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Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Greg Meyer Column: from seaside to poolside.

Greg's back in the groove trying to plot the twists and turns of the current season.  Firstly let  me make it clear, he's not all that ugly; well certainly not from a certain angle, in the half light anyway, I've seen him so trust me on this one. 
Secondly Mine Host didn't get to holiday in Teneriffe by giving pints away, so don't hold your breath on that one. 
Thirdly we tied with favourites India and lost to Ireland, so clearly anything can happen. Birmingham beating Arsenal for example.
I think Harry and Daniel might have been taking an option on a 60,000 capacity stadium in Dubai. Its only 7hrs away on Emirates Airlines. The last part might be the deal breaker I'm afraid. 'EasySpurs' anyone? 

So here with a sideways look is an update and the lowdown on all things Spurs, from our very favourite Australian  Mr.Greg Meyer, currently back in a newly refurbished  Kent pub.
 Wednesday 2nd March
 A Tale of Three Press Conferences...Dances with Wolves...The Race for Third.
 We flew out of Blackpool International Airport and touched down at Dubai just 7 hours and 6 minutes later. Twenty nine degrees here.
From seaside to poolside at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai. A break from the humdrum of the Premier league ,you understand. Look if Mine Host can sun himself in Teneriffe, mind he is back to the daily hostelery duties earlier this week, then why not follow our team to the East. Rosie ( Topspurs fellow columnist)  follows them everywhere all the time. Not sure if he made Dubai. No game on. Ah, still probably at the day job accumulating for Wolves. More on that later.
Dubai started out famously. Citeh drop points against Fulham,Strauss hauls them up to a tie (far more exciting than a score draw),and of course the Trophy Cabinet remains obselete at our neighbours six years in.
So the race for first, fourth and everything in between pelts on. Shame about the goings on at Stamford last night but drawing a great breath, allied with a great pint, looking back before we charge forward spare a thought for your average Manager called upon to gird his proverbial loins and meet the waiting press hounds.
Our pub mused on what Harry, Ian, Arsene, and Alex might really have wanted to say ( and have already have said) at that ...
Press Conference.
First off ... The ' Arry and ' Olly Show ... Bloomfield Beach.
Easy stuff for the new boy.
                                       "There was a spell in the second half when I took my heart off my sleeve and put it in my mouth." Probably a refence to the nine thousand shots that Spurs had without success apart from a late Russian ricochet deep on.
Harder for our Harry .
                                "Where are we in relation to Europe? Not far from Dover." After Chelsea vs United which Europe are we in. Champs league is on still says our lawyer.
                                "I sorted the team formation last night lying in bed with the wife.When your husband's as ugly as me, you'd only want to talk football in bed."
 Nothing wrong with that but shame the two strikers ,Pav and Defoe, helped out the legend, most famously repeated when Darren Bent missed the unmissable header.Not the first time Harry has opined over open goals...
                               'Joe Cole missed an open goal that my f*cking missus could have scored."
And so to Wembley, Arsenal Sunday 27 Febuary  2011.
Before we get to pauvre,aulder Arsene perhaps Harry said it all sometime back ... something in reference to sinking hopes, sinking ships, at the eighty eighth minute  in a Carling Cup final ...
               "It's like being on the Titanic and seeing there's only one lifeboat left."... and its full of Birmingham players ...
Sorry back to Monsieur Wenger ..
                           Arsenal are up there consistently but the Cabinet remains empty. Seems this year Arsene was prepared to have a real go for his previously thought of "Michel Mouse Cup" .. not sure of the french translation.Famously chased by Arsene , but only by his Arsenal kids till this year , perhaps he could, might or should have said ...
                         "At a young age winning is not the most important thing ... the important thing is to develop creative and skilled players ... " Hear , hear. Say Spurs fans. Not sure the same is the battlecry at Emirates after your first team , with Cesc in waiting to lift the trophy, miss and out. Still made for a very happy night at our pub.
Perhaps one of Arsene's best is most appropriate ..
                       " He made the impossible, possible."  Obefami Martins lately of Birmingham and now the rest of, might concur.
And so the climb to Premier Everest at four thousand feet continued for Chelsea continued. The top four. Surely a bridge too far for our mates at Chelsea playing United. Well no actually. Our journalist has mixed feelings. Doesn't like either. Pragmatically better if Chelsea lose. Oops they win and an older Scottish Knight after a bout of apoplexy might have presented post match with the following .
Sir Alex Ferguson ...     of the realm ...
If you are really interested visit the Mail or Red Cafe. Most if not all is very predictable . Despite some understandable antagonism here toward a whisky loving Scot there is no quarrel when it comes to Welsh wingers. A lovely quote by a young Alex  ... about a very young ...
                    "I remember the first time I saw him. He was 13 and just floated over the ground like a cocker spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the wind."
Not Gareth Bale but Ryan Giggs. Our gardener and dog lover hopes history repeats itself.
One of our regulars is a Chelsea man ( plus young bride) and  what stays on the field stays on the field. Here at the pub he is next to me watching MOTD as earnestly as the rest of us. Still hope they fall over says our Medico, with a lovely smile on his face. Lovely to be back  from all points of the compass ...
At A Kent Pub.
Teneriffe is a distant memory says mine host. So is Blackpool says our lawyer. Dancing with wolves looms.
Their record at home is respectable.Defeated Man Citeh, Chelsea, and thumped Blackpool last up. So thats where Spurs Extraordinaire and glory bound step in. No Bale. Accomodate that. Rafael VDV back. Love that. Lennon, a time bomb waiting to go off is there. Our Moddle to create.Hyperbole finished.Don't think he is playing anyway.
Our pub like many of you are hoping for the best. Top four.Not easy but as Harry says a race of five. Sorry Liverpool. See how far your Spurs have come.
Sunday night we are gathering at our pub to hopefully celebrate another win by the best club on the planet.
I am reliably informed that mine host will not be holding a press conferenece, win , lose or draw.
Cheers ... he will be shouting copious and free beers if we win no doubt ... Greg Meyer     coys.

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