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Friday, 4 February 2011

How likely is that?

Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the Moon
The little dog laughed
To see such fun

and Peter Crouch scored a timely second Premiership goal to win the game at Blackburn and in the process ruined my 0-0 forecast. Just when you thought you could rely on him not to score what does he go and do? 
So cats and fiddles, cows over the moon, little dogs laughing and Crouchy scoring. All very unlikely events.

But make no mistake this was an important goal and a vital win after the disappointment of the transfer window and the game against Fulham. A gritty performance which required Gomes to help us out and by general consent help himself to MOM. Defoe was the only one to go missing.

Without Bale and Modric we achieved our third (edit) double of the season, won away from home, kept a clean sheet, and gained two points on Man.City who could only draw with Birmingham.Where's all that on the likely scale? Incidently the win took us over the 40 point tally and renders relegation unlikely if not impossible even if we were to lose all our remaining games.

Van Der Vaart stepped up his game and supplied the cross in the third minute that Crouchy nodded down into the corner. Gallas was a rock, Lennon, again on the left, though I'm not sure why, ran semi- riot and set up a good chance for Defoe after a 50yd run which he didn't take. Palacios and Jenas patrolled the midfield to good purpose; Corluka and Ekotto were strong. Bassong had one or two flaky moments but seemed to have recovered from the game at Fulham. You will have noticed that Peter is 'Crouch' when he's out of favour on Spurs Musings but 'Crouchy' when he scores.

For all that it was a very scrappy performance but as they say winning when you're not playing well indicates something or other. We came under pressure towards the end but Sandro on for Defoe on 76 minutes marked the beginning of our defiant back to the walls defence of our single Crouch goal lead and we just about got away with it. A downward header by Samba hit Jenas and looped over the bar and Gomes was everywhere.

So back on track with just one fewer point after 24 games than last year and an easier run in. What a difference a win makes. Revenge would be sweet on Saturday over Bolton who beat us earlier in the season so as to maintain our push for top four. They caught us cold last time in the euphoria of the win over Inter Milan and scored four. Repetition of that is another unlikely event.

There's not much room for manoevre; if we win everything at home and draw everything away we will get another 28 points to make a total of 69. But an average of two a game is more than we have achieved so far and 65 is more reasonable to give us some leeway.

So even if we perform well it might still be a close run thing.And don't even mention goal differenceBut of course there's always the chance of winning the Champions' League. Something else in the 'unlikely' event category you might think..

Bolton have lost their last five away games and we haven't been beaten at home since Wigan in August. Yes Wigan in August. So Spurs to win it 3-1 and Defoe to emulate Les Ferdinand's hatrick of 10 years ago against Bolton in the Cup. The chances of this happening especially now that I have made it the Official JimmyG2 forecast are minimal.

So that's a doubly unlikely event.But Crouch has burst through the striker log jam and opened up the way for Defoe. Unless of course Pavlyuchenko starts. But you know what I'm going to ask I think. 'Not very' is the answer.

To add to our catalogue of events which are unlikely how about the possibility of two S.Africans 6,000 miles from home, colliding in London and rendering one of them unfit for work? Apparently Piennar has recov ered for Saturday unless he bumps into Khumalo again. How likely is that? Dawson is back after his one match suspension but I'm not entirely sure whether that is a positive or a negative in the light of his Fulham adventures.

Another win and then it's only Sunderland between us and the magic of the Champions' League against AC Milan. Before then the Stadium announcement is due but if we lose the bid for the Olympic Stadium then the litigation begins. If we win the bid then the litigation begins but with different sets of lawyers. This one will run and run either way.

We started with Nursery rhymes so let us finish with one. The cautionary tale of Solomon Grundy who had a happy event on the Wednesday but took ill and died on the Saturday.Metaphorically speaking obviously. No. It ain't gonna happen. Most unlikely.


JCYid said...

haha. great read.

Anonymous said...

I thought that we already had a double over Fulham and Aston Villa this season. So, the win over Blackburn was presumably our third.

Anonymous said...

JIMMY G2 You should be more trusting of our team we won and god noes and Davspurs how hard it is to beat teams from my area the North West. Or should i say scotch corner Fergie the finger shouter the chicken boss Haggas eyes Daglish. They will be ringing Coyle telling him to make sure is teams Tempo is high and to squeeze them high up the field and cause panick we will have to score early or we will be up against this tempo and 14 stones Elbow Davies the worse offender along with Nolan Elamander will chase and harass just like they did at Home with Sandro and how Fulham Flyers who are also a high Tempo team did to us. I bet you are asking yourself how does he no well you are the only Person on blogs i will be telling you the team i discovered taking Tempo Enhancer and the Killer drug live 12 miles from where i live and they have spent a few bob not log ago and are now running faster an d winning but if they win the next one and we overcome this Tempo then i wont be bothered. Only Spurs could loan all our players and Kids and leave us short just look what jixn lay round the corner Mods Appendix Pienaars knock-out. being to kind can Backfire we need big Tom Back and i will be Happy Spurs to overcome the Tempo and win 3-1

JimmyG2 said...

Second poster.
Your right, I will edit it.
Forgot we had beaten Fulham twice already before the disaster last week.

Well we will just have to outplay them. Let the ball do the work as they used to say.
I'm surprised they let O'Hara go on loan.

who framed ruel fox? said...

Excellent read that.

Thank god your writing is better than your powers of foresight.

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