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Friday, 15 April 2011

Fantasy football

That one day.

'Capacity crowd here at White Hart Lane, Harry. Can Tottenham overcome a 4 goal deficit from the first leg ?'

'Yes, for sure. We've got a triffic bunch of lads here and some top top players. We only know one way to play and we're gonna give it a go. It's what the fans want, considering where we were when I came; they haven't had any nights like this for years.

' And Jose how are you going to approach the game?'

Well Harry is my friend and I talk nothing about my friend. The game is a match and it will be a good match and a good game. We are here to win the match and the game.That is all.

'Thanks Harry and Jose. All set for a magic European night. Perhaps the last at this level at White Hart Lane for some time given the score-line.

`Well Spurs have weathered the early attacks by Real and are settling into the game nicely.
Gareth Bale cuts back into the area and goes over, it's in the area but the referee isn't interested.He's having a night off. First scare for Real there.

Now Modric draws a tackle from Alonso and this time it's given. Van Der Vaart puts the ball high into the net to Casillas right. Less than ten minutes and the early goal for Spurs. 13 minutes in and Pavlyuchenko is brought down in the area and Van der Vaart makes no mistake again from the spot.. Game well and truly on.Two penalties in 5 minutes. It's just unbelievable.

25minutes and Pavlyuchenko scores from the edge of the area after a brilliant run and pull back from Lennon. 3-0 and Madrid are reeling.Within minutes Huddlestone turns from a narrow angle following a long throw by Bale and beats Casillas at his near post. 4-0 this could be done and dusted by half time.

Approaching half time and a brilliant nod back from Modric and Bale sticks the ball away. Real are appealing for offside but nothing is given.The linesman's gone walkabout. All square and everything to play for. In the second half on 50 minutes Ronaldo tried his luck from range but it's a routine save for Gomes. Imagine trying to beat the Brazilian ace from there.

And now Van Der Vaart and Pavlyuchenko combine for the crucial goal. Rafael chips the ball across from the right and Roman heads powerfully into the net.The fans are delirious but Tottenham haven't finished yet. Defoe comes on for Lennon and scores within minutes with a fierce shot to Casillas' right which he can only push despairingly into the corner of the goal.Harry's faith in the diminuative striker is rewarded. A clean sheet and its all over.

Real are desperate now and Kaka comes on for Ronaldo whose been battered from the start by Ekotto. But it's too late and it's a thrashing for our distinguished Spanish visitors. Spurs turn around a 4 goal deficit and win 6-0, history has been made and Spurs go marching on to Barcelona in the semi finals of the Champions' League. It's a dream come true

'Jimmy,Jimmy, wake up. your tea's gone cold love and you haven't even started your blog'.

'Bugger! I thought I'd  finished it'.

So in real life it all ended as we knew it would. We dreamt that we could beat Real Madrid 5-0 at home but we didn't really believe it and we were right. The tie was all over following Lennon's illness, conceding the early goal and having Crouch sent off within 15 minutes at the Bernabeu a week ago

We whistled in the dark and kept our spirits up magnificently, but it didn't prevent the inevitable. Even after Gomes mistake I was still looking at the clock and hoping. With ten minutes to go and 7 to get I finally gave it up.

The team and the crowd did us proud and it was all so good that our one and only priority now is to qualify again. Clear outs, new signings and new stadiums can all go on the back burner until the season has ended. Qualification again for the Champions' League which will affect our signing power and our ability to hold on to our best players in any case, is a must.

Real Madrid had done the hard work at the Bernabeu. We gifted them a couple there and another at home so it could have been closer but overall they were the better team and in all honesty losing Crouch and Lennon only made the inevitable even more inevitable. They controlled the game at WHL and needed to risk little.

We were beaten but not disgraced and showed the world once again that Tottenham are a force on the International scene. We all enjoyed the ride and I will be surprised if any of the key members of the squad leave even if we don't make 4th such is the enthusiasm and team spirit at the club under Harry.

On another night with a different ref who knows, but let's not torture ourselves. I have a dream that one day, quite soon, we will be on this road again.Enough of the fantasy football the reality begins again on Wednesday when we welcome Arsenal to WHL.


TMWNN said...

2-1 scum.

JimmyG2 said...

You're getting very terse in your old age. Let yourself go man.
I'm on 2-1 Spurs again.

TMWNN said...

I feel a bit blue Jimmy. It's been a great run in the CL and a good laugh, but I don't feel optimistic about the run-in, and can't help but feel we've missed an opportunity league wise.

As long as Bale, Modric and Sandro stay I'll be happy. The rest are easily replaceable as far as I'm concerned.

TMWNN said...

...Dawson's a good lad too.

JimmyG2 said...

I agree about the run in. We have left ourselves too much to do.
No doubt we will almost make it and depress ourselves even more with what 'might' have been.

I would like to keep Lennon and Huddelestone as well and of the four strikers Pavlyuchenko is the pick.

TMWNN said...

Big Tommy is well overrated and Lennon is too hit and miss.

We need players who can do it week in week out.

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