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Monday, 21 February 2011

Tram ride to third

The biggest Roller Coaster ride in the World.
Not if you're a Spurs fan it's not.

The last time the rumour mill turned its attention to Harry he was off to take over the England team though not before we had won the Champions' League and Premiership obviously. Now the moving finger having writ, moves on and now he's more likely to be sent down in July on the tax charges that have been stalking him for some time. I exaggerate for effect.

If either of these two unlikely scenarios come to pass and clearly they can't both happen ('England manager substitutes Defoe for Crouch by i Phone app. from behind bars, shock') then the manager of our opponents tonight is a good fit to replace him. He will need to keep Blackpool in the Premiership and perhaps challenge for Europe next year but he is the only current manager who can match Harry at the microphone and emulate his attacking style.

'Owen Coyle' I hear you mutter but I'm ignoring him because we don't play Bolton again this season. By the time that we do Harry could be President of the United States or slopping out in Wormwood Scrubs. On the rumour and ITK circuit anyway.

Think of Blackpool and what comes to mind? Towers and trams; pebbles and Pleasure beaches; chips and candyfloss; litter and lettered rock; booze and ballrooms; football team likely to halt our serene progress into the top three? I think not. The lettering in the rock says 'Your going down' rather than 'Beware Yiddoes' Would that sell do you think? They could perhaps make a bagel shaped one with 'Mazel Tof' all the way through. Actually they probably already do.

After 5 games Blackpool were 9th , just one point behind us. At the moment they are 15th two points off the the big R zone, and 16 points behind us. So a team not exactly going places: not even to Fleetwood on the tram. The fact that they are an attacking side is what suits us best and they are not likely to brick up the goal or park the open top Illuminations Tour bus.

There are always reasons to be cautious and Arsenal's ability to beat Barcelona and then fail to overcome Leyton Orient might give the lads a moment's pause. But you do have to ask how could it be that a team could go to Milan and prevail but go to Blackpool and fail to do likewise. But as we all know 'It's a funny old game' (Jimmy Greaves whose birthday was on Sunday and mine too funnily enough.)

The Spurs of old would actively search for banana skins to slip up on and then post videos on YouTube showing themselves doing it complete with amusing captions. Today’s Spurs wouldn't be caught dead anywhere near any item of fruit except a tangerine on Tuesday night.

What can we expect from our De Luxe Box of Fireworks? At the moment we have a team packed with little sparklers; Van Der Vaart is our very own firecracker around the goal; Lennon and Bale, if fit, operate like rockets on the wings; Modric a veritable Catherine Wheel in midfield , spinning and turning, There's a joke somewhere in there about Pavlyuchenko and Roman Candles but I can't quite nail it. Any offers? As back-up if things get testy we have in reserve the rumbling Volcano on the sidelines in Joe ' You clearly don't know who I am' Jordan, our resident Scotsman and more than enough for the moment. Sorry Owen Coyle and David Moyes.

So the official JimmyG2 forcast is for a win, probably 2-1. Isn't it always 2-1 these days? This will take us to third on merit without having to calculate games in hand, consider weather conditions, or take account of interest rates. An away game on a rainy night in midweek in the North West, not until recently a happy hunting ground for us, but I am confident.

The fact that they are starting to get into a drop zone scrap and that there is a lot riding on the match for us too ensures that both of us will approach this game with seriousness which leaves less room for a fatally casual approach which has been our downfall in the past.

Man City despite beating Nott's County 5-0 didn't look that convincing which is quite a difficult trick to pull off. It was 1-0 until after the 50th minute and it was the arrival of Tevez that sparked the deluge. Manchester Utd., Arsenal and Chelsea all struggled. Meanwhile we tried not to look smug whilst taking a well earned rest.

The likelihood of Chelsea failing to make the top four this season, winning absolutely nothing and having to look for a new manager is cheering me up considerably and by beating Blackpool we can start to make it happen. All in all a very satisfying weekend and we never moved or twitched a muscle.

Third is just a tram ride away.


Anonymous said...

Brilliantly written Jimmy G2. I wish i could wax lyrical like you but god put all my talents in my feet with sports then when it looked like i would make it he ripped it away with Bales Back. To me and you a bad back. I cant jump on the Olly band wagon like some of the media and fans have done mainly because of what i discovered. We decided to invest in young prospects like Lennon Huddlestone Bale Dawson and then Ferguson started licking his lips at our players we just failed to reach the top table and we lost Carrick enter Bale we lost Berbatov enter Van Bale and co. Now we are wowing Europe and everyone is licking there lips and the tapping is getting louder by the win. This reputation is now going ahead of us and teams iam sorry to say are using top up energy mainly at Half time and in drastic circumstances the whole match. The fact we have bean beat by teams desperate to win Young Boys Wigan West Ham Bolton did not suprise me one bit or Newcastle West Ham Arsenal all coming back had one thing in common half time and High Tempo energy we have beat this with wonder strikes late on and some good saves this is why there are no easy wins unless all the goals come after the second half and the desperation has not kicked in. So to beat Blackpool we don't need style and class just luck a good ref linesman and if we don't upset them before half time. Buying Harewood and Beattie only confirmed my suspicions any pair of boots will do when they are full of energy. When Matt Le Tissier was asked about Dj Campbell would he be a premier striker he said no i laughed Taylor Fletcher is from my town Widnes where i first came across this energy cheating by a Widnes physio who was supplying a team who we replaced in the top and was 500,000 best buy Adams next club the onced named Duracell Bunnies and Chasing us once again they will make sure Olly's overachievers are full up. We seem to have leaned a lesson games are won after 90+mins not 45. Spurs to win and make City shitty there pants.

JimmyG2 said...

I can see you Davspurs, don't think that the anonymous tag is fooling anyone.
I hope their batteries have run down at least for tonight.
If you have more than suspicions send it to the relevant authorities.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy since my Blog we got beat and i ever hide just use silly headlines sometimes. You ask the question if i have evidence go to the relevant authorities i did but at the time the team i reported the boss of the FA wore a club Tie of the offending team Mr Barwick. I have bean called by my own fans for my constant rant The true facts it took me two years before i could ring Uk SPORT and the lady who i spoke to shocked me with her answer she said its rife we cant catch them so i said why and she said they keep under the radar not the answer i expected. The real truth is the FA and the premiership are stopping them from catching offenders from the premiership. This is because Utd have Gill Arsenal have Dein and now Man City have there ex chairman Mr Bernstien so you can see its no good if i Phoned talk sport they have ex players on the station. I love football and my own carrear was stopped in m youth by my back but i would never enhance my performance and if i had the chance to play and finish early because of drug abuse i would sooner have my spine disease. I was no saint when i was young going the odd all nighter the twisted wheel but i got married at 2o and had two children and stop going . I dont cae what a footballer does in his own time but i ask you if you found out teams where beating Spurs with energy would you keep it in your mind or like me would you eventually speak out. Because i have seen a team using this drug one of many energy drugs available i no how they play blocks saves defend in numbers massive weight loss chewing gum chasing the ball in a mesmeric way without worrying about getting tired deep red faces and blotchy bodies like Terry when he takes is shirt off.if we where user we would be way out on top. I can predict when teams will get beat i no i said we would win but trust me on my life i new we would not win. I also forcast these teams on another blog Birmingham to win and West Ham also Wolves will be waiting energised or has Mick put it last year 9 out of 10 performance to beat us. Once again to beat Wolves the secret to us winning is the first goal and a good ref and lastly luck. This discovery has ruined my football and i cant watch games till the ar finished my family shout me if we score how sad is that i was always positive and bullish in Europe i am because they are testing for this energy after two Dynamow Moscow players failed testes . I relise i cant win because Football Polices themselves so when you see shocks like Wolves beating UTD or Blackpool look at the defending in numbers blocks saves and tink is this one of DAVSPUS ENERGISED TEAMS. On last comment and i promise not to mention the e ord in future bcause after 1 march i wont be able to the Hamilton player who failed a drugs test along with three south African rugby union players and two cyclist brothershave all bean let off because the said they took it in a supplement and dident know it was in the product. This is the big problem they lie like paddy Kenny did when he got Sheffield to Wembley in the play offs only to get beat by another energised shock team Burnlley. He said it was an accident he bought cough mixture from a chemist with Ephedrine in it yet i discovered a team we replaced in Europe taking capsule of tis drug. Sorry for banging on JG2 but these shocks hurt even more when there is a D before the game desperate then my stomach starts turning for a week. Lets hope firstly i am wrong and secondly we overcome this with Skill and a bit of Luck. not ashamed but pissed off DAVSPURS

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