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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Greg Meyer looks ahead from a Kent Pub.

A welcome once again, a little belatedly for which I apologise, to Mr. Greg Meyer, International Playboy, family man and Spurs supporter. April Fools and April showers, which might both apply to our performance at Wigan, are his appropriate theme and he, like me, and obviously the team, are all holding their breaths for Tuesday. Apparently we're playing somebody or other in some cup or whatever.
If Sunderland do the right thing against Man. City  the weekend won't be a complete disaster. But, as the man once said 'April is the cruellest month' and he could well be right as far as Spurs are concerned.

April 2011  ... An Obvious Date Looms Given The Headline.
Real Madrid - 0 vs Tottenham Hotspur - 3  .... April Fools Day At A Kent Pub.
Back to the Bernabeau a little later but staying with the fantasy island headline theme , or maybe not. What's happening down at Spurs Lodge Hospital. If you believe club mutterings, probably recorded covertly by the limousine driver on that long commute into Chigwell from Sandbanks earlyish most mornings.
Our pub has no dispute with lengthy commutes although ours are usually train and tube where the grand old tradition of standing ( long outlawed by the FA) still endures obdurately. Surely says our medico, no Bale, no Gallas, no Ledley nor Woody (just when they had built our hopes up),no returning Kaboul, and a dodgy Lennon, is not just bad luck but carelessness bordering on a treatment room out of control.
Fear not news just in suggests that the medical ineptitude and mala suerte is not confined to North London. Ronaldo is out as well as Karim Benzema and full back Marcelo for Real against Spurs. Breaking Spanish news apparently. Believe it or not.
Our lawyer just orders another pint. The most difficult decision so far today. Is it the Rack of Lamb with boulangere potatoes or the Steak and Abbot ale pie for lunch. Far more real ( pun gastronomical intended) than the tabloidal injury rumours. Harry is playing mind games ahead of Wigan. Jose is doing likewise ahead of Spurs. A convenient injury to Gallas (no Wigan) means he can start versus Real. Not true entirely of course . Particularly the bit about Benzema and Marcel. One player that will start probably in both matches is the reason for the recent inaugural meeting here of ....
The Luka Modric Appreciation Society.
In full flow he jinks, he twists effortlessly, he shimmys left then right, and accelerates with the drop of a shoulder past a hopeful defender, left hopeless. Our Luka still a tender 25 years. Mine host says he still looks 20 years not quite. Surely the father of the year here at our pub. Player of the year is wrapped up.
Measures of those blessed with genius include "that" magic first touch. Like Berbatov, Modric certainly has that. Luka always seems to have time. Why? Our banker used to dealing in quick calculating movement says ... space creation is second nature to him hence an uncanny ability to weave sublimly through heavy traffic. Hips turn, head cocks and away he glides. Another expectant stopper left open mouthed ( pun intended) and confined to a disappearing spectator role as Luka motors away and ahead towards goal.
He signed for Tottenham Hotspur on April 26 2008. A Saturday. The detractors including those of a French persuasion based in North London said he was lightweight. He would not last. "Sacre bleu deed I not buggar zat one up!" A French manager who does to be fair get a lot right.
Dimitar Berbatov alone was reason to watch Spurs play. He left in acrimonius circumstances all round. Luka Modric has swept away all the Bulgarian baggage. Our pub enjoy our Croatian general and his great mates. Perhaps if fellow Bulgarian Petrov's mooted move to Spurs had occured the departure of Berbatov may have not occured so readily.
No that is pie in the sky stuff says our landscape gadener. He was always off. However surely with Corluka, Kranjcar, and goalkeeper Pletikosa, Luka has lots of countrymen to keep him happy. As to what language they all tweet in then it is debateable after the laughable goings on earlier this week at  ...  
The Football Language Appreciation Society.
Juande Ramos signed Luka Modric. Great stuff but hardly down to Juande's communication skills. Juande doesn't speak much English past hello, goal and goodbye.
Still he's not alone given that apparently Fabio Capello is only about 97 words ahead of him. Fabio was quizzed about his command of English regards his communications with the England team earlier this week. His response was only 100 words were needed. That provoked a barrage of press missiles , not all being friendly fire. Rio is still waiting for a phone call, Wayne is still thinking another yellow card is to come ... I am sure you gather my drift.
Curiously the question posed regards his English skills needed to be translated by his standby translator, one Christian Lattanzio. Christian also works for Signor Mancini. Source; The Independent earlier this week. Irony never left anyone wondering and many very much in stitches.
Luka Modric speaks fluent and deeply modulated English.Source: Appreciation handbook, chapter tri. As well a recent BBC interview.
Mind football may still be a universal language in itself. Roman Pavlyuchenko and his English lessons are the stuff of legend. Perhaps Russian fairy tale.Harry Redknapp's dulcet refined cockney tones though seem comfortable with the Spurs foreign legion. All sorts of accents, opinions and beers here ...
At A Kent Pub.
A good international break. Gareth of Bale signs an extension of contract and despite Welsh fragility should at least start in Spain.
Gallas does likewise and despite French fragility should start in Spain. All the more usefull given the confirmed long term fragilty of Ledley (how sad) and Woody.
Like you our journalist had his heart in mouth when they started saying Dawson was struggling with injury versus Wales. Seems just a knock. Look they all seem to have got back mainly safe and injury free. VDV did two games no less.
Hard not to leap ahead to Tuesday night but surely a Wigan away win is vital. Pool are coming up on the rails and we still can pass City. Hold our nerve like last year.
The business end of the season looms. No time for fooling about ... surely Spurs charge on in April.
Cheers ... next meeting of the Appreciation Society , 3 o'clock Saturday at Wigan ... go Luka ...  Greg Meyer.       coys.

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