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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Behind the bike sheds.

W.Ham and Spurs agree: Olympic bid to be settled behind the bike sheds in a three way tag bout.

Kranjcar scores the winner from an assist by Pavlyuchenko in the 90th minute. Jenas is candidate for MOM again. What's going on? Even more unlikely is that Nico and Roman will start the next game away to Sunderland and this time JJ scores instead of just hitting the post. Every touch by Kranjcar displayed his class but Harry doesn't like to be proved wrong so unless this change is forced on him by injury I expect him to continue with Crouch, Defoe and Piennar.

But whether Harry is a'muppet' for not playing the out of favour duo earlier in the season or earlier in this match; or a genius for bringing them on late and winning it I leave you to debate amongst yourselves. The known known is that we are still challenging for 4th and playing Italian league leaders AC Milan next week in the final stages of the Champions' League. The known uknown, or is it the uknown known, is whether we could be higher up the league if Harry used our squad with more flexibility and was more astute tactically.

Without Bale, Modric, Huddlestone and possibly Van Der Vaart against Sunderland we still have six decent midfielders available: Lennon, Jenas, Palacios, Kranjcar, Piennar, and Sandro who are as good a midfield force as most teams in the Premiership. The first four of these with Pavlyuchenko up front will be more than a match for any team below us especially now that Darren Bent has departed from Sunderland

The Bolton game was exciting and classy: we were classy and they provided the excitement. The referree, Mark Clattenburg, contrived to be more important than the football, which is always bad news. He gave us two very early penalties and then took one away for encroachment. He gave us another but reversed his decision after consultation with the linesman who had flagged Crouch offside.

He refused Bolton a penalty and booked Cahill for simulation. 'Encroachment' and 'simulation' learn these words for a test on friday. The one he refused was as 'nailed on', whatever that means, as the one he awarded to Lennon: they were either both penalties or neither was. If I was a Bolton supporter I might just be feeling a little miffed. But let's not spend too much time sympathising with Bolton: let's save our precious reserves of compassion for ourselves. We might need them at any time.

Gomes let in a soft goal from a shot by Sturridge and but for Kranjcar's late strike would have gone from megastar to black hole in a few short days. Lennon played well on both wings, not at the same time obviously, a flexibility which is proving useful. Jenas ran him close for MOM and Dawson returned and was on his best behaviour.

Neither striker bothered the scorers as they say in the other game; Defoe scored but was offside ; Crouch had two good chances but took too long to control the ball and the moment had passed. Elmander hit the bar for Bolton with a header and Jenas saw his free-kick bounce to safety off the post. His strong driving run from midfield was halted on the edge of the area by a foul.

We played some proper football especially Van Der Vaart until he went off at half time with a recurrence of his calf strain and is out of the Dutch international friendly on Wednesday against Austria but hopefully not for the Sunderland game. . We were gritty against Blackburn and gritty again against Bolton.If the snow returns we could offer the squad to supplement the Harringey Highways task force.

We are now ahead of our tally for last season after 25 games. ( 44 points against 43 last year) and level on points with Chelsea who lost at home to Liverpool. We have lost once in 14 Premiership games. Elsewhere Wolves beat Man.Utd and Arsenal gave up a 4 goal lead to draw with Newcastle. There were 41 goals in the eight Premiership games.The football world has gone completely mad.

Torres was taken off after 66 mins. I make that about £800,000 per minute so far. If they'd bought him from Marks and Spencers they could have taken him back. Will Ancelotti get the sack? Will Chelsea come below Liverpool and us? What will be the Xmas No.1? I'll supply the questions : you come up with the answers.

We have four players in the England squad and as much as we all want them to play for the glory and reputation of the club we actually hope that they all sit it out and return to WHL intact in mind and body. Except Kyle Walker of course who's on loan at Villa and can't get a sniff in the Spurs side where he's behind a Scottish and a Croatian international. It all makes sense to me.

The build up to the big Olympic decision rumbles on. Let the name calling begin. Accusations of 'vandalism' from Karren Brady, 'scaremongering' from Levy who has now played the 'our architect's projection is better than your architect's projection' card.

There will be blood but don't rule out a move to Wembley: it's not that far really. Or a groundshare with West Ham: they're not so bad when you get to know them. Stand by for the Hackney Marshes Development Project.

We could let them go three rounds on the pitch, or behind the bike-sheds after the next W.Ham game to decide it. If Levy and Harry are allowed to double up on Ms Brady we might get the odds on her winning down to 5-1. So perhaps not such a good idea after all. 'Vandalism': do us a favour love.
OK,OK. I've disciplined myself.

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Anonymous said...

Nicely summed up. Although I'm bored of the should we/shouldn't we move to the Olympic Park argument. I live close to it in Stratford, and what most people don't know is that the stadium is a pile of shit. It's cheap and tacky, and quite frankly not worth 500 million squid. I do look forward to West Ham winning it, commiting their 200 million in refurbishment and upkeep costs and then getting relegated.

galvin was god said...

I had just recently last week stated on your page that Gomes was back to something like his best. stupid, stupid, stupid. anyhow, we have trousered six points since fulham and things look and feel better than they were. glory, glory nico kranjcar, quite frankly. He has a supreme talent for sniffing out goals from distance, something that his fellow countryman modric does not. This I think is significant, as we clearly cannot rely on crouch or defoe to score a single goal between them between now and the end of the season, unless the offside rule is abolished. In other words, nico must start, and stay started – from now until the end of the season. Pavlyuchenko is pissing and moaning again just as he did this time last year. it was about now that he went on his superb scoring run and turned himself into a legend overnight (remember that?). it is roman’s time again, step forward the russian boy wonder. If we lose to AC Milan (and I don’t think we will), we’ll still have 12-13 cups finals left to play. There’s a whiff of spring in the air, can you feel it?

JimmyG2 said...

First poster.
Businessmen know the cost of everything and the value of nothing.
'Nasty' it may be but 'cheap' is the important word.
It was always going to be 'the economics stupid'

galvin was god.
I would bet that neither Nico nor Roman start at Sunderland if I was abetting man.
Unless Crouch is being saved for Milan.
I hope Crouch starts for England tonight and gets a niggling injury, nothing life threatening of course, which puts him out for 2/3 weeks, time to allow Pav. to go on a run.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Much as I like and rate him as a player, I do not know if Nico should start at Sunderland, but JJ should.

Pavlyuchenko has to start, but won't.

galvin was god said...

For me this is an interesting debate as it goes to the heart of what makes a successful club these days. HR, recently at least, has a good record of man management, keeping (by and large) the squad happy for the duration last year. This is no mean feat in itself. Even Bentley was in sufficient good mood to pour cristal all over his manager in the interview room on the final day. We are in a better position than we where a year ago- and then some. Last 16 of the Champions league? Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Two weeks ago H said his players were running on empty. But then he picks the same team, and we win two on the trot. Was he talking toys-out-the-pram bollocks? Evidently, yes. But that won’t wash with the increasingly bewildered benchwarmers, who can see for themselves that the players being picked ahead of them have underperformed. I’m not saying its right, but for NK and RP it’s a use them or lose them situation. We pay them, so lets use them. You know I’m right, right?

Rio said...

Evening Jimmy.

Very interesting stat that we're actually a point better off after 25 games than last year. In the day-to-day hyped up micro-analysis administered by so many outlets (not ours, obviously) it's good to take a step back and look at the cold stats. That's made me feel better.

Enjoying the England game? No, me neither.

JimmyG2 said...

Actually it was quite interesting in a take it or leave it sort of way.
Well until Dawson lost Agger anyway.
That Bent eh. Always rubbing our noses in it.

galvin was god
Definately right.

I Know Alan Gilzean.
I'm keeping schtum on my love child JJ. in case it starts TOMNN off again.

Don't laugh Crouch has got a knock so Pav. might just start.

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