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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

How was it for you?

Did you pack the striker Mr.Levy?  I thought you'd got him.
This is our lane then.

So how was it for you? The transfer window I mean, your duvet diversions are of no interest here. Not much 'Audere' and precious little 'Facere' to be seen. We'll never go bankrupt 'for sure' but I just have a sneaking admiration for Liverpool who, faced with a five year absence from the top table, just 'Audere'd' it to the max. on all their credit cards.

They sacked the manager, got in their talismanic hero, sold their biggest asset and went large on the striker replacement scenario. There is a little part of me that hopes they succeed probably not this season and hopefully at the expense of Arsenal. Since the Champion's League is worth at a conservative estimate £30 million, a little cautious 'Auderiocity' to preserve our current status didn't seem out of order. We could have got Doyle for a couple of quid. Do you want some noughts with that?

But cheer up we nearly landed Phil Neville and upset David Moyes, although that's probably not difficult. We almost got Charlie Adams to add to our growing collection of decent midfielders. So Crouch it is then up front with Defoe and Van the Caravan Man with Roman making the odd guest appearance. Which bit of 'We urgently need a top class striker' do they not understand?

So not a good month for Spurs on or off the pitch. We've only lost once in the last 12 Premiership games but are just beginning to lose touch with the leaders. The failure to replace Robbie and our pitiful performance at Fulham is beginning to leave a black cloud of foreboding like crows on the roof of Chez JimmyG2.

I almost have a wistful desire for the return of the much maligned Damian Comolli. Remember him? He and Juande Ramos brought the club to its knees but not before he'd signed most of the current squad and Berbatov. The sort of catastrophe we could do with a bit more of. Of the current squad he signed Gomes, Modric, Bale,Corluka, Pavlyuchenko, Hutton, Woodgate, Kaboul, and Ekotto. He signed Bent and Bentley too but you can't win them all.

Which brings me in the light of the Fulham train wreck to the question of how do you like your bloggers?

Laid back and clinical: idly lying on the chaise longue; red silk dressing gown; long cigarette holder; coolly plucking sentences from the air; breaking off from time to time to play Mozart violin concertos; logical; statistical, and at home with classical allusions and indeed the Latin mottoes?

Or phlegm speckled, shouting at the screen; sweat streaked; swearing; handfuls of hair mounting up in ragged piles; keyboard red hot, straining under the pounding fingers of an angry man; passionate; short-tempered; contradictory; a triumph of emotion over analysis?

Well the angry man was me on Sunday night but the Sherlock Holmes of Spurs bloggers, the Don Juan of the 'bon mot' has returned. Humiliated, embarrassed, shamed and humbled at Fulham when it was all going so well. Hopes turned to dust, the beginning of the end, 'Harry out',he's gone as far as he can take us and not a striker in sight. But, despite all that, the urbane sophisticated, debonair, self appointed maestro of the blogosphere returns, not a hair out of place.

So just who did we get? Literally, 'Peanuts'. No Aguera, Torres, Benzema,Carroll, Llorente, Suarez Forlan., Parker, Adams, or even Phillip Neville. Just little Steven Piennar another half decent midfielder to paste into the album of our growing collection. Have Harry and Daniel fallen out? Or were they doing their usual good cop, bad cop routine, sniffing round the Bargain Basement for end of line rejects and seconds and haggling even when it says 'free to good home'. Then stepping forward just as the curtain falls to reveal the marquee signing we have all craved. Well evidently not.

But today although things have stalled lately I'm back in my rational 'just a blip' mode. Managers, players, teams or squads do not become useless overnight. Michael Dawson was not made captain and anointed 'Hero of N17' on a whim and two careless errors resulting in two penalties and a sending off within 12 minutes of the start is cruel and bizarre but not quite the end of the world as we know it.

The Fulham game changes nothing or tells us anything we don't already know. Hutton and Dawson are prone to rushes of blood, and Ekotto too, although he was blameless at Fulham. For them both to over-react and commit unnecessary fouls, give away two penalties in ten minutes and for one of them to get sent off is an unlikely scenario even at Tottenham.

This game was lost in the first 15 mins and Fulham were not likely to concede much from that position; they rarely do anyway. I think that our season is beginning to unravel although we have two 'winnable' matches this week. Aren't they all? The Fulham game does not undermine where we are and what we have achieved this season.

Pathetic it may be, depressing it seems at the moment but hey we lost a football match in unusual circumstance. It's certainly not all Harry's fault though as a manager he has take part of the blame.
That's the third time we have attempted to self destruct this early in a game. This time we didn't get away with it. It's still there in the Tottenham DNA and we should have learned to live with it by now. Are we downhearted? Yes. Are we mortally wounded? Who knows.

You can say that we drew the second half but were they likely to expose themselves when 4-0 up.
Modric was the last to give up but Van der Vaart showed his petulant side with another silly yellow card. We had no Bale to rescue us but whose fault is that? Like Van der Vaart he has been used when he should have been rested. I thought that we actually played well for the first 8 minutes. Much shorter matches is the answer.

Both strikers were nowhere to be seen which is quite hard when you're 6ft 7. Gomes was in jittery mode but without him things might have been worse. He had little chance with any of the goals.King is out for the rest of the season; Kaboul is out for six weeks and Dawson misses a match. Bassong was exposed by Dembele, but only he, Gallas and Corluka are available for tonight There are rumours that Woodgate might return. Premature and likely to backfire if you ask me.

Another blip at Blackburn and that will be 2/3 points out of 15 at the turning point of the season. Chelsea now have Torres and Drogba; Liverpool Carroll and Suarez; Man City Dzeko and Tevez Arsenal Shamakh and Van Persie; United Berbatov and Rooney. Perhaps Harry really does believe that Crouch is the answer. Run the question by me again.

Will we bounce back at Blackburn? I'll give you three guesses. My guess is that Robinson will play a blinder and it will be a draw. Probably 0-0. But if you care to check my Fulham forecast you will wonder why I even bother with predictions. Mystic Meg I am not. Whatever happened to her and why didn't she see it coming?


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder about Levy's (and possibly Harry's) intelligence when it comes to transfer strategy.

We knew we needed another striking option in this window if we were to stand any chance of really pushing on. Now, we know that the only way that we are going to buy a top striker in January is to pay silly money and you might as well accept that fact early on rather than at the last minute, when it is really too late to do a deal. We also know that top strikers demand top wages, and so if you aren't prepared to pay about £150K per week, then why bother to even make an enquiry? And if you aren't really committed to getting in a top striker, then at least try for something lower down the pecking order. Even someone like Carew or Gudjhonsen (sp) might have done a job for us and would have at least provided cover. Now, we have the rest of the league season, plus hopefully a few Champions League games, to negotiate with only three very mediocre strikers! God knows what will happen if we pick up any injuries!

Perhaps it isn't intelligence but rather honesty that is in question. It seems to me that we never had any real hope of landing a top striker and all the activity was just a smoke screen to fool the fans.

Sam-I-Am said...

Enjoyable read, as always. Our malaise with our strikers was evident last season. Our lot up front have suffered from a severe lack of form and hence confidence. You can see it from the multiple touches and back-passes. Unfortunately, if left to fester it will and, in our case, has affected other parts of the team. Hesitancy and nervousness at the front over time inevitably ripples through the rest of the squad. Any weak link in a team of 11 will over time put untenable pressure on the other team members.

I think it is inexcusable for Levy and Harry to have allowed this situation to reach this state after the great team achievement and spirit that prevailed at the end of last season. Aspiring to be a top of the League team means that weaknesses have to be addressed before the contagion spreads.

I wonder if which player in the current Spurs lineup is next to catch the "dis-ease".

Anonymous said...

I have the perfect answer to our current dilemna.

Go touring with no tv and limited internet...

JimmyG2 said...

First poster.
It's back to the drawing board tonight for us doubters as we just beat Blackburn away, with a Crouch header, Gomes was MOM and kept a clean sheet.
No Bale or Modric.
Just when I thought it was all over.
Who needs signings?

I see your point.
Tonight's victory will gloss over the weaknesses for the time being.

How much spare room have you got in the CamperVan.
It's not the original Van der Vaart homesteasd is it?

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Given the players we were linked with, and too high a fee for Carroll, I was not too disappointed to miss out on deadline day. Pienaar was signed a couple of weeks before, which seems a much more sensible way of doing things, and while we need to strengthen up front, there is no need to panic.

We just need a spurt from one of the forwards. It may happen it may not, although simply buying a forward who is willing say yes at the 11th hour is no way to do business. VdV is an exception rather than the rule I imagine.

Though having read your enjoyable piece I guess we could have speculated to accumulate and not miss out on the CL. All up in the air I guess, and not just my confidence and mind.

Pav and Defoe tend to score in bursts. Using Pav or Defoe, with Crouch and the other providing camoes could work. Let's hope one does not get injured!

A spurt from Pav or Defoe may be enough, as City remain volatile. Of course if Torres comes off Chelsea will blow more than one or two out of the water.

galvin was god said...

Good point about Comolli JG and it shows what a funny old game football is, given that we all thought he was a bit of a c**t at the time. He was quite clearly the talisman, years ahead of his time. Hazza himself has made astute and nifty signings and all this explains when we find ourselves in the last 16 of the CL, a relief - as I was bewildered and looking for answers five short days ago. It’s a bummer to wake up and find nothing in your stocking the morning after deadline, but lets pretend it was done in the name of restraint. The Carrol signing bears hallmarks of the Malcolm Alison/Manchester City catastrophic purchase of Steve Daley from Wolves in 1979, for 1.5 million no less- but you can read that as 35 million today. An utterly absurd amount of money for an unproven player, and there will be a grim reckoning at Anfield if he fails. Denial, followed by gloriously uplifting reward - is the way forward this spring. Dumped out of the FA cup, it is my contention that we will excel in both CL and PL from here on in. I concede Bale’s fitness is key; as is the form of our previously beleaguered goalkeeper, now back to something like his best. Onwards..

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