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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Spurs friendly bar close to Bernabeu Stadium

The Irish Rover: Madrid

For those who have been following 'Spurs Musings' loyally over the years, well months anyway, and wondering why, I have great news. For those going to Madrid for the Real Quarter Final game your patience with some of the nonsense, bias and misinformation that you have had to put up with is about to be rewarded.

I bring you genuine offers of free beer. Now you're really interested I can tell from here. My daughter Liz is the manager of an Irish 'Sports bar' close to the Bernabeu Stadium. This is a very football and Rugby friendly place serving a wide range of beers: Guinness,Heineken,John Smith amongst others.

In addition to the usual 'meal deals' available on match days she is making the 'Irish Rover' particularly Spurs friendly for the Real game on match day, 5th April, with a buy one get one free offer on all pints before the game. She is obviously hoping that you will all come back afterwards to celebrate.

The fact that I have pictures of her naked on a rug when she was 2yrs old has played no part in this deal. Fashionable in those days but probably illegal now. Prices are in any case very reasonable for central Madrid and these offers are literally ones you just cannot refuse. You will need to produce some form of Spurs credentials, match tickets; membership cards; full Tottenham kit should do it.

It is two minutes walk from the stadium. Look for the blue and white logo of the BBBV bank on the other side of the dual carriage main road (The Castellana). Walk down between the bank and the Ministry of Defense; past the first traffic lights; on the left is a small square with  gardens in the middle; in the far corner is 'The Irish Rover'; on the near side there is a Starbucks which you will obviously ignore.

The bar makes a very good base for short trips to Madrid; stag does for example as usually Easy Jet from Luton is very cheap. It is open from midday until 3 or 4 o/c in the morning seven days a week. A wide range of Spanish and Anglo/American food is served and they do a very good 3 course 'Menu Del Dia' for about 10 Euros.

Website address for you to check it out is:

The nearest Metro station is the Bernabeu itself. So pile in lads and eat drink and be merry as I am only on a very small commision. (I wish). Mention my name if you like but it might not do you any good as I haven't cleared my tab lately.

No beer was spilled in the writing of this column


Darren said...

Jimmy - It's DazzaLondon from Glory. Can your sister see what the likelihood is of those of us that didn't get a ticket getting one from the stadium or can she get one of her regulars to source some for us?
You can contact me on GG. Failing that I hope it's a nice pub as I'll be spending the match there - lol

Darren said...

Oops - mis-read. Daughter not sister obviously!!

JimmyG2 said...

Will post on this blog as soon as I get reliable information.
DAUGHTER (easy mistake with my boyish looks and charm) will keep in touch.There will be tickets but may be beyond the reach of my contacts.
Game will be on the big screen in the pub.
No promises but am pulling as many strings as I can.

TMWNN said...

Hopefully I'll get a ticket, but it's good to know there's a Spurs friendly pub near the ground to watch the game if not. Hope it won't be too mobbed.

Thanks for the info Jimmy.

TMWNN said...

Jimmy, the 2 pints for 1 offer, is that all day before the game?

JimmyG2 said...

Daytime prices from 12 until 5 are cheaper anyway. The evening prices start at 5pm.
The 2for1 offer starts at 5. until the match starts.
Remember they are an hour in front so KO is 8.45
Nearly four hours!
Try to keep just a little bit sober for the game.

TMWNN said...

I'll try, Jimmy. Promise.

You going?

JimmyG2 said...

I'm afraid not. I'm in Madrid at the moment but have to go back to England next week for family reasons.
Very bad timing indeed.
Trust Liz and the evening shift manager will look after you all.

JimmyG2 said...

TMWNN and Darren and others.

Latest from Liz.
Tickets go on general sale on the 28th on the Real Madrid website.
Members have first pop and can buy up to five tickets.
Then the general public are let loose including you lot.

The credit card you use to purchase the tickets must be produced when you pick up tickets on the day.

Prices start at 60 Euros for the top, highest level and go up by 30 Euros as you go down a level.
See ground map on the website.

This is the cheapest and only legitimate way to buy but there is no indication of numbers of tickets availabe.

Your Hotel may get you tickets, it varies, but there will be a mark-up.
Good luck.

More info as I get it.

TMWNN said...

If it's anything like our on-line ticketing system, it'll be easier to scale the Bernabeu's walls.

Thanks, I'll give it a go.

JimmyG2 said...

This is an update of information on ticket purchase tomorrow that I posted on COYS to help with possible problems arrising.

Tickets go on general sale tomorrow at 9 am. (English time)

Local feeling is that there will be plenty of tickets at 120 Euros:
less at the cheaper levels, possibly thousands all together.

Go to
Ground map will give prices, location and tickets available.

There are two levels of 'socios' members with different buying rights and allocation.
Their preferential buying time has gone. (Friday and Saturday)
Today is for the third level of membership (Madristas).
You can register as a 'Madrista' for 40 Euros as some have discovered but your bank details have to clear before your pin will work.
So save your money if you haven't already done so.

Pay by credit card and retrieve your tickets by inserting the same card
into the machines outside the ground. It should dispense your tickets.

There is no need for passports as far as I know.

The website has crashed several times this morning, so nothing new there,
as Spurs fans will know.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow friends.
There should be no need to resort to the touts.

I will try to answer further queries as they arrive but these are a few I have picked up browsing the threads.

Unless you go out of your way to get up the noses of the Real fans there is no problem about sitting amongst them.

We have a reputation as being discerning fans, like them, and Mourinho's friendship with Harry
should stand us in good stead.
But stay alert: there are nutters amongst all supporters.

All bets are off if we go two or three up.

Northern Spur said...

I got two tickets in the gods at 120 euro each this morning courtesy of a madrid resident I know. I can't work out where the spurs fans will be in the ground, so any help on this one would be appreciated (eg., zone colour, level, etc). COYS !!!

JimmyG2 said...

From what I can see on other sites (COYS mainly) they are all over the place wherever like you they could get tickets.
Main away area is up in the corner in yellow sector I think.
A lot of Spurs fans in sectors 0313/0314.but can't tell where that is.

120 Euros from the official site( is not quite up in the gods.

TMWNN said...

The official Spurs fans will be situated in the north east corner on tiers 5 and 6 (centred around blocks 631 and 531).

I also bought a €120 ticket in the north stand (block 415) which is on tier 4. I reckon the whole ground, especially the north stand, will have Spurs fans dotted around.

The one area you really should try to avoid is the lower section of the south stand behind the goal (Ultras) and also the area and bars behind that stand.

Thanks for the heads up, Jimmy.

Marcus Kotter said...

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