate and lose = you got rotation wrong.

Because you can win whatever the outcome it is a weak argument attractive mainly to those with an axe to grind. Which is a pity because sometimes this is a good blog.

TMWNN said...

Completely agree JimmyG2.

People are being unrealistic as to where DB is in his career right now. His level is nowhere near the PL and the whole thing is already becoming a massive distraction.

As for him being a 2 month marvel on the training pitch, cobblers!

Keep focused, get two strikers, leave Beckham state-side.

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