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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

True grit

Of course the grit bin's empty. Spurs have bought the lot.

So, in the fleeting pause between transfer speculation and Stadium turbulence, just time to play another couple of football matches. Football is becoming a real distraction from the more important aspects of the game: finance, money, funding, investment, commerce and business, to name but one.

Was it only a year ago that we were bemoaning the absence of 'mental strength' in the Tottenham armory? 20 points from losing positions, 6 wins and two draws, seem to have laid that myth to bed, perhaps not for ever but for the foreseeable future at least.

We did it again at Sunderland after a lacklustre display in the first half. Everyone, especially Sandro stepped up their game in the second half. If Harry were to give his half time team talk before the game then things might be different. There was not much evidence of 'silky' football but you can't play 'silky' football when all of your silky players are hobbling between hospital and the treatment table.

But, as they used to say about Liverpool, we are a very dangerous side when we go a goal down, or two if it's away to Arsenal. MOM? Dawson possibly for the important goal before half time and his usual enthusiastic display. Sandro for finally coming of age; Kranjcar just shades it for a classy performance and even classier winning goal, again. Personally I thought the boy Roman ran about a bit to good effect. But then I like the boy; he has a certain languid grace and a lovely smile. Not MOM certainly but he put in a decent session.

We seem to criticise our players for not being someone else. Jenas is slagged off, or was, because he isn't Gerrard and Pavlyuchenko because he isn't a big bully boy striker like Heskey. If you want a green cardigan then go and buy one. Don't buy a yellow hoodie and then complain that it isn't a green cardigan. And don't even mention Darren Bent. If he'd still been at the club we might be top of the league now. I said 'might'.

The whole Spurs squad have been invited to the Oscars to publicise the remake of the John Wayne classic 'True Grit' by the Coen brothers. If they haven't , they should have been. A finer example of the spirit of this film cannot be found in the whole of the football league. That's three 'gritty' winning performances in a row, two of them away from home. One loss now in fifteen games and an eminently winnable set of fixture coming up including Arsenal at that run down dump we fondly refer to as 'home'.

It put the pressure back on Chelsea last night and Fulham having ruined our cup chances did us a big favour in thwarting Chelsea. We are back in the Champions' League places for at least another week. In the last two weekends everyone except ourselves has dropped points. A heartening set of events, just in time for our game against AC Milan.

In Italy I would take a draw if offered with our resources still stretched; preferably 1-1. Harry is unlikely to be as 'gung ho' as he has been in the past although, being Harry, he says we have no alternative but to 'have ago'. Well he would say that wouldn't he? With two defensive midfielders and only Lennon to offer pace then he can't mean it. Can he?

Crouch has been saved for this one and Van Der Vaart will play off him if fit. There are pictures of Modric training and smiling at the San Siro so he looks a possibility. Bale is the centre of the 'mindless' games being played. If he is unfit then a cardboard cutout on the touchline should suffice such is the fear that he strikes in the minds of the Milanese. He's not on the plane but he might be going by bus in a cunning Redknapp subterfuge.

Jenas is suspended so Sandro now in 25 man squad will play alongside Palacios and Lennon. Kranjcar might just have muscled his way into the reckoning though Piennar's defensive capability could secure him a start. I don't think we will see a 442 formation but it's not a profitable enterprise second guessing Harry. Gallas will play unless he is attending 'boot camp'.

Milan are without the injured Pirlo and Van Bommel is cup tied, thank god. We can do without him running amok amongst our injury stretched team, laying waste to the few that are left standing. He has been worryingly linked to Spurs several times recently. Possibly the least welcome addition to the club mentioned in recent months. His performance as captain of Holland in the World Cup finals was an absolute disgrace and I would pay him good money not to come to us.

The final decision on the Olympic Stadium has not been declared and Tottenham directors are holding fire and no doubt seeing more of their lawyers than their wives. I hope they accept the decision with dignity and spend their time sorting out the NDP. But I suspect that Levy is like a dog with a bone and won't yield without a struggle. It's a lost cause Daniel. Drop it! Good boy.

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I think we will see either Nikko or Pinears playing the cm role with one of Palacios and Sandro as DM.

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