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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Guest Column by Greg Meyer: Bacon sandwiches all round.

A  culinary round up by Greg from a Kent pub where confidence is high and growing. And why not after a second Milan side is shown the door. Mind you Inter may get up of the floor to challenge again in the next round. Are we bovvered?
Pizzas, bacon sandwiches, bread and butter, ham, welsh rarebit, chianti and no doubt some bubbly all on the menu. I'll offer to go Dutch if it helps. Enough, already, over to you Mr. Meyer.

 The Ides Of March ... 15/03/2011.
Pizzas At Ten Paces ... Next ...The Dream Is Still On ... Less Exotic Fare ...Ham At The Lane.
"I came I saw I conquered." ... Signor J. Caesar of AC Milan The Original.What an army.What a legion of fans.Gladiators and all.
"They came I saw I conquered." ... Mr. H Redknapp of Sandbanks and Tottenham Hotspur FC.
Today yes is the famous day upon which Julius Caesar was brought undone by a posse of strikers masquerading as Roman Senators. Twenty three stab wounds were counted.Six days earlier Massimiliano Allegri and his team met a similar if not so bloody an end at our Lane. Twenty three attempts or thereabouts. All missed out completely.
Needless to say its been raining pizzas and Chianti at our Kent pub. With no FA Cup duties at the weekend thoughts have settled. What lies ahead.
Reflections Through A Pub Window.
Our lawyer and other pub regulars have put the break to good use.  Watching others. After all with Spurs in one match and then Ham 10 days later it reminds of a mini break. So what conclusions have been drawn from all this tv viewing.   
The return of Charlie Corluka has highlighted the defensive deficiencies of Alan Hutton. Hutton has physicality and pace but that's where it ends. Take a lot from hereon  to convince the powers that he should stay. Evidence provided by Wolves and Milan games at least.Yes he didn't play against Milan but Charlie did. And wasn't Rafael VDV glad he did. You'll no doubt recall another Flamini tackle. Not to mention Lennon. He and Charlie combine. Charlie no pace but some Croatian cunning. His presence helps to keep Luka happy. Not to be underestimated when fending off whisky nose faced predators. No Croatians at Man U.
Bale. He is some very fast Welsh dude. More so evident against Wolves. Barcelona play relatively narrow apart from Alves. It is easy to see how Bale would fit in at the Nou Camp. All the more important to secure top four again. Top four aims yes. One of them in the summer is to keep Gareth.
Sandro continues to grow. No finished product by any means but carefully handled should be huge. How many games has he played for us? Very few.
Our stockbroker has been pondering the centre half connundrum. Dawson. Threatens to break out from a squad player. Gallas. Excellent but ageing. Woody and Ledley,ditto. We really are crying out for a younger Gallas or King. Kaboul. If the concentration levels can continue to improve then ahead of Dawson. Probably why the much maligned by all except Chelsea,John Terry is such a rock in defence.
And so to the perrenial. Strikers. Mine host says if Jermaine, the one with the house for sale and not the London Evening Column writer,can keep going as he did versus Wolves , then our obvious deficiencies may wait till the summer.
After that Manu vs Arsenal Cup game is our pub still suffering from a Champs League hangover? Neither looked really ahead of Spurs. A workmanlike effort from Man U with a very .very good goalie. Which brings us to Gomes. A keeper at the moment say our pub. At least Pat Jennings has not been recalled from Stuttgart like Arsenal. Good luck Jens.
Having seen Arsenal in two big Cup games lately our market gardener, used to dealing with miscreant french snails, has formed a view on Sami Nasri.Lots of circuitous trails and tricks but absolutely no pace. Hate to dwell but ... Gareth Bale ... some pace ... and end product. And he's Welsh.Perhaps they don't speak Welsh at Barcelona.
Wrapping up. Our teacher continues to extoll the class of Modric and Van Der Vart. Pun intended. Remember both had quiet if anonymous days against the current Champs League holders. Who won ...
At A Kent Pub .
We all did. Bacon sandwiches triumphed over pizzas. Harry's star continued to rise. Our lawyer has fingers crossed for him in July at the Court just down from the well know spook place, London Dugeon.
Back to bread and butter this Saturday lunchtime. Spurs are approaching rude health on the injury front. Wilson away having some exploration on a knee. The rest almost all present.
After Ham its Wigan and Stoke before Arsenal at the Lane. Citeh later .
Look objectively speaking from a Spurs stronghold, why not four in a row. Can we not build on the glory of a recent European night.
As Julius Caesar so eloquently put it back in 44 BC and our legend Danny Blanchflower continued on a similar theme some years later...
" I love the name of honour, more than I fear death."        Julius.
"I love the game of glory, more than I fear defeat."           Danny .. paraphrasing in part his famous glory quote which appears at the opening of Jim Duggan's Topspurs.
Cheers ... milanic euphoria is subsiding ... ham, a dish of revenge best served and enjoyed cold ... Greg Meyer   coy bloody s.

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