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Friday, 18 February 2011

The goal that was heard around the World by Greg Meyer

At last Greg our roving reporter re-appears to celebrate the recent events in Italy. No idea where he is because they don't put stamps on e-mails.  I'm guessing that he's somewhere in Europe but I could be wrong.
If anyone spots a Motorhome full of Australians don't hesitate to say 'g'day', buy them a drink and put it on my tab. They're easy to spot: the bike rack on the back is full of surfboards.
I suggest that he stays on the road in case he jinxes our current run of games but he can't commit much further than the end of the month.
Should be just enough time to see us into third and through to the next round.
If it all goes wrong we know who to blame and it's not Harry this time. 

Venerdi 18 Febbraio 2011. Near Milan.
"The Goal That Was heard Around The World"   ...   Kent Pub Touring  ... Why Spurs Can Finish Third.
The thrill of electrifying pace was yet to emerge.Sandro mopped up and pushed it short to Modric.Our midfield maestro spotted Lennon in space.Funny how its often our Luka whose genius for space catalyses these openings.
You sensed and hoped for something magic with all that green expanse in front of him.Not an Italian greenkeeper to be seen.Whoosh Aaron was off. And how. The afterburner kicked into gear. Spurs' fans heart rates multiplied. Aaron sped on.
Three others appeared. One Englishman, two Italians.Actually a Columbian, Yepes, and yes Alessandra Nesta, Italian superstar. Aaron sped on. The thrill of sheer pace had us all mesmerised.
What next? Spurs naysayers would expect the olde Lennon end product. Never, this is the new Spurs. The new Lennon. Aaron sped on. A professional and cynical Columbian loomed up on the radar.
The new found excellence of our Aaron emerged. Not so much the searing pace but the new found presence of mind, football maturity, to execute the cool, calculated hurdling of the attempted scything tackle by Yepes.Pace gave him wings. But more was to come. Aaron sped on.
No more the lower percentage shot on an ever narrowing angle on goal. No. A deliciously weighted, placed on a large San Siro platter, pass to our perfectly positioned Peter. Even he could not miss the Italian onion bag. A great supporting run by our lovable beanpole.
AC Milan  0   Tottenham Hotspurs  1. 
Half time in the Champions with another unbelievable night beckoning at the Lane Wednesday 9 March. We might even have our Gareth back. Perhaps even for Blackpool next Tuesday. Its our game in hand which if productive of three points means ...
Third Place in the Premier.
Sixteen days ago we were fifth and out of the Cup ingloriously at Fulham. Three league wins later we start a run against Blackpool, Wolves, Ham,Wigan and Stoke. Not all at home certainly. Moddle is back, VDV looks up to sixty minutes a game, Lennon is confident about running at fullbacks again. Bale may be about. Thats the creativity sorted. Chelsea eat your heart out.
So long as they find a missing Scotsman,our defence may be able to manage. Still with Gallas filling in at right full back perhaps they need not look too hard.Shame about our half hour man. Woody injured again. The Rolls Royce still in the Chairman's swimming pool. Two class centre halves who are surely now in their last season with us. Sad but sure to be used by Harry in those motivational chats. 
Long season short. Our Lilywhites continue to surprise fans and foreigners alike. Third is still a big shout. Speaking of shouts  ... why not  ...
At A Kent Pub.
This column has been largely written via a touring lap top, perched atop of a touring table , all part of a touring motorhome. Whilst some of you were donning oxygen masks and scaling the heights of St James away, Newcastle, Kent Pub departed home waters to visit friends far and wide. Since then, an unusual away Newcastle point led to an unexpected Blackburn three pointer which led to ....
Three more games/wins later and we are wondering when or if we will ever get back to the Pub. Mine host, having supervised massive rennovations to the pub in January is now in Teneriffe. After Milan on Tuesday he may be stuck poolside for a while yet.
Hang on. Pool, seaside. Omens galore. Hopefully our mob grind out a result at beachside Blackpool. Afterall as part of Harry's grand strategy we have the weekend off.If you are going to win a cup in a double one year then it may as well be the biggest one.Wembley Champs league remains on the radar.
Somehow the events lately in the League and on the grand stage of Europe mean our Pub might survive a weekend without Spurs in the Cup.
Cheers ... as the esteemed JimmyG2 has opined ... no better time to be a Spurs fan ... Greg Meyer.     coys.

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JimmyG2 said...

Keeping a Rolls Royce in the swimming pool is specifically not recommended in the handbook.
It leads to a tendency to rustiness.
Why do I have to think of everything?

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