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Friday, 22 April 2011

The Greg Meyer column: 'Easter Eggstra, read all about it.'

Greg is back. He's not putting all his eggs in one basket, nor counting his rabbits before they're 'hutched'. He's breathless from the NLD on Wednesday but eerily relaxed before the West Brom clash on Saturday. He focuses on keepers, speedsters and managers. An original view from Kent available almost nowhere else. Accept no substitutes.

Excellent  Friday 2011.
The Easter Bunny Goes To The North London Derby   ...  Eggs Galore.
A fiercely hit diagonal ball launched from deep in Spurs defensive half spears towards an already running white shirt. At full tilt a French born left foot reaches out and before the ball lands a cultured touch has it completely under soft and measured control. The owner of the elegant left foot accelerates past Theo Walcott. No mean feet(pun intended).
Racing on down our left flank he enters enemy territory at pace.A precise diagonal finds Peter Crouch. Sorry thats where the fairy tale ends albeit a respectable attempt on goal by the lanky one.
Earlier there had been yet another one of those fluid interceptions at the head of our penalty area. Poetry in motion took the ball out of danger weaving between 3 Arsenal players and into our midfield.Played a blinder from his first touch in the second minute.
The pass de resistance occured 69 minutes in. Again that cultured left peg was brought into play. A perfectly measured through ball allowing our little right wing rocket ( having a spell on the left) to make a fool of a certain Polish Arsenal goalkeeper. Wink. Wink. You know what we mean.
Benoit Assou-Ekotto better known at our pub as Disco Benny has been a cult favourite for yonks. The Cameroonian received the Kent Pub Man of Match award ahead of Moddle and a very brilliant Dutchman in an awesome North London derby. Pundits near and far proclaiming it one of if not, the best ever.
Perhaps it had something to do with the forthcoming festival of Easter. No easter eggs on the pitch but there were plenty of ...
Easter Bunny Moments As Viewed Through A Pub Window.
The moments of brilliant football were everywhere from both sides. So too were those moments when the proverbial rabbit was caught in the headlights and then some.
Wojciech Szczesny.
Apart from having the most unspellable name in Premier football our lawyer enjoyed his headlight moments. Tom Hoddlestone wiped the wink off his face very quickly after the "accidental" Bale collision.
More enjoyable was Aaron Lennon making a bunny out of him and winning the penalty. As much as we love the little bloke it was going to be hard to score going full tilt and veering left of goal. Thanks Wojciech. gets easier the more you write it.
Heurelho Gomes.
Easter in Brazil is a big event. The Spurs keeper avoided eggs on face twice . Firstly courtesy of a linesman's flag.Van Persie sinking his putt was ruled out. Secondly an error of club selection. If Van Persie had gone for a pitching wedge with a degree of oomph rather than a conventional nine iron his attempted chip would certainly have made a bunny of our Heurelho.
Anonymous Bunnies.
Did Andrei Arshavin and Nicholas Bendtner really come on at the 80 minute mark. Our pub agreed with the subs. It meant both Walcott and Nasri were off. The goal threat particularly from a pacey Walcott was extinguished. Tensions certainly settled after that. Andrei who. Nicholas who.
A Very French and Frustrated Bunny.
Watching Arsene Wenger is almost as entertaining as the fare on the pitch. Leave aside the hand wringing, the animated discourse with Pat Rice, there is always the gracelessness once the whistle goes. The conventional managerial handshake took a new turn. No longer the handshake. No now the gallic hand brush attended by a mandatory lack of any semblance of eye contact. Still when yet another trophyless season is falling down about ones prominant ears perhaps its understandable.
An awesome North London Derby made possible by both sides. All was not lost for Spurs in that race for fourth which meant  celebrations ...
At A Kent Pub.
Our mob are still enjoying and mulling over a great derby, Scintillating football from lots . Modric stood up again in a big match. Apologies to a certain French manager still ruminating on those too lightweight remarks of yore. Van returned to form and fitness. A full and wholehearted 90 minutes. A lot of excellent others and a lot of other positives says Mine host.
The standout for our lawyer. "You cannot teach pace". Ergo Aaron Lennon and Theo Walcott. Simply scintillating.Simply unforgettable.Enough to drive you to drink in celebration.
Hang on the new Spurs have a job still to do starting at the Lane tommorrow. No Bale. Our banker rather uncharitably says not missed. Agreed perhaps versus Brom but we are looking at big fish particularly next year.
Moddle says he'll stay. Bale is making loyal noises in between grimaces . Firstly lets lay waste to Brom and then the little matter of Chelsea. Fourth still very much on.
Cheers ... what a joy they are to follow ... still the greatest football team in the universe ...Greg Meyer.       coys.

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