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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Alternative routes to Wembley

Here we go, here we go, here we go.
We're on our way to Wembley.

And so our season hangs by a thread. Two threads actually and the second one is tonight in Spain. The first thread is stretched to breaking point by the draw with Wigan. Not the most attractive place for your hopes to be buried.

We are lying lie flat on our backs on a narrow ledge and listening hopefully for the rescue helicopter. We aren't going to be able to climb back up and complete the difficult ascent but at least we still have a plan B to get us back to where we belong..

Three points from four games as we approach the final run-in is just not enough. Manchester City romped home in some style against Sunderland to move into third and although the results of Chelsea and Arsenal didn't punish us the omens are not good for a second season in the Champions' League by the usual route.

We played out a lacklustre, uninspiring 90 minutes at Wigan where Gomes kept a clean sheet for the third week in a row and we failed to score, for the third week in a row. Sandro had another good game and Modric made an effort. Dawson was sound but as you can tell I'm struggling for positives. You would have been hard pushed to say which team was bottom of the League on this performance.

Were we saving ourselves for Real? Perhaps, but I question whether that was wise. The helicopter might have trouble effecting a rescue. Harry has to take some of the blame. We played with two 'strikers' but without any width. We were without Bale or Lennon and played with Modric and Van Der Vaart supposedly 'wide'. We had no attacking fullbacks so everything went through the middle and disappeared into the Black Hole around the Wigan penalty area like Spurs fans in Madrid through the swing doors of the 'Irish Rover'.

Harry's answer was not to bring Lennon on but Crouch, which is his fall back solution to the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything. Kranjcar was given the last five minutes to snatch the points but unfortunately failed. If only he had been given another minute or two. Lennon had to be brought on eventually but sooner would have been better than later. Fortunately for us our Brazilian contingent stood up and stood out.

And so on to Madrid where our season stands or falls. Would a 5th place finish and going out to Real in the Quarter Finals be a disaster? Obviously not if you have followed Spurs for more than the last five years. But the Xpectation factor comes into play. Hopes have been raised for future foreign ventures; fears are raised about our best players leaving if we don't maintain our current status; concerns too about our ability to lure the finest players to the club.

Can we beat Madrid over the two legs? Of course and with Real losing at home on Saturday perhaps we have a psychological advantage. But we don't need to beat them in Madrid, just bring them back to WHL on more or less equal terms. Not that making it through to the Semi Final, probably against Barcelona, makes a lot of difference. Our reputation is already made and we have nothing much more to prove.

Ronaldo and Bale were ruled out at the end of last week but have been ruled back in again by today.
Mourinho at the end of an astonishing 9yr. home match undefeated run says that 0-0 would suit him fine. But he's not kidding JimmyG2. 0-0 as we all know would suit Harry a lot better and would give us the edge for the return home fixture.

Gallas is fit and will probably start with Dawson. Crouch and Van Der Vaart will reprise their double act with Lennon, Modric,Sandro and Bale in midfield. Corluka and Ekotto are our only fit full backs. Any draw will do but I would accept a narrow defeat if we can score an away goal.

So, let the mind(less) games cease and let the football begin. The Premiership thread is frayed and our grip is slipping. Our crampons have fallen off; our pitons have fallen out our ice pick has gone spinning into the abyss. But the Champions' League winner route is clear and I can hear the whirring of rotor blades.
'Stand by winch man the mighty Spurs are coming aboard. To Wembley via the Bernabeu and Barcelona, pilot, and don't look down boys.


Anonymous said...

You've obviously got shares in The Irish Rover and I've already posted that elsewhere as a Public Service Announcement.

I'm the eternal optimist and have a feeling for 2-0 to us!

Where's that air ambulance to whisk me straight off to the mental home?


Anonymous said...

I love it ! We are on our way to wembley via the bernabeu and Shaktar !

Anonymous said...

what planet are you currently inhabiting?? "Arsenal & chelsea's results didnt punish us" ...... what ?? as if their results have any bearing on us anyway?? they are long gone. If you think we have a chance of overtaking those two you are more delluded than i feared. Forget champions league next season, it aint happening. However, this season has still be a good one. Enjoy tonight because we never thought we would see them in such company. We havent a hope in hell, but it doesnt matter. This is as good as it gets people. Face the facts rather than dellude yourself any longer.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 14:06
These are not facts yet!
Anyway supporting Spurs is not about facts; it's about hope and pleasure and yes, delusion.
If you went on the facts you would have given up on Spurs 20yrs ago.
Believe and enjoy.
And we have to play both these teams and City yet.

Anon 13:26
I hope you're right but I fear you're not.
Anyway what's wrong with winning the CL by beating the two top teams in Italy and Spain?

Phone ahead, the Mental Home is chocker with Spurs fans already.

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