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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Men on a mission by guest columnist Greg Meyer.

Just in time for the deadline our ace columnist returns with hope in his heart for tonight. With tales of International conspiracies, Kentish wisdom, landlords buying rounds, nothing is what it seems and football is clearly not just a game..
Go Spurs go!

Wednesday 13 April 2011.
Mission Improbable  ...  Mission Impossible ... Let The Good Times Rock And  Roll At The Lane.
" Your mission should you choose to accept it is without complication. Your target the assassination of a certain Spanish terror organisation. The enclosed photos of men dressed in all white may appear innocent, sporting even. Do not be fooled by the facade of smug confidence. Millionaires all. Loosely titled "The Madristas." Their headquarters a shopfront in Madrid. Actually a megastore at a venue cleverly disguised as a football stadium. The Estadio Santiago Bernebeu.
Pay close attention to the photos of their leader. Nothing special there you might say. El Mourinho. A masterful plotter. To be underestimated at your peril. Simply a matter of five unanswered goals. The killing field. Great cover provided by 36,000 locals at a seedy downtown North London grassy knoll. N17, High Road,Tottenham.
Hardly a mission impossible. Just completely improbable. This tape will self destruct in 5 seconds.If not Peter Crouch will be called in to demonstrate his recently displayed expertise."
Our pub are certainly fans of the well known tv series and even with Tom Cruise in them we like the movies. We liked what we saw last Saturday as well. Our Spurs came back home and how...
The Good Times Rolled... The Lane Rocked.
And the sunshine came flooding back . Thank you Stoke.
After murder in Madrid, in part suicide, it was nice not have to resist the temptation to turn off, depart and pretend you had something better to do at about the 70 minute mark(in Spain). 
The football was full of sunshine,full of verve,vision, and energy. Redemption abounded,fluid movement was every where.Qualities hitherto never seen were unveiled. And yes the whole day had mystery lurking not far away.
And all this just in the first half. After that there was a touch of deja vu hanging on. Got there comfortably says our gardener. No wonder he sticks to gardening.  Not sure about his analysis skills.Stating the obvious in the nicest possible way.
The verve was Modric and Rafael Van der Vart. The vision a returning Tom Hoddlestone.Great to see the perceptive and penetrating passing that has gone missing in recent times.
The redemption was Peter Crouch scoring two powerful headed goals.No lollipops on display. Great stuff. As if that was not enough Rafael VDV was seen tackling opposition players with telling effect. Ergo the foundation for the third goal.
Gomes was tidy . Fantastic to see Kaboul back. A closing word on a Kent pub favourite. Those English lessons are certainly helping. Two assists and a good all round game seemed to suggest he is mastering english,at least on the field. Pav well done. Oh yes that mystery. I guess little Aaron was really crook. Get well sooner.
Marvellous what goals do to our pub spirits. particularly when there are more for us than them. Spirits and hopes are certainly high ...
At A Kent Pub.
Some of our number are off to the Lane tonight. Realistically a win but not quite there is our expectation.
The great thing is for once we will enjoy it from the outset. With nothing to lose then if Gareth and Aaron put on a display two taxis might be needed. Our pub have not looked forward to a game so much. Buggar Spain. This is at our beloved Lane with absolutely nothing expected and nothing to lose.
Real have arrived with an almost full strength team, son of father who operates elephant washing franchises included.Benzema too unfortunately.
Part of our lawyers relaxed approach is due to a certain Mersey over Manchester win. Fourth is back on the agenda. It is within our own hands now.No wonder Mine host shouted a round on Monday night. I kid you not morale is climbing here in Kent.
And guess who is at the Lane after Real. You know who next wednesday.
"You wouldn't be dead for quids." ... Bill Shankley ... well he did opine about the juxtaposition between football and death.
Cheers ... Guy Fawkes has a birthday today ... fireworks at the Lane tonight ... Greg Meyer.          coys.

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Anonymous said...

Well here we are and we should only need too score two goals but sadly Gomes is going walkabout. Why was he off is line again in no manes land he is making the Goals 12 foot high and the ball is sailing over his head. Get this right attack attack and we can win 6-1 6-5 haaaaaaaa Oyyyyyyyyyyyyeeesssssssssss DAVSPURS

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